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Data Science Courses for Kids Online

Data Science is one of the fastest-growing and in-demand coding concepts that your child should know about. Using the concepts of Python programming, learn data science in 1:1 Data Science classes for kids in grades 5 to 8 from top computer science teachers by just signing up for this course right away.

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Data Science Course for Grades 5 and 6

Online data science course for kids designed for learners studying between grades 5 and 6. If your kid is aged between 9 and 11 years this is a great way for your kid to learn about data science, the role of a data scientist, and get introduced to coding with languages like Python and R. So, sign up now to learn from the best and most experienced teachers.


Data Science Course for Grades 7 and 8

Online data science course for kids designed for learners studying between grades 7 and 8. If your kid is aged between 12 and 14 years and shows interest in coding, then this course is perfect for him. This course will help your child in learning the basics of data science, so enroll your child today for this course and help him learn from the best educators.

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This course includes


24 Online Classes




Post class quiz


Reading material


20 live projects


Live Quiz


Updates on parent app


Post class assignments


Wiingy Masterclass


Lifetime access to wiingy studio

What you'll learn


Learn about the technologies used in data science, including web scraping, data visualization, machine learning, deep learning, and statistics.


Understand and master basic programming languages used in data science, such as Python and R.


Learn to design projects in data science from beginner level to master level and showcase them on YouTube.


Master skills, such as communication, presentation, and persuasion, for showcasing your projects on various platforms.


Enhance your critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem solving skills


Understand how to apply your data science knowledge and other skills to real-life situations.

Course Description

Data Science is a field that combines aspects of computer science, statistics, and domain knowledge to extract insights and knowledge from data. It involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data to answer questions and make informed decisions. It is all about using big amounts of information (or “data”) to answer questions and understand patterns.

Data Scientists use various tools and techniques to analyze and visualize data, and they use their findings to improve business processes, develop new products, and solve real-world problems. Data Science is a rapidly growing field that plays an important role in many industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology.

This 24-class online course is delivered 1:1 by our top computer programming instructors. The course is split into 2 modules, of 12 classes each. Each class is for 60 minutes. We recommend a frequency of 2 classes per week to get the maximum output from the course.

Our course includes 20+ engaging projects, in-class quizzes (1 for each class), and post-class assignments. Moreover, you get unlimited access to Wiingy’s proprietary coding platform Wiingy Studio

In this class, students will learn about the basic technologies required in data science, such as web scraping, data visualization, etc., and master basic programming languages used in data science.

This course will also make your kid familiar with various industries, such as healthcare, finance, etc. as data science is a very popular and vast topic having its applications in many industries.

By the end of the course, the students will be able to create apps and websites with their knowledge of data science, machine learning, and deep learning technologies. 

In this course, students will also focus on and learn about the major soft skills, including communication, presentation, and problem solving, which will help them in presenting their apps or websites to the outside world.

This data science course is specifically designed for kids of age 9 to 13 years studying in grades 5 to 8. It would be beneficial for the kids to learn such a huge coding concept from a young age and be clear with all the basics of it.

Wiingy has a team of experienced, qualified, and verified teachers who deliver these online classes. Our educators are onboarded through a rigorous onboarding process involving coding assessments and background checks. Apart from this, students and parents have consistently rated our teaching experience as 4.8/5 and above.

One of the best things about this course is that it is designed by experts who have done multiple field projects, have great knowledge, and have 10+ experience in the field of data science. Apart from this, parents can monitor the progress of their kids through our parent app. The parent app will give you all the performance insights about your child such as quiz scores, projects created, assignment completion rate, and classes delivered.

Our finest computer science teachers will teach this course and evaluate every student separately and change the teaching approach as necessary. They will keep the entire teaching session fun and informative for the kids. 

This course is an opportunity for kids to start their journey in this exciting and in-demand field. So, why wait? Enroll your child today in this course and make them learn from the best computer science teachers.

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Frequently asked questions

Data Science is the study and application of methods for extracting insights and knowledge from data. It involves using statistical and computational techniques to analyze large amounts of information and make data-driven decisions based on the results.

Data Science is used to solve a variety of problems across many industries. It can be used to: Discover patterns and trends in data to make better decisions Predict future outcomes based on historical data Personalize experiences for customers, such as product recommendations Improve efficiency and performance in operations Detect fraud and anomalies in financial transactions

Kids should learn Data Science because it is a valuable skill for the future. It helps kids to learn coding concepts like data visualization and develop critical thinking, data analysis, analytical skills, and problem solving skills as they learn how to collect, process, and analyze data to make informed decisions. With the increasing amount of data being generated and the need for people who can analyze and make sense of it, learning Data Science can open up many career opportunities for them in a variety of industries.

Yes, coding is a key aspect of data science. It involves writing computer programs to analyze and process data, identify patterns, and make predictions. Coding skills are essential for a career in data science and to carry out many data-related tasks. However, you can still be a good data scientist in some areas without having to write a lot of code by using special tools or focusing on how to show data in a clear way.

Data Science is a very popular field nowadays, so there are tons of resources available on the internet that you may use to start learning Data Science. Although, we suggest you to sign up for “Data Science Classes for Kids” offered by Wiingy because this course is beginner-friendly. The Wiingy Data Science coding course for kids will consist of 24 online classes. This ensures that your child has the focus and self-discipline needed to learn how to code.

The total duration to complete the “Data Science Classes for Kids” course offered by Wiingy is 12 weeks with 24 classes. Wiingy conducts two classes per week. Our Data Science coding course can usually be finished by students in 10 to 14 weeks.

Your child will learn one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages by enrolling in the “Data Science Classes for Kids” course. It's a great way to introduce your child to text-based coding and create a bright future for him.

Our Data Science coding for kids course is designed for kids studying between Grades 5 to Grade 8. We have 2 programs specifically designed for kids studying in grades 5 to 6 and 7 to 8 respectively.

Our Data Science Coding for kids course is divided into 2 modules. Each module is made of 12 online lessons. Module 1 covers what a data scientist does, big data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning. Module 2 includes Introduction to Programming Language-Python, SAS, R, SQL, Data Science Methodology, Data Science Vs Chatbox, and many more.

We are offering the “Data Science Classes for Kids” course for students from grades 5 to 8. The difficulty level of this course is not much as no prior coding knowledge is required. Since every student is unique, our tutors evaluate each one accordingly and modify the teaching approach as necessary.

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