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Conversion Tools | Easy calculators for converting all the metrics you need

Written by Rahul Lath

Conversion Tools | Easy calculators for converting all the metrics you need

Conversion Tools | Easy calculators for converting all the metrics you need

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We’ve created a set of guides and calculators to help you easily convert between all the units that you need.

Use the quick reference table below to navigate to the conversion guide and calculator you need.

Length Calculators and Conversion Guides

1. millimetre to centimetre
2. millimetre to metre
3. millimetre to inch
4. centimetre to millimetre
5. centimetre to metre
6. centimetre to inch
7. inch to millimetre
8. inch to centimetre
9. inch to metre
10. inch to feet
11. metre to millimetre
12. metre to centimetre
13. metre to kilometre
14. metre to mile
15. kilometre to metre
16. kilometre to mile
17. mile to metre
18. mile to kilometre
19. mile to feet
20. feet to mile
21. Millimetre to Feet
22. Centimetre to Kilometre
23. Centimetre to Feet
24. Centimetre to Mile
25. Metre to Inch
26. Metre to Feet
Length Conversions

Weight Calculators and conversion guides

1. Stones to Pounds
2. Pounds to Tons
3. Tons to Pounds
4. Micrograms to Milligrams
5. Milligrams to Micrograms
6. Pounds to Milligrams
7. Pounds to Grams
8. Milligrams to Kilograms
9. Milligram to Gram
10. Tons to Kilograms
11. Pounds to Kilograms
12. Ounces to Grams
13. Grams to Ounces
14. Kilogram to Ounce
15. Kilogram to Pound
16. Kilogram to Milligram
17. Gram to Pound
18. Kilogram to Ton
19. Gram to Milligram
20. Ounces to Pounds
21. Kilogram to Gram
22. Kilograms to Stones
23. Gram to Kilogram
24. Grams to Stones
25. Grams to Ounces
26. Ounces to Kilograms
27. Stones to Kilograms
28.  Stone to Gram
29. Pounds to Ounces
30. Pounds to Stones
Weight Conversions

Volume Calculators and conversion guides

1. Cups to Ounces
2. Cup to Gallon
3. Quart to Gallon
4. Millilitre to Litre
5. Gallon to Litre
6. Litre to Millilitre
7.  Gallons to Ounces
Volume Conversions

Written by

Rahul Lath

Reviewed by

Arpit Rankwar

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