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Python Classes for Kids Online

Python is fast and powerful and surprisingly one of the easiest text-based coding languages for children. Learn Python programming in 1:1 online Python coding classes for kids from top computer science teachers. 

2 Modules, 24 Lessons, 20+Projects, and Quizzes


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Python Coding Course for Grades 5 and 6

Python coding course for kids designed for learners studying between grades 5 and 6. If your kid is aged between 9 and 11 years this is the right online python coding course for your child to get started with text-based coding.


Python Coding Course for Grades 7 and 8

Python coding course for kids designed for learners studying between grades 5 and 6. If your kid is aged between 9 and 11 years this is the right online python coding course for your child to get started with text-based coding.


This course includes


24 Online Classes




Post class quiz


Reading material


20 live projects


Live Quiz


Updates on parent app


Post class assignments


Wiingy Masterclass


Lifetime access to wiingy studio

What you'll learn


Learn fundamental coding concepts such as data types, data structures, variables, loops, functions and object-oriented programming


You will learn, automation, game development, app development using Python


Be able to understand and use Python for data science and machine learning


learn programming proficiently in Python


Improve you logical thinking while creating Python games and projects


Showcase your Python programming projects on Youtube

Course Description

What is Python?

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. It is an object-oriented Programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991.

Where is Python programming used?

Python is a fast and powerful programming language, however, it is a beginner-friendly coding language. It is used for web development (server side), software development, mathematical computations, and data science applications, and system scripting. Python has widespread applications in machine learning and artificial intelligence

Course Description

This 24-class online course is delivered 1:1 by our top Python programming instructors. The course is split into 2 modules, of 12 classes each. Each class is for 1 hour. We recommend a frequency of 2 classes per week to get the maximum output from the course.

The course covers fundamental Python concepts such as flow control, functions, data types, variables, and object-oriented programming.

This is a hands-on course where kids will not only learn essential programming concepts but will learn to write code to solve exciting problems while creating Python projects.

All of Wiingy’s online Python classes are designed based on our experiential learning methodology. This means that students will be engaged in project-based learning where they will how to solve problems while working in a team.

Complex problem-solving in a collaborative environment is one of the top skills needed in the world today and our Python coding course helps your child develop the foundation required to succeed.

Our courses are delivered by our qualified, verified, and experienced tutors. Wiingy tutors are onboarded through a rigorous process consisting of coding assessments and interviews. Only 3% of applicants make it as a Wiingy tutor. Several of our coding instructors are software engineers in top tech companies.

Post on-boarding the tutors are trained in the Wiingy curriculum for Python coding as well as the experiential learning Pedagogy. This ensures that your child receives top-quality coding tutoring and builds solid fundamentals.

You can monitor the student’s progress through our dedicated parent app which will give you all the performance metrics you need such as classes delivered, quiz scores, projects created, and assignment completion rate.

Who is the course for?

The Python online course is suitable for newbie coders as well as those familiar with coding.

If your child is familiar with coding languages such as block-based coding or Scratch programming and is looking to start with text-based coding, python programming is a great place to start.

The Python classes are designed for children between grades 5 to 8.

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Frequently asked questions

Python is a fast and powerful programming language, but surprisingly easy to learn as well. It is a great first language for kids to start with text-based coding as Python code is concise and easy to read and understand.

Scratch and Python both are excellent languages for children to start learning to code. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language with a visual editor that allows the coder to drag and drop coding blocks to write code. The results are visible instantly in an area on the editor known as the "stage". Scratch can be used by kids to build games, stories, and animation. Scratch is an excellent first language for children, particularly for ages 5 to 12. Python on the other hand is a text-based general-purpose programming language. It is a versatile and powerful programming language that can be used in a range of applications such as web development, application development, and data science applications. Python code is concise and it is one of the easiest text-based languages. Python is an excellent way to introduce children to text-based coding. It is suitable for children grades 5 and up ie. from ages 9-10 onwards. If your child is already familiar with block-based coding, introducing them to text-based coding via Python is the next logical step.

Python is a versatile language, therefore the internet has a tonne of resources available if you want to start learning Python. You can explore online python courses such as the ones on Udemy. The tutorials from W3schools are one of the most popular. You can also explore Python books. Read our guide to 10 Best Python books for beginners here. However, if you are a newbie coder or you are looking to start your child in Python coding, self-study is a rather challenging option. We recommend you enroll in a structured Python course such as the one being offered by Wiingy. Wiingy's online Python coding course for kids includes 24 online lessons led by a private coding instructor. This ensures your child gets the focus and discipline required to learn to code.

Python is one of the fastest and most powerful programming languages but is surprisingly easy to learn. That is what has made python so popular. It takes about 3 months to learn Python coding. A learning process should include conceptual lessons, hands-on problem-solving coding exercises, and post-classroom assignments and quizzes. That's why we have designed our Python coding for kids course to include 24 coding classes 1 hour each with a proposed duration of 12 weeks (3 months).

Our Python coding for kids course is a 12-week, 24-class coding program. A typical Python class lasts between 50-60 minutes. We propose a frequency of 2 classes per week. Typically students are able to complete our Python coding course within 10 to 14 weeks.

Wiingy's Python classes for kids will help your child learn one of the most powerful programming languages in the world. It's a great way to get your child started with text-based coding.

Our Python coding for kids course is designed for kids studying between Grades 5 to Grade 8. We have 2 programs specifically designed for kids studying in grades 5 to 6 and 7 to 8 respectively.

Our Python Coding for kids course is divided into 2 modules. Each module is made of 12 online lessons. Module 1 covers coding lessons on the fundamentals of Python, flow control in Python, and an introduction to data types. Module 2 includes lessons on Python Sets, loops and recursion, and object-oriented programming.

Our Python coding course is meant for children between Grades 5 to 8. Prior coding experience is not required. Every student is different, so our tutors assess them and adapt the teaching methodology accordingly.

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