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Blast Furnace Minecraft: How to Make Blast Furnace? | Use of Blast Furnace

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Blast Furnace Minecraft

Blast Furnace Minecraft: The Villages and Looting update will split functionality overly focused on workbenches and furnaces into different blocks. Among them, the smoker and the blast furnace are the new blocks responsible for the function of the furnace. So this time, we summarized how to use the smoker and the blast furnace. We don’t think it needs much explanation because it was just divided separately.

What Is Blast Furnace Minecraft?

Blast Furnace is an item added in the Ver1.14 update, and may not be familiar to those who have been away from Minecraft for a while. If you want to know more about the blast furnace, please refer to the article. The furnace is an item used to smelt ore-based blocks. It is thought that many people use it as a furnace dedicated to smelting because it completes twice as fast as a furnace that has the same function.

Nowadays, you can see them in naturally generated villages, but some of you may be wondering how to create them or how to use them. In this article, we will introduce everything such as how to make a blast furnace, what you can do with it, and how to use it.

blast furnace minecraft
Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Why Use a Smoker and a Blast Furnace?

Even with the addition of a smoker and a blast furnace, the traditional furnace can still be refined, and you don’t have to use it depending on the item as described later. So why were the two blocks added? That’s because it smelts faster than a furnace. The speedup was about 10 seconds for the furnace, but about 5 seconds for the smoker and blast furnace. In other words, you can expect (or rather, can) speed up smelting by using a smoker and a blast furnace. There is no choice, and can’t help but use this because everyone wants to save time.

How to Get and Craft a Blast Furnace?

Here’s how to get the Blast Furnace Minecraft:

1. The process of crafting a Blast Furnance Minecraft. A blast furnace can be crafted on a workbench.

  • Iron Ingots – 5
  • Furnace – 1
  • smooth stone – 3 (Smooth stone can be made by baking stone in a furnace)

2. Ring back naturally generated items to the village

If you live in a village with a steady stream of villagers, there’s a good chance you’ll have a furnace inside your house. However, be sure to use a pickaxe to destroy the Furnace, as it will disappear if you destroy it with anything other than a pickaxe.

What You Can Do in the Blast Furnace?

Using the Blast Furnace allows you to:

1. Melt Ore Twice As Fast

The blast furnace can smelt ore-based blocks twice as fast as explained earlier. However, please note that the consumption of coal and charcoal, which are fuels, is also proportional. Furnace and Furnace smelting times are as follows:

Ore that can be refined in a blast furnace:

  1. coal ore
  2. Iron ore
  3. gold ore
  4. deep gold ore
  5. nether gold ore
  6. Redstone ore
  7. deep Redstone ore
  8. lapis lazuli ore
  9. deep lapis lazuli ore
  10. nether quartz ore
  11. emerald ore
  12. diamond ore

Bring back iron and gold items: Iron/Gold/Chain equipment sets and weapons can be set in the furnace to turn them into iron and gold nuggets.

2. Change Villager’s Occupation

Change the unemployed villager’s occupation to armor blacksmith. If you set up a blast furnace in an unemployed villager’s house and set up a bed for that villager to sleep on, he will change his job to an armor blacksmith. If you want to change jobs from another profession, destroy the job block in the house of the villager you want to change jobs. Please refer to the article below for details on job blocks.

3. A Building Using a Blast Furnace

Here are some buildings that use blast furnaces. All of them are easy to make, so please try making them.

  • Smelting room: Using several blast furnaces to create a smelting room looks good and is very practical.
  • Furnace with ore box: If you put an ore block in the box, it is a system that automatically bakes it in a blast furnace. Set fuel such as coal and charcoal in the blast furnace in advance. Simply place a hopper on top of the blast furnace, facing the blast furnace, and place a chest box on top of it.
  • Exhaust fan replacement for the kitchen: When you’re building a house and you can’t decide which items to use in the kitchen, try using a blast furnace as a ventilating fan to create an atmosphere.

Impressions of Using the Blast Furnace Minecraft

The impressions of actually using the blast furnace are summarized below.

  • Save time and explore more efficiently: When I go cave exploration, I try not to leave the place as much as possible while refining, so the blast furnace, which can refine in half the time compared to the furnace, was very time-saving and efficient.
  • It is convenient to change jobs villagers: Armor is a necessity for exploration, and it costs money because durability decreases when you are attacked. At that time, I was able to make the villagers work as armor blacksmiths, which made it much easier to procure armor.
  • Emit light: Emit a level 13 brightness while smelting. The furnace also emits light, so it’s a shape inherited from it. Light is an important element in survival mode because it helps keep Mobs away from your shelter or village.

Frequently Asked Question

How to use the smoker?
Smokers can refine food items such as meat, potatoes, and kelp. Ore, gold, and iron equipment cannot be burned. The recipe is simple. Uses 4 furnaces and logs. The type and arrangement of raw wood are not certain.

How to use the Blast Furnace?
The blast furnace can smelt various ores, tools, and metals such as armor. Do not burn meat or potatoes. The recipe is. Requires an iron ingot and smooth stone with a furnace in the center. Smooth stone can be obtained by smelting stone.

Which is better Furnace or a Blast Furnace?
When it comes to saving time and completing work efficiently then Blast Furnance is the winner. But the fact is that to build Blast Furnance you need to have a Furnace.

Is Blast Furnace Fuel efficient?
A blast Furnace in Minecraft is two times more fuel than Furnance. So, no, the Blast Furnace is not fuel efficient. Use this only if you don’t have a limited file or some kind of urgency.

Which is better Blast Furnace or Smoker?
Blast Furnace and Smoker are different things because Smoker doesn’t smelt ores like Furnace or Blast Furnace. The only use of Smoker in Minecraft is to cook food and nothing more.


Introducing the blast furnace, a smelting item in Minecraft. The blast furnace, which can be quickly refined in half the time of a furnace, has many useful points such as not only refining but also changing the profession of villagers. It looks different from a furnace and can be used for architectural decoration. Also, in multiplayer, you can cooperate with your friends to increase the number of villagers, obtain strong armor from the armor blacksmith, and go on an adventure together.

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