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What are Minecraft Potions? | How to Make Potions in Minecraft?

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minecraft potions

Minecraft Potions: Minecraft is a game with a great combination of reality and fantasy which can go beyond your imagination. The game is hard and simple at the same time when it comes to creating something. Potions in Minecraft are a great way to boost your gameplay but it’s also complex to make one.

We will explain how to make potions in Minecraft, the best positions for beginners, and more. Even for those who make potions for the first time, we have summarized them in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. Both the Java version and BE are supported.

Prepare Potion-Making Tools

First of all, let’s collect the tools and materials necessary to make the potion. No need to worry because we will also explain the easiest way to obtain these items.

  1. Glass bottle
  2. Brewing table (mixing table)
  3. Nether wart
  4. Blaze powder
  5. Ingredients for potions
  • Glass bottle: First, make a glass bottle that is the base of all potions. Let’s make a glass bottle using a workbench with glass that can be made by baking sand in a furnace.
  • Brewing table (mixing table): Next, let’s make a brewing table that will be a workshop for making potions. It can be made by arranging 1 blaze rod on top and 3 cobblestones on the bottom.
  • Blaze Rods are from the Nether’s Blaze: Blaze rods can be obtained from blazes in the Nether. Build a gate out of obsidian and look for Blaze in a nether fortress. Also, to make potions, you will need Nether Wart, which can also be collected in the Nether, and Blaze Powder, which can be made from Blaze Rods. How to get the Blaze is written in the next item, so let’s get it together.
  • Nether wart: Nether wart, which is one of the ingredients for potions, is almost essential. You add nether wart to a water bottle to make a strange potion (an incomplete potion), and then add ingredients that correspond to the effect of the potion. Like blaze rods, they can be found growing in nether fortresses. The more you have, the better, so collect as many as you can. Let’s collect the brown block Soul Sand below together. Nether wart grows by simply planting it in soul sand.
  • Blaze Powder: You also need blaze powder to fuel your brewing stand. You can create 2 blaze rods from 1 blaze rod. Blaze powder is required every time you make a potion, so it’s a good idea to collect as much as possible.
Potions in Minecraft
Potions in Minecraft

Important Minecraft Potion Ingredients

There are various types of effects given by Minecraft potions, and their effect depends on the ingredients of the potion. You can make up to 3 potions per ingredient, so collect as many as you can.

  1. Physical Recovery: Sparkling Watermelon
  2. Fire Resistance: Magma Cream
  3. Stamina (Automatic Recovery): Ghast Tears
  4. Extra Attack Power: Blaze Powder
  5. Extra Movement Speed: Sugar
  6. Night Vision: Gold Carrot
  7. Transparency: Spider Eye
  8. Underwater Breathing: Puffer Fish
  9. Jump Power: Rabbit Foot
  10. Poison: Spider Eye

How to Make Minecraft Potions?

We will now show you how to make a potion in Minecraft. Once you have the materials, the rest is easy. All of the tips given below are in order, so don’t skip anything or you won’t be able to create a potion.

1/7. Put water in a glass bottle

First, fill an empty glass bottle with water. You can add water by holding a glass bottle and pushing the button toward the water. No matter how much water you take, it won’t run out, so it’s a good idea to leave just one square of water near the brewing table.

2/7. Make a strange (incomplete) potion

Use the brewing stand to create a strange (incomplete) potion. Place the brewing table (mixing table) you made on the ground and open it in the same way as a workbench. Let’s put the fuel blaze powder in the left slot, the nether wart on the top, and the water bottle on the bottom.

When the downward arrow is filled, the strange (incomplete) potion is completed. It doesn’t look the same, but it has changed. When making a potion that reduces attack power, you need a water bottle instead of a strange potion. Skip this process.

3/7. Add ingredients

Finally, fill the top slot with potion ingredients. Here, let’s add Blaze Powder which increases attack power. When the downward arrow is filled, it changes color. The potion is now complete! Thank you for your hard work. Potions that decrease attack power, instant damage, and decrease movement speed must be filled with different potions in the lower slots, not strange potions.

4/7. Extend time with Redstone

You can extend the effective time of the potion by putting the potion you made in the bottom slot and putting Redstone on the top. Redstone is usually buried underground in the world. Dig in and find out.

