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Top 10 Best Minecraft Toys For Kids

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Best Minecraft Toys

Minecraft is a sandbox open-world game where players can build anything they want and much more. It’s already popular around the world and has a huge fan base. The popularity of this game among kids and adults is so huge that there are even huge demands for Minecraft toys. Even now there is huge growth in the players for the game. Considering that it’s nothing to be so surprised about, there is demand for its toys.

Now that you are here to check some Minecraft toys, you must be a fan of Minecraft. So get excited to know that in this article we have listed some of the best Minecraft toys for kids as well as for adults. As you are reading the last part you must be one of the Minecraft players. So in this list, we have listed some best Minecraft toys that you can enjoy or that could give you the vibe of the original video game. It may be a figure, board game, card, or something else just to go through the list. 

Top 10 Best Minecraft Toys 

  1. LEGO The Abandoned Mine
  2. Minecraft Mini-Figure
  3. Transforming Sword and Pickaxe
  4. Minecraft Bow and Arrow
  5. LEGO Minecraft The Pig House Playset
  6. Creeper Plush
  7. Minecraft Card Game
  8. Minecraft: Builders and Biomes
  9. Fireball Ghast
  10. Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon

1. LEGO The Abandoned Mine

Do you want to enjoy the universe of Minecraft in the real world? Well if that’s the case you will surely love this Minecraft toy LEGO The Abandoned Mine. This will help you enjoy the Minecraft universe in the real world where you get Steve the leading character from the game. With that, you will also get a zombie, a spider, and a living slime. Not just that, because Minecraft without items isn’t interesting right? So for tools, you will get a crafting table, a torch, a pickaxe, and a shovel. You will get every necessary item that will help you enjoy Minecraft in the real world.

LEGO The Abandoned Mine

2. Minecraft Mini-Figure

If you are interested in Minecraft toys then a little bit of surprise would make it more interesting for you. Now if you are willing to pay your money for some mystery toy, try Minecraft Mini-Figure. The most amazing part about this toy is its suspense. The only way to know what’s inside the package is to open it yourself. You can get any Minecraft mob in the package. So go for this one if you want some mystery and suspense.

3. Transforming Sword and Pickaxe

Swords and Pickaxes are one of the most important and popular tools of Minecraft for players. If you play Minecraft then you would already know that. So the next toy on the list is the Transforming Sword and Pickaxe, use it to mine and defeat dangerous enemies in your way. With one swift motion, you will be able to transform it from Pickaxe to Sword.  

4. Minecraft Ultimate Bow and Arrow

If you liked and got fascinated by the Transforming Sword and Arrow, you might even love another Minecraft tool Bow and Arrow. This toy Bow and Arrow features a working bowstring and creates accurate game sounds. Using it you can mimic the scenario of the game while fighting the mobs. It will make a perfect sound while playing which you hear in the game.

5. LEGO Minecraft The Pig House Playset

Minecraft is all about creativity, you can create anything that you desire and that makes it really interesting. Even in the game, there are a lot of things that players have created with their own hands using their unique creativity. In that case, using your creativity in the real world would be fun, so another toy on our list is LEGO Minecraft The Pig House Playset. 

You will get Alex, the popular character from the game, an iconic creeper, and two pigs, some accessories for Alex, and carrots for the pigs. Create a big pig-shaped house, explore the hidden room, take care of the pigs, and hide from the creepers. 

One more interesting feature of this game is that you can even detonate the house and rebuild it again. One more important thing would be the age recommendation which is 8 and above. Try to keep away from kids below the recommended age because it even has some small parts.

LEGO Minecraft The Pig House Playset

6. Creeper Plush

If we are talking about the best Minecraft toys it would be rude to just ignore some great soft toy characters from Minecraft. The best Minecraft soft toy for you would be Creeper Plush, and I am sure you are already familiar with this character from your Minecraft journey. It is one of the most hostile mobs in the game, some of you might have faced him throughout your game. There isn’t any particular age recommendation for this toy and is perfect if you love soft toys and Minecraft. This toy could become your soft and cuddly bedtime partner.

7. Minecraft Card Game

Minecraft toys would be incomplete without any card games. As for the popularity of Minecraft, there are some great Minecraft card games that you can play with your friends. So if you love card games go for this Minecraft game, you need to play it smartly because it requires you to a specific point to win. 

And any wrong move and you might get a creeper card or TNT card among all resources cards. If you get bad luck and get a TNT card, Creeper card, or Wild card you will have to continue from square one again. It is fun and interesting to play for every Minecraft player, so enjoy yourself with your friends and groups while playing Minecraft Card Game.

minecraft card game

8. Minecraft: Builders and Biomes

To experience Minecraft, one of the most popular video games in real life, Minecraft: Builders and Biomes is a great option. Now you can explore, face dangers, mob, and mine resources all of this with Minecraft: Builders and Biomes. It’s a great option for Minecraft fans, it’s fun and easy to play. 

Every turn you get while playing Minecraft: Builders and Biomes you can explore the world, mine resources, fight mobs, create and build structures, or collect items and weapons. Practically you will get everything you can do in the video game. Some of the things you will get in the box are wooden block pieces, a building and monster card, a block base, a Support structure, and character skin. 

9. Fireball Ghast

Fireball Ghast will be a fascinating and lovely toy for any kid or you could also use it for collection as you wise. In the game it’s a hostile mob that player’s often deal with. Just load the fireball (disc) and shoot, it will also change its expression while shooting the fireball. It’s easy to play with and has popularity among kids. You get 10 discs, simply follow the guidance, load the disc, and start shooting; it will look way cooler when it changes its expression while firing.

10. Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon

One of the most popular and in-demand Minecraft toys would be Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon. First of all, a dragon is already a popular mythical creature, and because Minecraft has such a creature. It has become a popular toy among players and kids. Among all the mobs’ Ender Dragon is the most hostile mob. Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon emits lights and sounds which makes it great. 

Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon

FAQs on Minecraft Toys

Is Minecraft owned by the LEGO company? 
No, Minecraft is not owned by LEGO but they are connected with each other. The fact is Mojang Studio, the creator of Minecraft and LEGO are both owned by Microsoft. 

What to give a kid who loves to play Minecraft? 
Minecraft toys are the best gifts for kids who like Minecraft, for example, Minecraft Card Games and Minecraft LEGO. 

What is the most popular Minecraft LEGO set? 
Lego Minecraft The Jungle Abomination is one of the most popular Minecraft LEGOs to date. Moreover, because of its popularity, it’s easily available in online stores. 

Are there any stuffed toys for Minecraft fans? 
Zombie Plush Stuffed Toy and Panda Plush Stuffed Toy are the most popular Minecraft stuff toys. The price range is around $20 – $30 and you can easily purchase from any online toy website. 

What is Minecraft Merchandise apart from toys? 
If you want something else from toys then you can go for Minecraft’s special cloth merchandise. Recently, PUMA and Minecraft collaborated and launched some mob special clothes and these clothes are exclusively available on PUMA’s official website. 


If you are a Minecraft fan then you must have thought about buying some cool and popular Minecraft toys no matter what your age. There is a variety of toys available for different age groups Stuff toys are everyone’s favorite. But if you want a toy for your child then you can go for LEGO. Most of the toys are only available in some specific stores (like Minecraft Cloth merchandise on PUMA). So, don’t lose hope if you don’t find your favorite Minecraft toy on Amazon or your nearest toy store, go on some other sites. Take your time and choose the best toy for you, and if you have any recommendations for the best toy let us know in the comment section.

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