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Raja Manish: Online MATLAB tutor


    6 of experience


    Certified MATLAB tutor


    Bachelors in Engineering

I am currently working as a Physics Lecturer at Allen Career Institute. I have completed my B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have 6+ years of experience in teaching Physics to school and university students. I also help help students in preparing for different exams. I also have in-depth knowledge in Python, C, and MATLAB.
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Harsh Patel: Online MATLAB tutor


    3+ Years of experience


    Certified MATLAB tutor


    Bachelors in Engineering

I am a detail-oriented and results-driven industrial designer. I have a bachelors degree in Mechatronics Engineering. I am passionate about designing products that are not only visually appealing but also useful and user-friendly. Throughout my University academic life, I have participated in various technical events on computer programmes such as Modeller and fabrication. I am a quick learner as well as a strong communicator with the ability to effectively communicate my ideas through my proficiency in illustrating sketches, CAD, and product visualization. I offer tutoring sessions on Solidworks to University graduates. I explain each and every concept with valid examples and also with the usage of various visualization tools such as PowerPoint presentations, images, and videos. I engage my students as much as I can in the class with lots of discussions. I also provide valid study materials to my students for their future reference. Along with the tutoring sessions, I provide guidance to students with their assignments and homework.

Vineet Nangia: Online MATLAB tutor


    null of experience


    Certified MATLAB tutor


    Masters in Engineering

I am currently pursuing M.TECH Dual Degree in MECH.SYSTEMS DESIGN and have 5+ years of experience and knownledge in the fields of Maths, Physics, and Statistics. I am skilled at teaching some of the difficult topics like Design of Machine Elements, Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Thermofluids, Programming and Data Structures, Probability and Statistics, many more.
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Yogesh: Online MATLAB tutor


    4+ Years of experience


    Certified MATLAB tutor


    Bachelors in Engineering

I am a professional Mechatronics engineer with hands on experience in CAD software, mechanical designing, fabrication, and documentation. I am a academically oriented individual and I received the Director General Award from my alma mater for my outstanding academic performance. I am passionate about robotics and having learnt it from my tutors I want to pass on the knowledge to students now. In the last 4 years, I have taught Robotics to over 300+ students. Many of my students have gone on to win robotics competitions at school, university and national levels.
Supreetha Picture - Supreetha CM.jpeg

Supreetha CM: Online MATLAB tutor


    null of experience


    Certified MATLAB tutor


    Bachelors in Engineering

I love all things Math! I am very passionate about learning and teaching Math. I have 1 year of experience as Math tutor over different online platforms. I have mentored high school and university students and also prepped them for different exams. I have a YouTube channel, "Math with Supreetha". I have created 50+ video lectures in the span of 80 Days covering important topics in Mathematics on my YouTube Channel and reached 190+ subscribers. I also have in-depth knowledge in programming languages and technology like Python, C++, C, SQL, MATLAB, and HTML.

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naplan guide book

Individual attention:

Students often struggle to figure out where to start when it comes to learning MATLAB. A structured learning program devised by an experienced tutor can help you learn fundamentals in MATLAB and also set a strong foundation for future learning.

Flexibility & convenience:

One of the benefits of taking MATLAB lessons from a private teacher is that you get tremendous flexibility in scheduling. You have the convenience of planning your study schedule from the comfort of your home.

Tailored learing:

Moreover, an online tutor can tailor the teaching style in line with your pace and needs, be it for concept understanding, test prep, homework help, or assignments.

Access to top tutors:

Another big advantage of online MATLAB tutoring is that you get access to top teachers. With in-person tutoring, you will have only a limited pool of teachers that offer MATLAB lessons in your vicinity, however, with online tutoring, you can take classes via webcam with a tutor of your choice thousands of miles away.

Overall online tutoring is an excellent solution for students looking to learn math,science,language or coding.

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What should you look for in a private MATLAB tutor?

If you are looking for a MATLAB tutor online, it's important to find someone who has both technical and soft skills to guide you.

