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Nilam Patil: Online Coding tutor


    10+ of experience


    Certified Coding tutor


    Masters of Science

I have 10+ years of expertise in teaching Science, Maths for Secondary and K-12 education. I am also an international tech and coding educator experineced in teaching Block Coding using MIT Scratch, Arduino Based coding, Robotics, Minecraft. I have extensive working knowledge on Developing Curriculum for Theory and Lab, Relevant, Content preparations, Test Setups, Designs and Development, and Research. I also have Sound understanding of curriculum of Indian School Boards, US States Schools, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Middle East School Curriculums.
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Harsh Patel: Online Coding tutor


    3+ Years of experience


    Certified Coding tutor


    Bachelors in Engineering

I am a detail-oriented and results-driven industrial designer. I have a bachelors degree in Mechatronics Engineering. I am passionate about designing products that are not only visually appealing but also useful and user-friendly. Throughout my University academic life, I have participated in various technical events on computer programmes such as Modeller and fabrication. I am a quick learner as well as a strong communicator with the ability to effectively communicate my ideas through my proficiency in illustrating sketches, CAD, and product visualization. I offer tutoring sessions on Solidworks to University graduates. I explain each and every concept with valid examples and also with the usage of various visualization tools such as PowerPoint presentations, images, and videos. I engage my students as much as I can in the class with lots of discussions. I also provide valid study materials to my students for their future reference. Along with the tutoring sessions, I provide guidance to students with their assignments and homework.
profeshphoto - Shweta Yadav.jpg

Shweta Yadav: Online Coding tutor


    2 of experience


    Certified Coding tutor


    Bachelors in Engineering

After finishing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science, I am adept with a number of coding languages like C, C++, Python and JavaScript. Besides coding I am well versed with data structures, algorithms and database design. I always like to upskill my self and have web development and machine learning certifications. I teach high schoolers how to code using C, Python, C++ and Javascript. When there's downtime from all the tech hustle however; you'll find me indulging in English poetry writing or discovering new places by travelling during weekends.
Screenshot 2023-03-06 111246.jpg

Anshika Gupta: Online Coding tutor


    4+ of experience


    Certified Coding tutor


    Masters of Science

Skilled with more than 3 years of work experience in the Ed Tech Industry .Passionate about mentoring and interacting with communities across the globe. I have taught more than 100 students in fields of Physics, programming languages like Blockly, and Java Script. I very passionate about shaping up young minds.

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Individual attention:

Students often struggle to figure out where to start when it comes to learning Coding. A structured learning program devised by an experienced tutor can help you learn fundamentals in Coding and also set a strong foundation for future learning.

Flexibility & convenience:

One of the benefits of taking Coding lessons from a private teacher is that you get tremendous flexibility in scheduling. You have the convenience of planning your study schedule from the comfort of your home.

Tailored learing:

Moreover, an online tutor can tailor the teaching style in line with your pace and needs, be it for concept understanding, test prep, homework help, or assignments.

Access to top tutors:

Another big advantage of online Coding tutoring is that you get access to top teachers. With in-person tutoring, you will have only a limited pool of teachers that offer Coding lessons in your vicinity, however, with online tutoring, you can take classes via webcam with a tutor of your choice thousands of miles away.

Overall online tutoring is an excellent solution for students looking to learn math,science,language or coding.

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Coding Tutor: Coding is also referred to as computer programming or the language through which we communicate with computers. It is generally used to develop websites, apps & software. It involves certain tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling the accuracy of algorithms and resource consumption, and the implementation of various algorithms. 

The main purpose of coding is to find a series of instructions that can actually generate the performance of a task on the computer, mainly for solving a given problem. The tasks included in the coding are testing source code maintenance, implementation of build systems, debugging, and the management of derived artifacts like the machine code of computer programs. Generally, Software Development is the umbrella term used to refer to the larger process that is involved in the coding process. 

Wiingy Coding classes are offered to school students, University graduates, and anyone who is interested in learning about coding. The most complicated concepts will be explained in simple words so that anyone can have a good and better understanding of Coding languages and how to code using different coding languages. 

Why Consider Wiingy Coding Tutors? 

  • At Wiingy, we offer you highly dedicated and skilled tutors who are very experienced in different Coding languages and also are experienced in teaching.
  • At Wiingy, we understand that each student is different and so are their learning requirements. All our classes are customized to fulfill the student’s requirements.
  • The classes will be conducted online at flexible times and also recordings of each session will be available to you for further learning.
  • Classes will include some practical real-life problems which are in line with industry standards. The tutors will provide guidance throughout the session in solving these problems.
  • We are highly confident that the learning you will get from our tutors will open many new opportunities beyond the classroom. 

So do enroll yourself for the tutoring sessions at Wiingy and can make yourself an expert in Coding. 

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" Awesome experience. Maths could be fun if the teacher is good. Wiingy maths teachers are excellent. you can all try. "



" super fun classes. Really! "



" I really enjoyed taking Wiingy Coding classes .. their teaching style is super fun. Try it . "



" Finding a best tutor was a pain for me. Some how, I ended up with Wiingy tutor Priyanshi. Priyanshi explains each and every concept in an excellent way. "



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