Minecraft Blocks | All Minecraft Blocks List With Pictures and Names

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Minecraft Blocks | All Minecraft Blocks List With Pictures and Names

Minecraft Blocks: Minecraft is a 3D game that is made up of blocks. As most of us know, Minecraft is one of the most popular games among kids, in which Bedrock and Java editions are the most played by users. Minecraft is either played in survival mode or creator mode. Except for a few elements such as water, food, and snowballs, everything in Minecraft is made up of blocks. Minecraft players explore thousands of deployed blocks and use them to create or survive.

But do you know how many blocks are actually there in Minecraft? Here is a detailed article that covers everything about the Minecraft blocks with pictures.

What are Blocks in Minecraft?

Minecraft blocks are the basic unit of structure in the game. Block is the material that players use in the game to build structures. Blocks can be found in biomes (regions or terrains defined in the game) or can be created by players. There are even some blocks that can only be found in creative mode. As the game structure is almost made up of blocks, it is essential to know about them. Even elements like water, are made of blocks. Only a few elements, like food, compasses, and snowballs are not in block form.

minecraft blocks

You can use Minecraft blocks in various ways. Players go around the game exploring the universe with block resources, collecting them, and using them for building and survival as well. You can use these blocks for decoration, utilities, and many more. Also, these blocks can be set anywhere without needing a frame or a particular shape.

You can see blocks of stone or dirt just naturally appearing anywhere, but redstone lamps and bricks have to be created by players. Blocks come in many colors and in forms such as wool and concrete powder.

How many Blocks are there in Minecraft?

There are over 150 different types of blocks in Minecraft including environmental features like air and water, which cannot be obtained, various types of wood, various colors of wool, various slabs, stairs, utility blocks, and so on. There are reports that suggest that Minecraft has over 3000 blocks that can be used however, no one knows for certain how many blocks there are in slot online bonus new member total. The reason there are so many blocks is those elements like air and water are blocks as well. Further new blocks continue to be added in versions of Minecraft every few months so no one truly knows.

Blocks can have a large number of variations as well. For example, wood blocks are classified into six types of blocks. There is the jungle, acacia, dark oak, oak, birch, and spruce. Every one of these contains planks, logs, stripped logs, and several other varieties. Furthermore, there are several colors in each of them, so it makes it difficult to count each of them.

Categories of Minecraft Blocks

The main categories for Minecraft blocks are

  • Overworld Blocks
  • Nether Blocks
  • End Blocks
  • Other Minecraft Blocks

1. Overworld Blocks

The list of Minecraft blocks under overworld blocks is given below:

  1. Stone
  2. Granite
  3. Diorite
  4. Andesite
  5. Grass Block
  6. Dirt
  7. Cobblestone
  8. Wooden Planks
  9. Bedrock
  10. Water
  11. Stationary Water
  12. Lava
  13. Stationary Lava
  14. Sand
  15. Red Sand
  16. Grave
  17. Gold Ore
  18. Iron Ore
  19. Coal Ore
  20. Wood
  21. Dark Ore Wood
  22. Birch Wood
  23. Jungle Wood
  24. Oak Leaves
  25. Dark Oak Leaves
  26. Birch Leaves
  27. Jungle Leaves
  28. Lapis Lazuli Ore
  29. Dispenser
  30. Sandstone
  31. Chiseled Sandstone
  32. Smooth Sandstone
  33. Sticky Pitson
  34. Cobweb
  35. Tall Grass
  36. Fern
  37. Dead Bush
  38. Dandelion
  39. Flowers
  40. Brown Mushroom
  41. Red Mushroom
  42. Double Stone Slabs
  43. Slabs
  44. TNT
  45. Bookshelf
  46. Moss Stone
  47. Obsidian
  48. Torch
  49. Fire
  50. Monster Spawner
  51. Oak Wood Stairs
  52. Chest
  53. Redstone Wire
  54. Diamond Ore
  55. Crafting Table
  56. Crops
  57. Farmland
  58. Furnace
  59. Wooden Door
  60. Ladder
  61. Rail
  62. Cobblestone Stairs
  63. Lever
  64. Redstone Ore
  65. Glowing Redstone Ore
  66. Top Snow
  67. Ice
  68. Snow (Block)
  69. Cactus
  70. Clay Block
  71. Sugarcane
  72. Oak Fence
  73. Pumpkin
  74. Redstone Repeater
  75. Monster Egg
  76. Stone Brick
  77. Brown Mushroom (Block)
  78. Red Mushroom (Block)
  79. Iron Bars
  80. Glass Pane
  81. Melon Block
  82. Vines
  83. Mycelium
  84. Lily Pads
  85. Cauldron
  86. End Portal Frame
  87. Cocoa Bean
  88. Sandstone Stairs
  89. Emerald Ore
  90. Tripwire Hook
  91. Carrot
  92. Potato
  93. Terracotta
  94. Leaves
  95. Dark Ore (Leaves)
  96. Acacia Wood
  97. Dark Oak Wood
  98. Slime Block
  99. Prismarine
  100. Sea Lantern
  101. Carpet
  102. Hardened Clay
  103. Packed Ice
  104. Large Flowers
  105. Beetroot
  106. Podzol

