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Minecraft Village: How to Find a Village in Minecraft?

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Minecraft Village

Minecraft Village: Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can destroy or build anything from scratch. It is an amazing experience and adventure to create what you imagine. But what if you don’t want to create from scratch? Like shelter, food, and many other basic and rare items. Well, in that case, the best option is to get that item from a Minecraft Village.

Why it’s Essential to find Village in Minecraft? 

There are multiple reasons to find a village and it’s also an essential part of your Minecraft gameplay. Moreover, when it comes to some items like Coal, Ores, and other items that are hard to find then you can trade with villagers. But the best reason to find a village is for protection from Zombies and Creepers. It would be amazing if you find a village with Iron Golem protection.

What is a Village in Minecraft?

Minecraft Village is a pre-built area in the virtual world of Minecraft where villagers, domestic animals, and many others stay. If you can find one then it’s a gold mine for different types of items. You can get an already-built shelter from the Minecraft village, but also can trade with villagers.

Minecraft plains village

Best Ways to Find a Village in Minecraft

When it comes to finding something in Minecraft, it’s not easy to go wandering around in the open world for two reasons. First, it’s hard, and second, you will not find anything. So, the best practice is to have a plan from start. That’s why there are multiple options to start with, if you can’t find one then try another.

The most common way to find a village is by using Seeds. Minecraft World is made up of integers which are known as Seed. Many times, most of the world is created using the same Seed and it becomes easy to locate biomes and villages. You can directly use these seeds to find villages or any other location.

1. Use Seed Analysis Tool

The very first option on the list is to use the online Seed Analysis Tool to track a Village. Everything is available on the internet and the same goes for the Minecraft Village. First, make a world or use the existing world according to your convenience.

After that, you need to obtain the seed code of the world where you want to find the village. There are two different ways to find the Seed Code and both of them are quite easy. The first is to write /chat commands in the chat box of Minecraft. Alternatively, you can also check out Minecraft World setting to obtain the Seed Code of your world.

The next step is to use an Online Seed Analysis Tool to obtain Minecraft Village Seed. There are multiple options available but we recommend using Chunkbase. So follow the step-by-step process given below to obtain Minecraft Village Seed:

  • Step 1: First open your Online Seed Analysis Tool and enter your Village Seed Code. It will help Chunk base to explore the map of your Minecraft World.
  • Step 2: After that choose your Minecraft version and Edition (Java or Bedrock). Also, make sure that the Overworld setting is unchecked. Keeping this setting on will affect and can generate wrong Village Seed Codes.
  • Step 3: Now, your Minecraft Overworld Map is generated. You can access this map when you scroll down (if you are using a smartphone). There you will get the location of Villages and if you don’t find any villages then make sure to check the village indicator button on the top navigation bar.

When you click on those village icons then the website will show you the coordinates. Use a Compass in the game to find or spawn villages. If you don’t find any village around then make sure to check nearby because it can be a location error.

2. Custom Minecraft Seeds for Village

There might be some players who don’t want to go through the above hustle to create Seeds. Well, no need to worry because there is another simple option available to get Seeds and find the village. Just pick the seed code from the Internet and paste it into the game.

However, there is a downside to this method and it’s a “New World”. To use this method, you need to create a world from scratch. Read the step-by-step guide to using custom seeds in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Go on the Internet and find a good Minecraft Village Seed which you want to use. After that launch your game and Create a New World.
  • Step 2: Then there you will get an option of “More World Options” to enter your seed code.
  • Step 3: When you click on the option above you will get a dialog box where you need to paste the exact seed code. Make sure the seed code is right because if it’s wrong then you will not get the village you want.

The best part about the Custom Village Seed is that you don’t need computers to find the village. Because when your New World opens then you will automatically spawn in a Village. You don’t have to worry to get to or find coordinates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find a Minecraft Village?
Everyone can find a Minecraft Village will little effort and smart work. If you’re not able to find a village by exploring on your own then try the methods given above.

What is the fastest way to find a Village?
You can use the chat common which is “/locate Village” and get coordinates for the village. This shortcut will show you the nearest village to save time and energy.

What is the minimum distance between two Villages?
The minimum distance between two Villages or Iron Golem Farm is at least 32 blocks. It can be more than that but 32 blocks are the minimum.

Does every Minecraft World have a village?
In short, Yes. Every Minecraft World has a village and you can easily find them near your spawning area. If you are playing the Bedrock Edition, the probability of finding a village is higher than in the Java Edition.

How many types of villages are in Minecraft?
There are 4 types of villages in Minecraft in different locations. These villages include plains, deserts, savanna, desert, and taiga.


There are many ways to find the village in Minecraft, but the Analysis tool and Custom Seeds are the easiest and most rewarding ways. Still, if you are in confusion to choose one then we will prefer to go with the Analysis tool because the probability to find a village become much higher. However, using a Custom Seed is easy but you might need to try different seeds. This is all you need to know about the best ways to find the village in Minecraft. If you have any questions regarding the post or recommendation then don’t hesitate to live a comment below. 

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