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Color Picker

Written by Rahul Lath

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Use this free online color picker tool to the find the hex value of any color. This HTML color picker can help you get the hex code for your desired color.

What is hex color code

A hex color code is a HTML color code. It is also known as hex or hexadecimal color code. Hex color code is a value that tells the display how much of a color to show. The values are coded using a scale of 256 points with values ranging from 0 to 255.

How to read hex color codes

Hex color codes are 6-digit alpahanumeric codes preceeded by a “#” symbol.
Letters/Numbers 1 to 2: Refer to the value of red color
Letters/Numbers 3 to 4: Refer to the value of green color
Letters/Numbers 5 to 6: Refer to the value of blue color

The color values are defined between 00 and FF

For example #000000 is the Hex code for black color and #0000FF is Hex code for blue color

How can you find the hex value of a color

What is an example of a hex color code

lets look at some popular hex color codes:

Hex Color CodeColor
Popular Hex Color Codes

What is the difference between Hex and RGB

Hex colors are based on the RGB color model which was developed in the field of photography.

| Note: RGB stands for Red Green Blue

The RGB model is based on the principle that any color can be created using a combination of Red, Green and Blue.

Written by

Rahul Lath

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Arpit Rankwar

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