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Parents Guide to Minecraft | Minecraft Explained for Parents

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parents guide to minecraft

Parents Guide to Minecraft: As someone who uses the internet, you might have stumbled across a creator’s “streaming their games” on YouTube. While not a lot of people are aware of exactly what these YouTubers are playing, we’re going to dive deeper into the world of video games. Minecraft can be described as a sandbox video game. A sandbox game is a video game that allows the participant or player a great degree of creativity.

This allows them to interact freely in the game. The players do not have any predatory goals, but they can set goals for themselves that they want to achieve. Minecraft has grown in popularity over the last few years as more and more young children invest time in playing it. Parents were unaware of what exactly Minecraft was. Hence We have prepared a guide for you to help you delve deeper into the world of Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

To put it simply, Minecraft is a 3-D virtual video game where players from around the world can build anything with their imagination. Much like a virtual Lego, the game involves building and creating structures across different environments in a virtual world. The game involves arranging resources, preparing plans, gathering items, building, and even battling.

The game has shot up in popularity among kids. Needless to say, it’s an incredible way for children to learn more about teamwork and develop skills like creativity and communication. The game allows children to use their imagination and think creatively. They can build structures and construct anything that they want, allowing innovation to develop. The game has endless possibilities with no particular goal. 

The game is accessible across devices, from gaming consoles to mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. The pricing differs depending on the device being used.

Is Minecraft Educational?

Minecraft can be used as an educational tool as it’s an excellent way for students to learn while having fun. While students are creating their own virtual world in 3D, students understand more about teamwork, communication, and collaboration. The sandbox-style game enables children to divert from traditional classrooms and learn more through virtual experiences. This game is a great way to not only explore and create but also learn. The game is said to boost qualities like problem-solving and self-direction, along with various other life skills. It even enables students to do better than cells in areas like maths, writing, and even history. Giving children a global perspective, Minecraft strengthens students’ STEM knowledge.

Minecraft is not only educational but also entertaining, which helps children engage in video game. The skills that are derived from the game will help bring out life skills and complement skills required for school, which will further develop skills that are essential to building a strong career. 

What are the Benefits of Playing Minecraft?

It is safe to say that Minecraft isn’t just an entertaining video game that children engage in, but can also help your child in their life. Here are some benefits derived from your child playing Minecraft:


In young children, creativity is an essential skill that helps in mental growth and gives them an opportunity to try out unique ways to think and create. This opens the door to broad perspectives and creative innovation.

A game that is designed for children to unleash creativity, Minecraft gives them an opportunity to discover an unlimited world where they can build anything and everything. The only limitation that they have is that everything must fit in the 3D grade of the game and should be made up of blocks.


This is very crucial for the development of your child. There is nothing more important than a child learning how to approach different problems and solve them. In the long run, this quality encourages creativity as children are able to look at the various options and ways the day can solve a particular problem.

In a game that triggers the survival instincts of the players, they are placed into various situations with fixes that will help them protect themselves, full stop, from collecting food to building their own shelter. The game really triggers the fight or flight response of your child, pushing them to learn how to survive. Through this game, children will learn how to analyze the options available to them and pick the most viable one to survive. This skill is transferable to real-life situations as well. 


Working in a team helps instill important life skills in students. Children learn the importance of listening to their teammates and are able to build better leadership skills. Over time, teamwork can help ensure the qualities of empathy and compassion that children need to develop. With Minecraft, children can not only play by themselves, but they can also play and work with children around the world, working together to achieve unified goals. collaboratively on projects, combat enemies’ resources, and even trade. Please, activities will increase communication and cooperation skills that can be used in real-life situations as well. 


It is important to build the self-esteem and security of one cell in order to go further in life. Having better confidence allows children to go out on the road and achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. With better self-esteem comes the ability to face problems that they make in front of a positive self-image. Welcome to playing Minecraft. The game allows children to explore possibilities on their own. This may be a simulation, but they will encounter challenges, and overcoming them will only increase their confidence. The ability to experiment in this world will provide a sense of positive self-image. Over time, children will learn from their mistakes.

What Do Kids Learn in Minecraft?

The block-building game can provide many educational benefits as well. Your children’s being immersed in the world of Minecraft can help them become smarter, and more intelligent and pick up a few beneficial skills along the way. 