2. Nether Blocks

The list of Minecraft blocks under Nether blocks is given below:

  1. Bedrock
  2. Lava
  3. Stationary Lava
  4. Gravel
  5. Obsidian
  6. Fire
  7. Monster Spawner
  8. Chest
  9. Netherrack
  10. Soul Sand
  11. Glowstone
  12. Nether Portal Block
  13. Nether Brick Block
  14. Nether Brick Fence
  15. Nether Brick Stairs
  16. Nether Wart
  17. Nether Quartz Ore

3. The End Blocks

The list of Minecraft blocks under End blocks is given below:

  1. End Stone
  2. Dragon Egg
  3. Ender Chest
  4. End Rod
  5. Chorus Plant
  6. Chorus Flower
  7. Purpur Block
  8. Purpur Pillar
  9. Purple Slab
  10. End Stone Brick

 4. Other Minecraft Blocks

The list of Minecraft blocks under other blocks is given below:

  1. Air
  2. Polished Granite
  3. Polite Diorite
  4. Polished Andesite
  5. Sponge
  6. Glass
  7. Block of Lapis Lazuli
  8. Note Block
  9. Bed
  10. Powered Rail
  11. Detector Rail
  12. Piston
  13. Wool
  14. Block of Gold
  15. Block of Iron
  16. Bricks (Block)
  17. Block of Diamond
  18. Furnace (Active)
  19. Sign
  20. Pressure Plate
  21. Iron_Door
  22. Redstone Torch
  23. Button
  24. Jack O’Lantern
  25. Cake
  26. Trapdoor
  27. Fence Gate
  28. Enchanted Table
  29. Brewing Stand
  30. Redstone Lamp
  31. Activator Rail
  32. Block of Emerald
  33. Command Block
  34. Beacon
  35. Cobblestone Wall
  36. Flower Pot
  37. Mob Head
  38. Anvil
  39. Redstone Comparator
  40. Trapped Chest
  41. Daylight Sensor
  42. Block of Redstone
  43. Block of Quartz
  44. Iron Trapdoor
  45. Hay Bale
  46. Block of Coal
  47. Red Sandstone
  48. Grass Path
  49. Frosted Ice
  50. Shulker Box
  51. Glazed Terracotta
  52. Concrete
  53. Concrete Powder
  54. Stonecutter
  55. Observer

List of Minecraft Blocks & IDs with pictures: Downloadable PDF

The list of Minecraft blocks with pictures is given below:

If you are searching for a downloadable Minecraft blocks PDF list to copy and paste then you can simply use the link above to save it to your device

FAQs on Minecraft Blocks

What are the main categories of Minecraft blocks?
All the blocks are divided into three categories: The Overworld, The Nether, and the other Minecraft blocks. You can find blocks or make them in the world of Minecraft.

Which block is the rarest in Minecraft?
Deep slate Emerald Ore: Emerald is already among the rarest block and when it gains the Deepslate variant, it becomes the rarest block in the game.

What is the weakest block in Minecraft?
Slime Blocks: These are the Minecraft blocks that can stick to almost all other blocks in the game. After pushing the slime block, you can even move the block it’s attached to.

How many total blocks are in Minecraft in 2022?
The original Minecraft had only 30 blocks to play with. This number has since grown exponentially and it is believed that Minecraft has over 820 blocks in the game as of 2022.

How to make a command block in Minecraft?
You can obtain a command block in your inventory by using a game command however it is not something you can make.

What is the maximum number of blocks placed together in Minecraft?
There is a tunnel in Minecraft, which is known as the longest tunnel that is made of 10,502 blocks. It’s 34,455 ft and Lachlan Etherate (Australia) is the one who built it. It took him 50 minutes to complete it and the lighting took 20 minutes. It was made on 3rd August 2013.

To sum up, Minecraft blocks are the basic unit of structure in the game. There are over 150 different types of blocks. Overworld Blocks, Nether Blocks and End Blocks are the most popular categories of Blocks.

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