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Looks Blocks in Scratch: Scratch is a simple programming language created by the MIT labs. It is a visual, block-based programming language with a drag-and-drop interface. Scratch is free and can be accessed using a web browser or by downloading the Scratch offline editor, which enables you to work on Scratch without an internet connection. Scratch is designed for children as an educational tool, and it enables children to produce interactive narratives, animations, games, music, and visual art.

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What Are The Looks Blocks In Scratch Programming?

The look blocks are used to define how the sprite and background will look. These block codes are purple in color. There are 20 Looks blocks in Scratch; 17 stack blocks and 3 reporter blocks.

Stack blocks are rectangular-shaped blocks that are shaped to fit above and below other blocks, and reporter blocks are blocks that report a value, and these blocks cannot be placed above or below any blocks. 14 of the look blocks can be used for sprites and 4 for the stage. Looks blocks also have blocks that let you display text.

Looks Blocks in Scratch

Let’s look at some of the popular looks blocks;

Say And Think Looks Blocks

Say blocks can be used to represent speech by sprites. This block displays a specific speech block in the speech bubble which appears on the screen for a specified amount of time. The thought blocks represent the sprite’s thoughts as text within the thought bubble for a specified amount of time.

Say And Think Looks Blocks

Switch Costume Looks Blocks

This is used to change the costume of a sprite. This block comes in very handy to denote the motion of a sprite, such as a bird flapping its wings, where each costume can be defined as a stage of motion in the bird’s flight.

Switch Costume Looks Blocks

Change Effect By Looks Blocks

This block is used to change the color, brightness, or pixelation of the sprite. There are seven different effects you can choose from, and they are: color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate, mosaic, brightness, and ghost.

Change Effect By Looks Blocks

FAQs on Looks Blocks In Scratch

What are the ‘look blocks’ in Scratch? 
Looks blocks are one of the ten blocks in a Scratch project that can be used to define how the sprite and background will look.

Name any two blocks from the look block menu in Scratch. 
There are a total of 20 look blocks in Scratch. Two of them are “say” look blocks that can be added to give your sprite a speech text for a specified amount of time, and another one is “switch costumes to”, which enables you to change the costume of the sprite.

What are the types of blocks in Scratch? 
There are a total of nine types of blocks in Scratch; motion, looks, events, sound, control, sensing, operator variable, and my blocks.

What is a Scratcher in Scratch? 
Scratcher is a user of Scratcher. It is a status given to users for being active and helpful, and it enables them to create their own studios on Scratch.

Are there new blocks in Scratch 3.0? 
Yes, there are 20 types of look blocks in Scratch 3.0; 17 stack blocks and 3 reporter blocks. The look blocks are used to define how the sprite and background will look.

Scratch is a block-based programming language, one of the many reasons Scratch is so popular among children and any beginner with an interest in learning how to code. It is a stepping stone into the world of coding. People of all ages join Scratch as it is not only enjoyed by children but experienced coders too. It is free and you can make fun, creative projects on it. What more reason do you need to join Scratch? Join Scratch today and learn the basics of coding in a fun and simple way.

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