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Privacy Policy for OAuth Data Access:

Welcome to Wiingy Tutor Mate, the essential companion for an enriched tutoring experience! We are dedicated to offering you a seamless and efficient platform to enhance your tutoring journey as part of the Wiingy family. Our primary goal is to provide a secure, user-friendly environment while respecting your privacy.

OAuth Data Access:

Wiingy Tutor Mate uses OAuth (Open Authorization) to securely access specific calendar events from your account for the sole purpose of creating more opportunities for tutors and refraining from sharing unnecessary requests with them during times when they aren't available. We focus on retrieving events that include the term "Wiingy" in their names. This selective approach is designed to protect your personal information, ensuring that no other calendar events or sensitive data are accessed, stored, or utilized.

Usage and Purpose:

The OAuth access to your calendar events, limited to those containing the term "Wiingy," is exclusively utilized to maximize tutoring opportunities at your available slots. We use this OAuth data to coordinate Wiingy Tutor Mate activities, such as [mention specific purposes, e.g., scheduling tutoring sessions, enhancing availability, etc.]. This data-driven approach aims to optimize your tutoring schedule and minimize interruptions by avoiding unnecessary requests during times when you aren't available.

Data Protection:

We hold your privacy in the highest regard. The OAuth process ensures that your calendar data, including events with the term "Wiingy," is treated with utmost care and protected. We implement industry-standard security measures to safeguard this information from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse.

Data Sharing:

Rest assured that Wiingy Tutor Mate does not share any of the OAuth-accessed calendar event data, including events with the term "Wiingy," with any third parties. Your data remains within our system and is used solely for the purposes outlined above.


By granting OAuth access to our Chrome extension, you authorize the collection and utilization of calendar events containing the term "Wiingy" strictly for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy.

Changes and Contact:

This privacy policy may be updated periodically to ensure it remains aligned with our practices and any changes in regulations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding OAuth data access, usage, or if you wish to exercise your privacy rights, please feel free to contact us at info@wiingy.com.

Thank you for choosing Wiingy Tutor Mate. We're committed to providing you with a trustworthy and effective tutoring experience while prioritizing your privacy. Together, we're creating a brighter future for tutoring, powered by Wiingy Tutor Mate.