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Minecraft Warden: How to Find, Defeat, and More!

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minecraft warden

Minecraft is loved by fans all over the world and it offers various dangerous and exciting enemies, drops, and adventures. In the wild update 1.19 of Minecraft, there has been a new mob, which is getting a lot of popularity among players. Without a doubt, the new mob introduced in Minecraft is one of the strongest and most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. Even the ace players are having a tough time dealing with Minecraft Warden. So get excited guys in this article we are going to talk about everything related to the warden the new mob terrorizing the players. Like about the warden, his abilities, drops, and more.

What is Warden in Minecraft?

In the last Minecraft wild update 1.19, various new features, mobs, and biomes were introduced. Among all those various mobs, the one who attracted the eyes of various players is a mob called a warden found in deep dark biomes. It is said that a warden can kill you with just one or two hits whether you are wearing the armor or not. 

Not just the strength it possesses scary, but even the appearance of the warden looks gravely disturbing and frightening. The warden is summoned by sculk shriekers and is blind. Now just because I said the warden is blind does not mean you can take it lightly of him. Warden basically attacks the player by detecting the noise and vibrations created by the player’s moments and actions. 

It can even smell you from 20 blocks, so no way you can easily escape from his grasp. There are some dangerous and lethal abilities that the Minecraft Warden possesses to attack the player. So it’s truly a lot of hassle for the players to meet and deal with the warden.

warden in minecraft

Minecraft Warden Abilities

Warden is basically blind but it is still one of the most dangerous and hostile mobs in Minecraft. . If you stand still for too long after encountering a warden it will attack if you move it will attack extremely dangerous right? Even after being blind the thing that makes it scary for the players are its abilities. Some of the abilities warden possesses are:


During the fight, the main weapon for any player is their vision but it really becomes more dangerous and scary to defeat the enemy with no vision. As the warden is blind and it attacks sounds it also possesses an ability to make their nearby enemies short-sighted. This makes the player lose their visibility. The player can use the Potion of Night Vision, but this ability of the Minecraft Warden is really scary.

Melee Attack

When a player encounters the warden they need to avoid getting hit by the warden at any cost if they want to survive. Because a single hit from the warden will kill the player for sure and if the player is all ready to tackle his attack wearing Netherite armor it will just take two direct hits from the warden and the player will die. 

It is said that a warden can deal 30 points of damage with a single hit in normal difficulty, but if the difficulty is hard it will deal the damage of 45 points with a single hit. Now, do you think it is possible for the players to survive the warden after getting direct hits?

Sonic Shriek

After hearing about Melee’s attack, the player thinks that they can keep their distance and they will be safe. Then let me tell you that the Minecraft Warden does not need to hit you with his own hands every time. In arsenal, it also possesses an extremely cool and lethal ability to attack the player from a distance. 

Warden can use a powerful sonic shriek to attack you from a distance. The player will suffer high damage with that the player will get pushed back to over 5 blocks. Still using this ability, wardens can attack one target at a time, so it can be beneficial if there is more than one player dealing with the warden at a time.

How to Find Warden in Minecraft?

While playing Minecraft players might have the curiosity to look for the Warden. It might be because players want to defeat the warden, observe his abilities or want to have a look for the warden. In any case, the question arises of where the player can find the warden. So you need to know that the warden doesn’t appear on the surface to find the warden you need to visit the Deep Dark Biome. 

You need to visit the Ancient cities where they usually appear in that biome. Now the most important thing to know while looking for a Minecraft Warden is that it does not appear or just travel in the dark. Warden spawns only after detecting some sound and vibration. When the player moves and makes sounds in the Ancient Cities found in Deep Dark Biome. 

It triggers Sculk shrieker block, at first two times it will create some warnings but if you continue to make any sounds and moments it will spawn the warden a third time. By just following this thing you will be able to find the warden, now it depends on the player if they want to fight which is unavoidable, or just want to have a small peak.

