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right age to play minecraft

Right Age to Play Minecraft for Children: Being a parent in this new digital age is a tough journey. You want your kids to be an active part of this world, and stay up-to-date with the new technologies but do you also worry about what is appropriate for your children?

Are they staying safe over the internet? Is the content of social media platforms age-appropriate? Are the video games they are playing addicting or violent?

This article will address one of the above concerns; videogames, in particular Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is what we call a sandbox-adventure video game, which means that it provides a creative landscape with no fixed or ultimate goal and many possibilities. Its characters have a blocky, chunky, and lego-like design that seems rather kid-like. Mojang Studios developed this video game in 2011. It is one of the best-selling video games with over 238 million copies sold worldwide and nearly 140 million active users, as of 2021. 

The main difference between Minecraft and other kid-friendly video games is that it doesn’t have any specific goal for the player to achieve. While other video games have specific goals or objectives, like Mario rescuing the princess in “Super Mario” or multiplayer racing games like “Team Sonic Racing”, Minecraft is unique as it doesn’t have any plot, doesn’t give you any instruction, and instead gives an opportunity to the players to make a world out of their own imagination.

The entire world of Minecraft is made with 1*1 3D blocks, including the grass, river, etc. These blocks can be broken and restructured by the players to make their own buildings or objects. This facilitates the creative side of children as they explore their interests and build something out of their own imaginations, without any goals or restrictions. 

What is the right age to play Minecraft for children?

Until a child is of legal age, all the decisions regarding him/her are made by the parents. With this article, we aim to help parents make an informed choice for their children.

So, in regards to Minecraft being safe or unsafe for your children, it is safe, if used correctly and responsibly. 

Minecraft is ideally recommended for kids over the age of 7+ as it is not a very violent game and is easy to understand.

Also, the game blocks certain features, like in-app purchases, for kids under 13+ years of age.

Moreover, you can also use Parental control in Minecraft to make it more kid-friendly. You can reduce the voice of monsters or the number of monsters appearing in the game. 

As parents, you know your child’s abilities, fears, and habits better than anyone so if you are still doubtful, try to experience the game yourselves first. That might give help you get an insight into the game.

How can playing Minecraft help a child?

The Minecraft game is structured in a free-flowing design, keeping in mind the nurturing of a child’s imagination. Studies have shown that Minecraft has educational values and enhances the player’s life and career skills. We have listed some amazing benefits for a child who plays Minecraft:

1. Sparks creativity

As it is not a goal-oriented or objective-oriented videogame, the players have the advantage of using their imagination and building something of their own, digitally. You can take challenges, and build some mind-bending designs. The sky’s the limit here!

2. Develops problem-solving abilities

It enhances one’s problem-solving abilities as you have overcome a lot of environmental challenges, like finding resources, gathering food, figuring out how to use the tools, etc. Also, when playing with other players, you have to figure out ways to defeat your competitors. There are also logistical and creative and creative challenges.

3. Builds teamwork

With a huge online community of verified players, users can interact with other players to optimize their game, plan with their teammates, collaborate with them over modifications, etc. this is an important life skill that will come in handy during one’s professional career.  

4. Enhances Math solving capabilities

When playing Minecraft, a child develops a sense of complex shapes, geometric problems, and manipulation blocks. All of these combined can help players understand mathematical theories and problems. 

5. Helps in learning about coding

Kids can learn coding through applications by playing Minecraft. They can make changes in the code and change the shape, size, and color of the objects in the game. They can also share these codes and their creation with their online community.


Ultimately, we would recommend Minecraft for kids over the age of 7 years, as they can understand the complexities of the games with each level and can also learn valuable lessons from it. The game has some violent features like monsters and dragons, but their intensity can be decreased. The game is known to help kids develop essential skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and computing.

From our everyday lives to office work, everything is becoming more digital and virtual day by day. So, it is important that we teach our children at least the basics from a young age. Videogames for children, like Minecraft, game development, coding for children, robotics, etc., are just a few ways for children to learn about the digital world in a more visual and fun way.

As a parent, there will always be concern over your children’s safety, but there are also ways to handle this issue in a smarter way. Learning about the parental settings, being vigilant about your child’s activities over the internet, and establishing good communication with your child are just a few basic steps.

FAQs for the right age to play Minecraft for children

Q 1: Is Minecraft appropriate for a 6-year-old to play?
A 1: For children, Minecraft is ideally recommended for the age group of 7+. When a user signs up with their age they are not asked for proof of age but if the age is below 13 then certain features of the game are automatically restricted, like changing settings, chatting in scrolls, in-app purchases, etc in order to make it kid-friendly.

Q 2: Is Minecraft a violent game?
A 2: Minecraft contains very little violence or inappropriate content. There is essentially no bloodshed in the game and the characters are cartoon-like.

Q 3: What is the age limit for Minecraft?
A 3: Minecraft is often described as an “online Lego” game where players build structures, buildings, and characters across different environments and terrains. This game essentially has no pre-defined goals or objectives that the players need to achieve. Here players can get creative and build their own virtual world from their imagination. As the game has little to no violence with cartoon-like characters, it is ideally recommended for children above the age of 7.

Q 4: Is Minecraft good for kids?
A 4: Minecraft is educational in nature and also possesses entertaining values. It enhances a child’s life skills, social skills & career skills. It also strategizes skills in children as most of the game is based on strategies. It also gives them virtual situations where they have to strategize using calculations which enables them to put theory into practical situations and make learning fun for them.

Q 5: Can a 4-year-old play Minecraft?
A 5: Minecraft is usually recommended for a 7+ child. PEGI or Pan European Gaming Information also gives the game a 7+ rating. The age rating however doesn’t define the difficulty of the game as Minecraft settings range from easy to very difficult. In the end, it is the parent’s decision on what they want for their children.

Q 6: How do I make Minecraft safe for my child?
A 6: Parents have many ways they can make Minecraft fun as well as safe for their children. Below are a few steps you can follow to ensure the safety of your child:

  • Monitor their activity
  • Set chat filters
  • Set content restrictions
  • Use a unique Gamertag and not your or your child’s real names
  • Set app and game limits

Q 7: Is Minecraft appropriate for a 5-year-old to play?
A 7: For children, Minecraft is ideally recommended for the age group of 7+. When a user signs up with their age they are not asked for proof of age but if the age is below 13 then certain features of the game are automatically restricted, like changing settings, chatting in scrolls, in-app purchases, etc in order to make it kid-friendly.

Q 8: Is Minecraft free for kids?
A 8:
Minecraft Education Edition, which is specially designed for kids to play Minecraft and learn how to collaborate, solve problems, and more. The Minecraft Education Edition is available for free for anyone with a Microsoft Office 365 Education account.

Q 9: For what age is Minecraft recommended?
A 9: Ideally, Minecraft should be introduced to someone who is 8 years old or above as the game can become a bit complex for a child below the age of 8.

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