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Graphic Designing for Kids | 10 Beginner-Friendly Graphic Designing Tools

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Graphic Designing for Kids

Graphics are present all around us. They appear in the form of advertisements, logos, posters, and more. Graphic designing for kids teaches kids the concepts and principles of designing to kids.

The graphic designing industry is growing rapidly and designing is a valued skill. It will come in handy for children to get a head start on graphic design.

Children can learn graphic design and practice designing on various free platforms available online. These platforms are a pocket-friendly way to initiate kids into the design. Graphic design also acts as a foundation for learning complex skills in the future such as animation, 3D graphics, and so on.

Beginner-Friendly Graphic Designing Tools

There are many beginner-friendly graphic designing tools that are designed for beginners to learn the basics of designing in a fun and easy way. Below we have created a list of 10 child-friendly design platforms to get started with.

1. Visme


Age: 12+
Free basic plan. USD 15- 29 per annum for advanced plans.

Visme is an easy tool that uses the drag-and-drop method to design complex graphics. The tool has numerous templates that can be made interactive. Visme has a data visualization tool that can intuitively shell out fun designs. It has a variety of professional-looking templates. It can help design complex infographics and charts with ease. It allows the user to download their creation in many formats- JPG, PNG, HTML5, etc. Apart from kids, bloggers and working professionals will find it a very useful tool.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Ages: 12+
Free starter plan. USD 10- 20 for advanced plans.

Adobe Spark helps shell out quick and professional social media graphics. It also helps design responsive websites with ease. Kids can also use Adobe Spark for photo editing and creating short videos. It is incredibly customizable and can accommodate all kinds of designs. It has many templates and stock images one can make use of while designing.

Even non-designers can use Adobe Spark and create beautiful templates. Adobe Spark offers a free 14-day trial before the user chooses to pay and continue designing.

3. Easil


Ages: 11+
Free basic plan. USD 6.25- 49 per year for advanced plans.

Easil also uses the drag-and-drop method for designing. It has various templates one can pick from. Easil provides even more options for paid plans. Kids can do professional image editing on this platform. One can also add interactive graphics and create fun Gifs. It ensures that the posts are compatible with the respective social platform it is designed for.
It is used widely by both kids and professional designers.

4. VistaCreate


Ages: 13+
Free basic plan. USD 156 per year for advanced plans.

VistaCreate can create numerous ads, videos, Facebook/ Instagram posts, and more! It has many templates and animations we can use to make professional designs. It does not allow us to customize but, it compensates for it with the sheer amount of options one can choose from to make a graphic. It is easily operable and fun to design posts on. Even people with zero design experience can work with VistaCreate and make wonderful graphics.

5. Canva


Ages: 4+
Free basic plan. USD 48- 80 per year for advanced plans.

Canva is an easily operable and customizable tool that can be operated by kids of all age groups. It has numerous templates that include many kinds of posts- Instagram/Facebook posts, videos, Gifs, posters, logos, advertisements, and more! It allows us to share on social media, embed into a website, or download onto our system. Since it has both paid and free versions, it has numerous options to accommodate both users. Free graphics can also be downloaded. But they will carry a watermark.

6. PicMonkey


Ages: 6+
Free trial. USD 72- 228 per year for various plans.

PicMonkey is an easier version of all the graphic designing and photo editing tools we have been used to. It has various templates we can choose from. But PicMonkey is best suited to create designs from scratch. This tool offers children simple options to design or edit pictures. One can do professional-level photo editing with the help of this tool. Its “photo retoucher” feature is the most popular and most used. It has many ad brochures and printable templates as well to choose from.

7. Stencil


Ages: 7+
Free basic plan. USD 108- 144 per year for advanced plans.

Stencil is a graphic design tool with limited features. But it is extremely user-friendly and can be operated by all age groups. It is employed for marketing posts, social media posts, and more! It has many templates and stock photos. Children can also design posters, birthday invites, etc on this platform. It is more suited for casual, non-professional content creators to make quick and easy graphics.

8. Pablo


Ages: 6+
Free platform

It is a nifty tool to design graphics, posts, invites, brochures, etc. It is quite user-friendly and has many templates to use or draw inspiration from. It is also easily accessible to everyone since it is a free platform.
The templates can be customized and can have many kinds of effects added. This is a great tool for children to learn design because of its simplicity.

9. Fotor


Ages: 6+
Free basic plan. USD 107 per year for the advanced plan.

Fotor is a simple photo editing and graphic design tool that is quite easy to operate. It allows users to edit, retouch, resize or crop pictures. It also allows users to make fun collages on the go. It is quite child-friendly and the interface is very simple.
It has many templates for banners, social media posts, business cards, and more. It also has an NFT creator that we can use to transform our artwork.

10. Pixlr


Ages: 11+
Free basic plan. USD 58- 118 per year for advanced plans.

Pixlr offers professional templates and design options to choose from. It is also a very good alternative to Photoshop.
Pixlr can be used to edit images with ease and without having to install a tool. It is also user-friendly and can accommodate children and non-designers. It is also a video editing platform. One can also start afresh on a blank canvas. This can be shared on various platforms and downloaded as well. Thus, we can understand that graphic designing though vital, is an easy skill to learn.

All the platforms mentioned above can help children learn, practice, and perfect their graphic design skills. Learning graphic designing at a young age can help draw a strong foundation in architecture, interior design, and more! It also helps develop the kids’ spatial thinking and creativity.

FAQs on Graphic Designing for Kids

What is graphic designing?
Graphic designing is the creation of visual information in the form of graphs, posters, etc to aid in communication.

Can kids do graphic designing?
Yes, kids can learn to design graphics at an early age.

What is the right age for children to start doing graphic design?
Graphic designing can be learned from when the child is 7 years old.

Why is graphic designing important for kids?
Graphic designing is a way to introduce children to branding and marketing. It is also useful for spatial thinking.

Give 5 examples of graphic designing.
The 5 examples of graphic designing are graphs, social media posts, marketing posts, infographics, and mind maps.

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