What are the 9 Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds?

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minecraft bedrock seeds

Do you want to try some new and amazing Minecraft Bedrock seeds? Well if your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Each seed in Minecraft has its unique feature and characteristics which is exciting for every Minecraft player. Now that you all know how important a seed is while creating a new world in Minecraft.

We have listed some of the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for you to try and use based on the need and want of various players. But before that let’s discuss in short what is a Minecraft seed. So that those who are new to this game can get acquainted with this very important term of Minecraft.

What is Minecraft bedrock seeds?

In simple terms, Minecraft seeds are codes that are different for every Minecraft world. Minecraft seeds are values created from characters including the negative or positive integers. You can experience the world of other players through their seeds while creating a new world in Minecraft. 

Each seed is unique on its own, because of which the world players spawn in is so different from others. Now that you know what Minecraft seed is, we have listed some of the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds so try to explore various seeds and find your suitable Minecraft world.

9 best Minecraft bedrock seeds of all time!

Some of the best Minecraft bedrock seeds – warm ocean seed, smithtown, deep frozen ocean, and many more!

Our list of the top 9 best Minecraft bedrock seeds will help you decide which Minecraft world you want to explore next. Each Minecraft bedrock seed contains its respective code for you to land directly at the exact location!

  1. Mountain valley double village
  2. Village and mansion
  3. Frozen treasure spawn
  4. Warm ocean seed
  5. Deep frozen ocean
  6. Wolf seed 
  7. Jungle temple near desert village
  8. Desert village tower 
  9. Smithtown

1. Mountain Valley Double Village

Seed: 10532435

While playing Minecraft you must have visited various villages and explored those areas out of curiosity or because of your needs. Because you always need some resources to continue surviving. In that case, the village could be a great option where you can get all those essential tools, armor, and weapons. So if you want some exploration, caves, and a village. Use this seed, and you will get various villages and caves to explore. 

2. Village and Mansion

Seed: 9052976841900068914

Using this seed players will spawn on a small beach with a small inland sea, sounds cool right? With that, you will also get to explore the area to find the hidden treasure which contains diamonds. So collect the diamond and use it however you want, and not just that you will get some village also where you will be able to find food, tools, and weapons. With all that the most exciting part of this seed is that you will get a woodland mansion there but it will be difficult to find at first. Now if it suits your style just try it and find the hidden treasure and woodland mansion there.

3. Frozen Treasure Spawn

Seed: 5253828513912602933

A list of seeds for Minecraft without some cold and frozen coastline would be incomplete. Because people love a little bit of snow and those white weather and surroundings. So if you are one of those who gets fascinated by the frozen coastline, this seed is for you. Don’t worry you will get to see some village where you can get all your necessary loot. 

In this seed, the players will be spawned, on a frozen coastline. You will get to see some frozen oceans and even the regular one which is not frozen. In the south, you will even get to see some regular plains, forests, and swamps. There will even be some igloos with basements where you can get golden apples and potions near spawn. As per the exploration part, you will slot bonus 100 to 3x get some buried treasure there with diamonds.

4. Warm Ocean Seed

Seed: 5005

Do you like corals, fish, squids, and the ocean? Well, the world sometimes gets boring on land and some of you might want to explore the ocean or want a change of view. For all those players Warm Ocean Seed is one of the best options. In this seed, you will be spawned in a beautiful warm ocean near the coral reef. You will witness the beauty of the ocean, and get to see aquatic animals like turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, and more. There will be some great chances for underwater exploration. So try this seed to explore the world inside the ocean and get some refreshments from land and forests. 

Warm Ocean Seed

5. Deep Frozen Ocean

Seed: 4004

Use this Deep Frozen Ocean seed and spawn in the Deep Frozen Ocean biome. Explore the frozen, cold, and snowy plain and climb large snowy hills. Check out animals like polar bears, and rabbits with white fur as the same snow. Much more to explore except animals and hills in the vast land of snow. So, change some scenarios and try exploring the Deep Frozen Ocean and have fun.

6. Wolf Seed 

Seed: 1000

There are a lot of seeds in which you can survive and all, but for once just leave all those surviving and exploration parts. Take your time and just enjoy a world surrounded by wolves. With this seed, you will spawn in a biome with wolves. Not just wolves you will also see some snowy foxes and polar bears. Relax and explore for some time if you are bored from your tough surviving world. 

7. Jungle Temple Near Desert Village

Seed: 685104662

There are various cool and amazing Minecraft Bedrock seeds but Jungle Temple Near Desert Village is unique from the crowd. Using this seed you will spawn in a small desert and would find the smallest desert village in the game. But there isn’t hidden treasure or farms to loot. Not to worry you will still get nice loot but for that, you will have to explore the jungle temple. It’s unique and simple at the same time, so enjoy exploring the Jungle Temple Near Desert Village.

8. Desert Village Tower 

Seed: -9036966008009856678

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for players who love village seeds. It sure is eye-catching and fascinating to watch the structure of the village. The incredibly eye-catching village which we are talking about is near the spawn area. The formation of the village is way unique, to be straight forward the village is formed over the desert pillar with various levels. It’s unique and a perfect fit for players who want some adventure and excitement. There are even some other unique monuments to explore for you in this seed.

9. Smithtown

Seed: 952520698404159

Some players might want some Minecraft Bedrock Seed for an easy start. So you can go with this seed, you don’t have to worry from the start and you will even meet with like 10 or more blacksmiths. Which is a unique thing, but still, you will meet all those blacksmiths in a single village, as the name suggests. With that, you will see some necessary resources there. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best seed in Minecraft Bedrock 2023?
If you want an easier start in survival mode then 10532435 seed is a good recommendation because it’s the most basic but still full of items for survival. 

What is the hardest 1.18 seed?
One of the hardest seeds in 1.18 would be Tiny Island. On the internet, you can find any seed but it didn’t guarantee the exact output. You need to try tons of seeds to get Tiny Island and because of that, it’s the hardest island to find in Minecraft. 

What seed has diamonds?
If you want diamonds, then -1240247800 is for you. Well, when you enter this seed then you need to start mining below the ground. Diamonds are the hardest thing on earth and the same for Minecraft. This is also a reason behind the rarity of Diamonds, that’s why don’t expect to get them that easily!

What is the most glitched seed in Minecraft?
Repeating ravines (Seed: 1669320484) is one of the most glitched seeds in Minecraft. 

How many seeds exist in Minecraft?
The accurate number of seeds cannot be defined but it is estimated that there are over “18 QUINTILLION” seeds that exist in Minecraft. Every time a new world creates in Minecraft, then multiple seeds are also born at the same time. 


We have listed some of the best and most fantastic Minecraft Bedrock Seed in this list. So choose your seed best and explore the world. It might be time-consuming to explore all the seeds mentioned in this list but it’s still worth your time. You even have lots of options to choose from like the frozen cold land, vast forest, or the world inside the ocean. Some of the above-mentioned seeds have been listed with the specific needs of the players. Hope you loved this list and if you have recommendations or if you have used any of these seeds before let me know in the comment section.

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