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Block Palette in Scratch

Block Palette in Scratch: The Easy Guide For Beginners

Oh hi, there fellow Scratcher! Are you new to Scratch and wondering about the different features and working of the block palette in Scratch? Then you came to the right place. Scratch is an amazing platform to start learning how to code, especially for kids but there are many hidden

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graphic effects scratch

Scratch Editor | 7 Types of Graphic Effects in Scratch

Graphic Effects in Scratch is a feature that is used on a sprite to change its look in some particular way. It allows users to add graphical effects to their projects. There are a number of different effects that can be used, including fisheye, color, pixelate, whirl, ghost, brightness, and

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my blocks in scratch

What are My Blocks in Scratch? [Scratch Blocks Explained!]

My blocks in Scratch: Scratch programming is a block-based coding language, designed especially for children between the ages of 8 to 16 to learn how to code. It is a visual block-based programming language, which means that the codes are in the form of blocks, divided across nine categories depending

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Extensions in Scratch

What are Extensions in Scratch? Everything You Need To Know!

Extensions in Scratch are a category of blocks that can be added to the block palette to enhance the scope of the Scratch editor and make Scratch projects much more creative. There are different types of extensions that can be added from the category of extensions block palette to enhance

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