Pallabi Mohanty

Pallabi is an academic content writer with over 100+ articles published in the field of STEM education for kids. Having done her Master in Development Studies, she understands the importance of education to build a stable and growing economy. She has worked as a Content Marketing Associate at Wiingy and written educational content on Scratch, Microbit and Coding for Kids. Pallabi has completed her Bachelors in English Literature and her Masters in Development Studies from NIT Rourkela. She likes to explore the different ways technology can impact a child's educational progress.

Self Study AP Classes
Advanced Placement

Easiest AP Exams To Self Study

It is possible to self study for AP exams, appear for the AP exams and earn AP credits, all without taking AP classes. But the question arises, which AP exam is best for self study? With the blog, we will list out the self study AP exams that you can

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micro:bit Animated Animals

Definitive Guide to micro:bit [+Free Access to 10 micro:bit Game Tutorials]

micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer designed for kids. It provides a unique learning experience to children in the field of digital literacy, coding and game development. There are many interesting features of micro:bit that engages a child’s thinking capacity and enhances their problem-solving capabilities. In this blog, we will discuss

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Group Sprites In Scratch

How to Group Sprites In Scratch? | Combine Sprites in Scratch

Group Sprites In Scratch: There are many features in Scratch that enable its users to create interesting and creative projects. You can add extra blocks from the extension block, and connect your computer to hardware kits like the micro:bit, makey, etc to run your script and give it a physical

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Extensions in Scratch

What are Extensions in Scratch? Everything You Need To Know!

Extensions in Scratch are a category of blocks that can be added to the block palette to enhance the scope of the Scratch editor and make Scratch projects much more creative. There are different types of extensions that can be added from the category of extensions block palette to enhance

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Tips to Use Scratch

Learn Tricks and Tips to Use Scratch Programming – Scratch Tips

Scratch Programming uses a block-based coding language which is a simple programming language. To get started with Scratch you read some tips to use Scratch that can make your learning journey easy. There are also many awesome features of the platform that help in making the experience even more engaging

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scratch download

How to Download Scratch 2.0 | Latest Download for Windows and Mac

Download Scratch 2.0: Scratch 2.0 was launched in May 2013 with a new design and changes that included both an online and offline project editor. The platform supports many visual styles that make coding a fun and interactive experience for the users. Even though the Scratch foundation later launched a

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