Wiingy's Perfect match Guarantee.

We're confident that you'll connect with a tutor who's the perfect match for your needs, but if you feel that the tutor is not as per your expectations, your first hour with a new tutor is protected by Wiingy's Perfect Match Guarantee.

This means that if you feel that your new tutor is not a good fit for your tutoring needs after your first lesson, you can ask Wiingy for a change of tutor. We will not charge you for this first lesson and find a suitable replacement tutor. The first lesson offered by any new tutor (even your replacement tutor) is covered under the Perfect Match Guarantee program.

You can ask for a replacement tutor simply by connecting with your academic advisor or writing to us at advisors@wiingy.com.

What if I decide not to take my lessons, after I have purchased them? Will I be eligible for a refund?

You are eligible for a full refund if your lessons have not yet started and you notify us within 7 days of purchase of lessons. Refund is not applicable once the lessons have started or 7 days have passed since the purchase date.

You are requested to notify us on advisors@wiingy.com if you are seeking a refund.

What happens to the unused Wiingy lessons that I purchased, if I decide to discontinue at any point after the refund window is lapsed?

    1. Your unused lessons are safe with you for 6 months from the date of purchase. You may take a pause and restart your lessons whenever you want within this 6 month window. The unused lessons will automatically lapse post 6 months from the purchase date.
    2. Your unused lessons can be swapped with any other subject of your choice. Wiingy provides tutoring in 50+ topics. For a full list refer to our tutoring topics here