How to Defeat Warden With End Crystals?

Minecraft warden is for sure one of the most hostile mobs, and hard to defeat. But still, if you cannot defeat the warden it will be a waste of getting new experiences and excitement.  There are some ways to kill the warden but it might be easy to use End Crystals to just defeat the warden.

Remember to kill the Minecraft Warden using an end crystal you need at least 8 crystals, with that wear make sure to wear the armor with blast protection enchantment. First of all, you need to know that when end crystals are broken they make huge damaging blasts and explosions. You can create end crystals by combining seven glasses with an eye of ender and ghast tear. 

After crafting the required item the player needs to place an obsidian block and put the end crystal over it. Now, when the warden gets close it uses this moment to break the end crystal. Just repeat this process for 8 times and you will achieve your desire to kill the warden. Beware that you are dealing with the warden if you take things lightly even you could die.

What Do You Get Defeat the Warden?

Well, the Minecraft Warden is really tough to beat, with all those abilities it possesses, and with one direct hit from the warden, you will get killed. But there are some ways to defeat the warden, and if you indeed defeated the warden what now? 

After defeating such a powerful and strong mob you might expect something great in return means your expectation for the drop must be high. But the drop isn’t really all that important or rare and you might even feel a bit of disappointment. 

If you kill the warden, it will drop 5 experience orbs and a sculk catalyst. You can use the sculk catalyst block to generate the sculk feature anywhere you want after obtaining it, but it really is not all that worth fighting with the warden, the most powerful and hostile mob. Risking your life just to get some experience orbs and sculk catalysts.

Does Minecraft Warden Have Any Weaknesses?

Warden is really strong and dangerous and every player knows about that. If any player has encountered the warden they must have realized how difficult it is to avoid or defeat the warden. So some of you might have wondered whether this powerful and hostile person has any weakness or not. So first of all there are some weaknesses that we can see in warden, and those weaknesses are:

Blindness: Warden is tough to avoid and to kill. It also possesses great strength so it’s obvious that players forget that the warden is still the first mob in Minecraft who is blind. It cannot see anything and the only way it can attack is through sensing other players based on noise.

Distracted by sounds: Warden is blind and it depends on sounds and vibration to attack or detect the player. So it can be distracted by any other sound rather than focusing on the sound created by any players.

Slowed Down by Water and Lava: Minecraft Warden is strong and has lots of abilities; they are even immune to lava. It can attack any sound but it can be slowed down by water and lava.

Frequently Asked Questions on Minecraft Warden

Is Warden rare in Minecraft? 
Yes, Warden is rare to find in Minecraft because they only spawn in deep down darkness. Players need to put in some extra effort to have an encounter with Minecraft Warden. 

How to defeat a Warden in Minecraft?
It’s impossible to kill a Warden because of his super health level. Even if you use an iron sword it will take 80+ hits to kill the warden. So, forget about it and always find a way to get away because no one can defeat it. 

Is there any weakness of Warden?
The only weakness of Warden is that it’s blind and only spawns deep down. If players don’t make a sound then they can easily escape but cannot win against the warden.

Can Warden make you blind in a game? 
Yes, Warden’s attacks have passive effects on the player’s whole body (talking about the character which you are using in Minecraft) and make you blind for a few seconds. 

Can Warden die in Sunlight? 
Like any other mob, Warden also cannot stand the sunlight. After its blindness, his next weakness is the sun but Warden only spawns in deep dark places. 


Minecraft has introduced the first blind mob in Minecraft, the Warden. The appearance and the strength it has is really a concern for players because it’s almost impossible to defeat it. It has some great and strong abilities which make it really tough and scary to beat. Even if that’s the case there are still some ways to defeat the Minecraft Warden and it even has some weaknesses which can be useful for the players while dealing with the warden. Hope you loved this article let me know your experience if you have faced the warden before or have defeated it. 

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