5/7. Strengthen the effect with glowstone powder

You can strengthen the effect of the potion by putting the potion you made in the bottom slot and putting glowstone powder on top. Glowstone powder can be obtained by breaking yellow glowstone blocks in the Nether.

6/7. Splash with gunpowder and make it throwable

Put the potion you made in the bottom slot and put gunpowder on top to make it a splash potion and throw it. Splash potions have the advantage that they can affect multiple players and monsters and can be used faster than drinking potions. Gunpowder can be obtained by killing green monsters, and creepers.

7/7. Residual with Dragon Breath

To make the potion effect remain on the spot., put the potion you made in the bottom slot and put dragon breath on top to make it a lingering potion, and the potion effect will continue to remain where you throw it.

Lingering potions have a shorter effect time, but they have the effect of keeping the potion effect where it fell, so it works well with potions that restore physical strength and give instant damage.

Dragon’s Breath can be obtained by retrieving the Ender Dragon’s breath attack (purple effect) in a vial in The End. Even if you defeat it once, there is a way to revive the ender dragon, so you can collect it as many times as you like.

Recommended Potion for Beginners

There are so many types of potions that I don’t know what to make! For those who say, I chose 4 recommended potions. Please use it as a reference when making potions.

1. Potion of Fire Resistance (Magma Cream)

A portion of fire resistance is a potion that negates fire and magma (lava) damage. It’s a potion that you should always drink in the Nether, where there is always a danger of lava diving. By extending the time with Redstone, it becomes 8 minutes, so let’s use it together. The material is magma cream, which can be obtained by defeating monsters and magma cubes that appear in the Nether.

2. Potion of Regeneration (Tears of Ghast)

A portion of regeneration is a potion that automatically restores physical strength for a certain period. It works great for boss battles. The material is Ghast’s Tears, which can be obtained by defeating Ghast, a white monster that appears in the Nether. It is difficult to obtain, so keep it for boss battles.

3. Potion of Power (Blaze Powder)

Potions of strength are potions that increase attack power, as the name suggests. It is limited to melee attacks such as swords and axes and does not affect bows and crossbows. However, it is very useful in fighting bosses such as the Ender Dragon and the Wither, as well as monsters during cave exploration.

In particular, the Wither does not have a bow in the latter half, so there is no choice but to use melee attacks. I want a potion of power to aim for a short-term decisive battle. Depending on the weapon, it can be enhanced to the extent that it can defeat monsters with a single blow. So it’s convenient even when exploring caves. The material is blaze powder, and as mentioned earlier, blaze rods can be obtained from blazes that appear in the Nether and crafted.

4. Water Breathing Potion (Blowfish)

The potion of water breathing is a potion that prevents the oxygen gauge from depleting even when you are underwater. This is a potion that you want when you have to be active underwater for a long time, such as in an underwater temple. It can be up to 8 minutes long, so it’s pretty easy to use. The material is pufferfish, which can be obtained by fishing. Because it is relatively easy to obtain, it is easy to mass-produce and it is saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of sugar in making potions?
If you are making Swiftness Potion then sugar is the main ingredient. This option allows you to increase your movement speed up to 40%.

What is Dragon Breath?
A purple cloud, a potion that helps you to take down your enemies. The use of this potion is to create a cloud or mist of poison around your enemy.

What is the best use of Spider Eye for potions?
Spider Eye is the most important ingredient for two types of potions – Transparent Eye and Poison.

How to increase the duration of Potions?
There is an item called Redstone which you can use to make your potions work longer. While making your potion, add Redstone and the duration of your potions will increase.

Which is the best potion in Minecraft?
The answer to this question depends on the situation. But still, the point of healing and the potion of regeneration is the best option to use in most situations.


A brewing stand, glass bottles, nether wart, and blaze powder are required to make potions. Recommended potions are Fire Resistance, Regeneration, Strength, and Water Breathing. You can extend the effect time with Redstone, and strengthen the effect with glowstone dust. That’s all for how to make potions in Minecraft.

It’s easy to shy away from it because it’s complicated to make, but if you have it, it will make your life as a crafter much more convenient, so let’s take this opportunity to learn it.

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