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Private online tutoring for coding, math, and science. Get homework help, exam prep, and assignment support for your class or course.

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Online instructor-led courses in coding, robotics, and design. Enrol in short 3-month courses to learn essential 21st century skills. For kids ages 4-15.

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Quality learning material to help you learn at your own pace. Start building your knowledge with simple free tutorials in coding, math, and science.

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Our tutors are selected through a rigorous process with less than 3% selection rate. What that means is that you have access to the best online tutoring from over 1000+ instructors for every learning stage - school, college and work.

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  • Are you falling behind in your class?
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  • Need to ace the AP exam?
  • Learn crucial concepts and get homework help for your class or course with online lessons from the comfort of your home.

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    For University

  • Are you struggling in a course?
  • Stuck in your coding project?
  • Assignments taking forever to complete?
  • Get help from top online tutors for your concepts, projects or assignments.

    Wiingy Online Courses

    For Working Professionals

  • Looking for a new skill to enhance your career?
  • Signed up for a coding boot camp but falling behind?
  • Moved to a new role and need some help?
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    I enrolled in a Data Science BootCamp while in college but had a hard time 3 weeks into the BootCamp given my thesis and exams. The boot camp did not provide 1-1 mentoring, so I signed up with Wiingy instructor Niel. I take Niel's help to go through topics I don't fully understand at the BootCamp and to clear any doubts I have. The experience has been great and I ended up taking Python lessons with Wiingy as well.

    Putu, Data Science Bootcamp, Phoenix

    Parastoo, College, Fullerton

    My name is Ariel and I am a senior student at college. I am double majoring in Math/CS and Data Science and finishing my last semester in college in May 2023. I enrolled with Wiingy tutoring for Real Analysis (Advanced Calculus) for my Spring semester as I was struggling with the material. The tutors are experienced and professional. Calculus has always been a tough one for me and I am glad that with my tutor's help, I am getting better at it.

    Ariel, College Student, California

    Regina, Sophomore, San Jose

    My son is a senior in high school and is taking an AP Computer Science class. He was falling behind in class and we tried additional support from his APCS teacher but his teaching style does not work well for my son so not much progress was made.We then engaged a Wiingy tutor for 1-1 support and found the tutoring to be really helpful. The tutor was patient and we saw a sharp improvement in my son's performance.

    Francesca Helminger, Parent of High School Student, Illinois, United States

    Kendal, Bryan College, USA

    Sophie, PA School, Chicago

    My name is Catherine and I am a college student taking tutoring for chemistry. I was having trouble understanding the textbook for Chem 180 on my own so I took private lessons from Wiingy. I take lessons once or twice a week. I find online lessons very valuable. It's definitely helped me catch up with the rest of the class.

    Catherine, College Student,California, United States

    Zachary, Working Professional, San Francisco

    Phoebe, College Fresher, Surrey

    A'Kaia, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the services offered by Wiingy?

    Wiingy's core services are in three areas

    - Tutoring

    - Courses

    - Online web tutorials

    Both tutoring and courses are delivered in a 1-1 online format. Our tutoring offering is for school students, university students as well as working professionals. Our courses are designed for students between grades 1 to 8 and focus on STEAM topics such as coding, robotics, and graphic design. Wiingy also provides free online web tutorials in coding, math, and science.

    What are the offerings of Wiingy Tutoring?

    Wiingy provides tutoring support across a range of areas

    – Conceptual understanding

    – Test Prep

    – Homework Help

    – Assignment Review

    – Writing Support

    Wiingy has a network of 1000+ tutors across a range of topics including coding, computer science, science, and math. All the classes are online in 1-1 format.

    You can take a free trial lesson with our top tutor to find out if tutoring is the right option for you.

    Which topics are covered in Wiingy Courses?

    Wiingy offers 13 online courses in coding, robotics, and design. The courses are designed for kids studying between grades 1 to 8 (typically ages 4-15). All courses comprise of 24 classes split into 2 modules of 12 classes each. The duration of each class is 55 to 60 minutes. Some of the popular courses include Scratch coding, Python coding, Data science for kids, Robotics with micro bit and Graphic design with Canva. You can take a free lesson for any of the courses to experience a live class to help you decide the right course for your child.

    Where does Wiingy Provide tutoring services?

    Wiingy offers online tutoring services all across the United States. Online tutoring provides you access to top tutors irrespective of where you are staying. Whether its Texas, California, or Massachusetts you can study from a top verified tutor from the comfort of your home