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Frequently asked questions

Wiingy offers 1-on-1 online tutoring for school students, college students, and adults in coding, math, science, AP, and 100+ subjects. Content creators, student influences, educators, and student counselors whose audience includes school and college students are the ideal fit for the Wiingy Affiliate Program.

You can find all things related to being a Wiingy affiliate on our 1. Wiingy Affiliate Program 2. Wiingy Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

1. Go through our affiliate program page. 2. Submit your application 3. We’ll then approve your application if it’s a good fit.

The Wiingy Affiliate Program is for individuals who have an audience and want to promote our products on an ongoing basis. To increase your chances of being accepted into the program, make sure to provide all required information, including your social media profiles and website. If you are an existing student and only want to refer a friend or two, please use our "Refer and Earn Program" instead. You can generate your referral link at https://wiingy.com/referral/

Yes. Wiingy students are eligible to become our affiliate partners and will receive similar benefits as affiliates who are currently non-users of the product.

Self-referrals, or trying to get a discount on your own purchase, are not allowed in our referral program. This is not the purpose of the program, which is meant to encourage affiliates and ambassadors to promote our product(s). If you try to get credit for your own purchase, your affiliate and user accounts will be permanently terminated.

For a signup to count as a qualified referral for each tier, it must meet the following criteria.

The commission is processed on the 10th of each month for all qualified purchases that happened in the preceding month. The Wiingy Affiliate Program supports payment through PayPal Your commission due for the month will need to exceed $30 for us to process your payout.

The referral cookie, which is used to track conversions, is effective for 90 days. As soon as someone clicks on your link, a cookie will be attached to their browser for 90 days, which tracks them and attributes any opt-ins during that time period back to you even if the person has clicked another affiliate’s link in between. The conversion will not be tracked if a user purchases more than 90 days after their first referred visit.

Once your affiliate application is approved, you will get a login to your personal affiliate console, where you can track the stage of your referred users right from when they click on your link to when they make their purchase. You can use the dashboard to view your qualified referrals, their purchase value, and your corresponding commission.

Affiliates are strictly prohibited from engaging in any illicit or misleading practices concerning search engine optimization, which includes, but is not limited to, employing any strategy that generates paid search results based on Wiingy's trademarks or any of Wiingy’s brand names. If evidence is found that a sale was derived from paid traffic on search engines, including Google or Bing, specifically targeting Wiingy's branded and trademarked keywords, the Affiliate will breach this clause. In such cases, no commissions will be disbursed, and the Affiliate's link will be deactivated, making it impossible for the Affiliate to track referrals and earn commissions. Still have questions about Wiingy’s Affiliate Program? Write to us at growth_marketing@wiingy.com with the subject line “Query for Affiliate Program”.