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Scratch Tutorial for Beginners

If you want to learn Scratch programming, you’ve come to the right place.

We started out as a small blog not so long ago and we just wanted to share our knowledge of Scratch with everyone. Slowly and slowly we have grown to become one of the Largest Scratch blogs in the World.

There are plenty of Scratch tutorials on the web, but the issue with these resources is that their content is unorganized. There’s no clear starting point or pathway to Scratch knowledge.

That’s why we created this Scratch Tutorial for Beginners.

Whether you’re just getting started on your Scratch or already know the basics, this Scratch Tutorial is your gateway to Scratch programming mastery.

What is Scratch programming?

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language designed especially for kids. It is ideal for kids ages 8 and up, however, there are many many children who have started as early as 5.

Scratch programming uses an easy-to-use interface known as the Scratch editor which provides drag-and-drop functionality of coding blocks that can be used to create amazing games, animation, and stories.

Scratch Tutorial for Beginners

Start your Scratch programming journey with our step by step tutorial, which takes you right from setting up your Scratch account to creating and publishing your first Scratch project.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Scratch

The programming model used by Scratch is event-driven, and the active objects are called sprites. Learn everything about Scratch coding here.

Chapter 2: Creating your account and logging in

Know the steps on how to create scratch account for teachers and students, with detailed step by step guide and all the information about Scratch account.

Chapter 3: Scratch Editor

In this blog, we will discuss of the different components of Scratch user interface and their respective functions in Scratch.

Chapter 6: Working with Scratch in offline Mode

Scratch offline editor lets you manage and edit your Scratch projects without internet connection. If you have bad connectivity or unreliable internet access, you can simple download Scratch offline editor instead on working on the website. The