First of all, you need to ensure that the tutor you hire has the right qualifications for the job. For an online MATLAB tutor, the tutor should have a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, or a related subject. You should also look at the teaching experience of the tutor, such as the number of students taught and the years of teaching.

You will also want to ensure that the tutor has important qualities for a teacher, such as patience, enthusiasm, flexibility, and good communication. These soft skills are critical to effective teaching, especially in a one-on-one online setting.

Once you have shortlisted the tutors based on the criteria, you can schedule a trial lesson with the tutor. Use the trial lesson to experience the tutor's teaching style firsthand. You should also specify the help that you need, such as understanding concepts, homework help, assignments or test-prep, and so on.

At Wiingy, we work with qualified instructors with rich experience in teaching and mentoring students. We have a rigorous onboarding process with less than 3% selection rate to ensure that you learn from the best tutors. Our selection process involves in-person interviews, technical assessments, and reference checks to ensure that you get qualified, experienced, and verified tutors.

At Wiingy, we offer a free trial lesson so you can experience our tutors' teaching style and see if it's a good fit for you. Our tutors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and are committed to providing personalized instruction to suit your learning style. Contact us today to schedule your free trial lesson with a MATLAB expert.

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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is an excellent programming platform developed by MathWorks. It was a new-gen programming language with an easy-to-use interface specially designed for engineers and scientists to perform large-scale engineering simulations directly and effectively. 

Millions of scientists and engineers rely heavily on MATLAB. MATLAB includes computer science, deep learning and machine learning, computational finance, image and video processing, applied mathematics, signal processing and communications, control systems, test and measurement, and computational biology.

If you are a student of science and engineering, MATLAB is a valuable skill to have.

What are the benefits of learning MATLAB?

There are several benefits to learning MATLAB, including:

  1. Versatility: MATLAB is a highly versatile programming language that is used in a wide range of industries, from engineering and computer science to finance and data analysis.
  2. User-friendly Interface: MATLAB has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to learn and use. It also has a large online community of users who share their knowledge and provide support.
  3. Data Analysis: MATLAB has powerful built-in tools for data science and analysis, including statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning.
  4. Easy Integration: MATLAB can be easily integrated with other programming languages, such as Python, allowing users to take advantage of the strengths of both languages.
  5. Range of Applications: MATLAB is used in many different fields, including engineering, finance, biology, and physics, making it a valuable skill to have for a variety of career paths.
  6. Career Prospects: As a popular programming language used in various industries, learning MATLAB can increase your chances of finding a job or advancing your career.

How can you benefit from a Wiingy online MATLAB Tutor?

Out online MATLAB tutors can provide you with many benefits such as :

Personalized attention: With an online MATLAB tutor, you get personalized attention and can work at your own pace. You can ask questions and get 1:1 help with difficult concepts.

Convenient learning: You can learn from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have an internet connection. This saves time and money that you would spend on transportation.

Access to resources: Wiingy online MATLAB tutors can provide you with additional resources, such as practice problems, videos, and study guides. These resources can help you reinforce your learning and prepare for exams.

Improved grades: With the help of an online tutor, you can improve your grades in MATLAB. A tutor can help you identify areas of weakness and provide you with targeted support to improve your understanding and performance.

Complete your homework: Take online MATLAB lessons and complete your homework with Wiingy online tutors.

How to find an MATLAB tutor near me?

Struggling to find MATLAB tutors near you?

MATLAB is a complex programming language, and finding a qualified tutor who can help you master it can be a challenge. Moreover, finding a tutor who is located close to you can add to the difficulties, especially in times when physical presence is not always feasible.

The solution to this problem is online tutoring. With the experience of teaching thousands of students online, we can confidently say that online tutoring is as effective as in-person tutoring and way more convenient.

Convenience: Study from the comfort of your home

With online tutoring, you can take lessons from the comfort of your home, without having to spend time and money on commuting to and from the tutor’s location. You can save yourself from the hassles of traffic, bad weather, and other factors that can make it difficult to travel to a physical location.

Flexibility: Design your own schedule and pay for the lessons you need.

Online tutoring provides you with tremendous flexibility in scheduling your lessons. You can also choose to pay for the lessons you need, without having to commit to a fixed schedule, where you have to go to the tutoring center week on week.