Developing Interest in Math

The game revolves around building structures. Playing Minecraft will familiarise your child with geometry. Your child will be immersed in developing complex shapes and will be dealing with solving geometric problems while manipulating the blocks. This will strengthen the mathematical knowledge that is already a part of your child’s school curriculum.

Inspiration for Coding

Coding is an essential skill required for students as it’s a skill valued and greatly appreciated in the workforce. As the video game uses an 11-block structure to create the world, this can help in understanding programming and coding. Since the programming languages consist of 1s and 0s, this can be translated into helping understand how the program runs and what it does. 

Engineering Basics

The World of Minecraft is based on the idea of creating an environment that is engaging and learning more about design. Players are encouraged to create and let their imaginations run wild. This will help them develop an interest in engineering, which will encourage them to pursue the field. Their able to think out of the box and design an environment to their liking which will pique their interest and enjoy life situations as well. 

STEM Knowledge

The game is an effective segue into exploring STEM. The game can help strengthen the core concepts like Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It can aid in the development of a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of programming by providing an excellent environment in which to test their creativity.

What Is the Right Age to Play Minecraft?

The official website recommends that the right age to play Minecraft is the age 7 and up. As the game contains mild violence toward fantasy characters, there is a possibility of it disturbing young children. The game is also complex in nature and involves the child exploring an online community. 

The online nature of the game involves children engaging with a community of players on multiplayer servers. The games can often get a little violent as the intention is to attack, kill, and steal the possessions of one another. Players also aim to destroy the structures in buildings their enemies have built with hard work and effort. That being said, the game isn’t overly violent. It is an easy and simple-to-navigate game that will help children learn various skills.

Why Is Minecraft So Popular With Kids?

Minecraft is a space for children to do virtually anything. From building and creating to trading and battling, children can explore it all in one place. Kids can explore and experiment all they want without experiencing any real-life threats or dangers. Apart from that, there are various reasons why children love Minecraft so much: 

Meeting New People

Since Minecraft is an online community that allows people to interact with each other, new friendships are bound to form. Children are able to establish new relationships by contacting people online. This allows them to develop social skills and boost their self-esteem. This ability to make friends can be applied in real-life situations as well.

Not Time-Bound 

The world of Minecraft is not bound by timed challenges. Children do not have to go from point A to point B within a set time limit. They have all the time in the world to explore and discover whatever they want, from constructing cities to battling enemies. The world is their oyster. 

It Does Not Require High Technology

Minecraft does not need a high-end gaming computer. One can enjoy playing the game on simple devices like mobile phones or tablets as well. One does not need fancy gadgets and gizmos to hop into the game and create that dream world.

Is Minecraft Safe?

The game can be played with safety when played in a single-player mode. The creative mode in the peaceful setting does not allow interaction with others and eliminates conflict. This creative, safe environment for your child not only lets them play but also avoids exploitation if they are young and left unsupervised. You may eventually change the settings to multiplayer as they understand how to navigate to the website and can stay safe on their own.

Is Minecraft Free to Play? 

The interesting video game Minecraft offers a free trial that is available on Windows, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, although the trial length may differ depending on the device you are using. If you wish to purchase the game, you can buy Minecraft: Java Edition from minecraft.net for $26.95 USD or its local currency equivalent.

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FAQs on Parents Guide To Minecraft

The frequently asked questions regarding the Minecraft guide for parents are given below:

Q1: Does Minecraft have parental controls?
No, as of now, Minecraft does not have parental controls.

Q2: Does Minecraft have violence?
Minecraft has relatively little violence or violent or objectionable elements, such as no blood.

Q3: How do I keep my child safe in Minecraft?
One of the best ways to keep your child safe in Minecraft is to monitor and track their activity.

Q4: What are the negatives of Minecraft?
Some of the negatives of Minecraft are given below:
1. Addiction to Minecraft may be quite strong.
2. Minecraft exposes children to exploitation and bullying.
3. Minecraft server operators have the ability to entice children into spending enormous sums of money (that they often steal from their parents).

Q5: What is Minecraft age rating?
Many sources have rated Minecraft for 6+ years. This means kids above 6 years can play Minecraft.

Now that you have all the information about Parents Guide to Minecraft.

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