You can connect with your tutor and create a learning plan specific to your needs, whether it is help on specific MATLAB problems, preparing for a MATLAB exam or homework help. You can also choose to pay for the lessons you need, without having to commit to a fixed schedule, where you have to go to the tutoring center week on week.

Access to top tutors irrespective of your location

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is that you can access the top tutors in the world irrespective of your location. Depending on where you stay, it may not be possible to find a qualified tutor for MATLAB in your neighborhood. However, with online MATLAB tutoring, you can access the top tutors in the world from the comfort of your home.

At Wiingy, our tutors use interactive tools such as quizzes, jamming whiteboards, and pen tabs to make the lessons interactive and engaging for students. With our experience of tutoring thousands of students, we are confident that online tutoring is as effective as in-person tutoring. Students and parents have consistently rated our tutoring experience as 4.8/5 and above. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of MATLAB, our online tutors can help you master the language from anywhere in the world.

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" Hi, my name is Jeffrey, and I had the pleasure of working with a matlab tutor who helped me with my fourth-year mechanical engineering communications theory assignment. I was struggling with MATLAB, which involved downloading a raw image MAT file to use as raw data, using BPSK modulation and more concepts of a language I didn't know. He was able to guide me through each step of the assignment, explaining the different methods of error correction and how to implement them in Matlab. Thanks to him I was able to complete my assignment on time. "

Jeffrey, Engineering Student


" My name is Cooper, and I am currently studying electrical engineering at university in second year. I wanted to get help in python, matlab for a dynamic control system on simulink,I would say I was still a beginner since I haven’t had lessons on how to code and I was struggling with this part of my course. The tutor I got assigned to me was really patient and understood my requirements. I was able to learn the concepts that were necessary for my control system on simulink without having to struggle through hundreds of sites because of the matlab tutor. "



" I had my MATLAB assignment due in 2 weeks in my software engineering course. I was desperate for help and hence sent my queries and project details to Wiingy. I was immediately assigned a matlab tutor who helped with the MATLAB Projects. I had to develop a currency converter and an application for heights and I could complete both of these before my deadline. I immediately enrolled for more sessions so that I can catch up with my classmates. "

Michelle, University Student


" My son was learning how to code on MATLAB through the official learning tool but was unable to develop projects using the MATLAB code. He wanted help with the language because it was really interesting to him, and being a high school student there were no courses available in his school. After I enrolled him with Wiingy, he started making his own mini-projects and practicing the code everyday. The tutor helped him make use of his passion for data science and coding to become a proficient developer. "

Lily, Parent of High School Student


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn MATLAB?

MathWorks the creators of MATLAB define MATLAB as “MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models”. MathWorks has a MATLAB academy that provides free tutorials for anyone looking to get started with MATLAB. If you are looking for a structured learning program you can take help from an online MATLAB Tutor.

Is it hard to learn MATLAB?

Yes, MATLAB is a high-level programming platform that helps students, engineers, and scientists to perform mathematical operations, matrices, algebra, etc quickly and effectively. MATLAB is a fairly advanced tool and not the easiest to get started with. At Wiingy, our private online MATLAB tutors are high-skilled in tutoring MATLAB and help you build your knowledge of the tool as well as the underlying concepts.

Is it worth to learn MATLAB in 2023?

Yes, MATLAB is very useful for processing a large amount of data without any problem. It is used as a tool for data analysis and various mathematical calculations. With the current trend in AI, and MATLAB's role in developing the AI tools, it's definitely worth learning in 2023.

Should I learn MATLAB or Python?

If you are a beginner, you can start with Python as MATLAB can prove to be confusing for new programmers. On the other hand if you're looking to expand your skills, you should learn MATLAB. Both of them can be integrated and worked on together, so there's no harm in learning either of these popular languages, you don't have to choose.

How long does it take to learn MATLAB?

It takes around 2-4 weeks for novice programmers to learn MATLAB, to start applying it for deep learning and AI you'll have to spend more time in becoming an expert in the language.

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