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Scratch Games: Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children and a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows users to create digital stories, games, and animations. Scratch was created by Mitchel Resnick at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

It is designed, developed, and moderated by the Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization. It is suitable for all ages, especially for children above the age of 8, as it helps them learn about the fundamentals of coding with block-based coding in a fun and creative way. 

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What is a Scratch Game?

Scratch Game is just any game that is created using Scratch’s block-based coding. Games on Scratch have a huge fan base, especially among children. It’s block-based coding with a drag-and-drop interface is easy to use and the platform provides an abundance of resources to help any beginner learn to code. One of the best features of the Scratch platform is that any programmer (called Scratcher) can edit the code of an existing game on Scratch (called remixing) to create their own variations.

If you are someone who is exploring Scratch and want to know more about games on Scratch read on.

Top 10 Scratch games online for beginners

Some of the popular games on Scratch to create and play – scroller, platformer, clicker, shooter games, and many more!

We have compiled a list of the top 10 types of games that you can make in Scratch. These games are tried and tested by our coding ninjas and curated especially for you to play and create on Scratch.
P.S. All these games are beginner-friendly so if you are new, don’t worry, we got you! Now let’s dive into the top 10 Scratch games!

  1. Scroller Games
  2. Flappy Bird Games
  3. Platformer Games
  4. Maze Games
  5. Dodging Games
  6. Snake Games
  7. Pong Games
  8. Knife Games
  9. RPG Role-Playing Games
  10. Animation Games

1. Scroller games

In this type of game, objects as well as the background are continuously moving or scrolling across the screen. The movement happens when the players scroll the screen up and down. The players usually stay on the same X coordinate. The players can also alter their position to the Y coordinate with a specialized “jumping” feature.

2. Flappy bird games

In this type of game, the player needs to build moving pillars that will act as obstructions in this game and you will have to move a bird through the moving pillars. The bird’s movement is controlled by pressing the space key and every time the bird files through the moving pillar, you get a point and the game will be over if the bird touches the pillar.

3. Platformer games

In this type of game, the players must jump across the Y coordinate. Also, in some other actions, the players are to travel upwards on the given platform to achieve a given goal, which usually sends the players to the next level of the game. 

4. Maze games

These types of games are not too difficult to make on Scratch, which is what makes them suitable for a beginner. In this type of game slot bonus 100 to 3x, the sprite must navigate through a maze, or world, by dodging obstacles and finding a path to reach a certain point. 

5. Dodging games

In simple terms, this type of game makes players dodge different obstacles and sometimes collect points or earn coins on the way. If the sprite gets hit by oncoming objects, which doesn’t give it any points, the character will lose a life. 

6. Snake games

In this type of game, the player has to make a snake and make the snake move around with the up/down/left/right arrow keys. If the snake collides “food” sprite (a non-moving sprite), then the snake will grow and the game will be over if the snake runs on the wall or touches the wall.

7. Pong games

This type of game is played with a ball and a paddle. This type of game features a platform that goes from left to right. The main goal of the player is to hit the ball at the top of the screen while coming back down. However, the game will end if the ball goes past the platform. 

8. Knife games

In this type of Scratch game, the player needs to build a spinning board and throw knives by pressing the space key and if the knife lands on the board you get points but if one knife touches another then it is game over.

9. RPG role-playing game

In this type of Scratch game, the player will try to blast obstructions with a laser. For example, in a Rock Blaster Game, the player builds a rocketship and tries to blast the rocks (obstructions) to gain points.

10. Animation game

In this type of Scratch game, the player will be creating a trail by moving their mouse. For example, in the mouse-trail game, the player has to make the sprite move where you are pointing the mouse and create a cloning effect with different colors so that when the mouse is moving it will create a trail.

2 Player Scratch Games

We have compiled a list of games that you can create and play with 2 or more two players on Scratch:

  1. Platformer Games
  2. Racer Games
  3. Shooter Games
  4. Pong Games
  5. Tank Games

1. Platformer games

In platformer games on Scratch, the player has to control the sprite’s movement between platforms or over obstacles by making the sprite jump or climb. Some of the famous platformer games are Geometry Dash, Mystic Valley, Minecraft Platformer, and many more!

2. Racer games

Racer games on Scratch are multiplayer games in which the player participates or creates a racing competition by controlling a vehicle from a first-person or third-person perspective. Some of the famous racer games are Retro Racer, Super Racer, Dirt Biker Racer 2.0, and many more!

3. Shooter games

There are many types of shooter games on Scratch and it is a multiplayer game. Shooter games are a subgenre of action games in which players have to shoot to defeat the enemy. Some of the famous shooter games on Scratch are Space Shooter, Zombie Shootout, and many more!

4. Pong games

Pong games are multiplayer games. This type of game is played with a ball and paddle. The main objective here is to hit the ball with the paddle at the top of the screen while coming back down. However, the game will end if the ball goes past the platform. Some of the popular pong games on Scratch are Pong Strater, 3D Ping Pong, and many more!

5. Tank games

Tank games are a type of multiplayer game in which the player has to defend and attack their enemies with a tank. Some of the popular tank games on Scratch are Tank Base Defender, Tank Game 3.0, Tank Game 2.0, and many more!

Steps to make a Scratch game

With Scratch games, programmers can create a wide variety of visual experiences with lots of ways to control the game. Scratch has a huge collection of blocks that give characters a lot of flexibility which can be used to code the game.

The basic steps you need to know to make a Scratch game are:

Step 1: Build a clear game plan

Planning and having a clear idea of what game type, what characters, what objectives, what type of theme, and what level of difficulty is an important step as that gives you a proper process to follow. After you have decided what type of game you want to build, whether you want a quiz game or a collecting game, or a dodging game, then it becomes clearer and easier for any user to add sprites, background, and codes to make the game work.

To begin a game, go to the Scratch website and click on “Create”. That will take you to an unnamed Scratch game with a cat in the middle of the stage as a default character. 

Step 2: Create a visual sprite

Sprites are visual representations of characters and objects that appear in the main area or “stage” in a Scratch game. The sprites are created according to the game. For example, for a car game, a car sprite will be created to match the theme of the game. Sprites can move around with the help of codes, enabling users to create amazing projects. The cat sprite appears in the beginning by default.

To make a new sprite for your character, go to the bottom right corner of the game, click on the “choose a sprite” button, and choose from a list of pre-made sprites. Or you can also customize your characters in the “costume tab” or the “paint editor”. 

sprites in scratch
Sprite Library in Scratch

Step 3: Choose a backdrop

It is important to finalize the backdrop of the Scratch game before adding an objective. While it is not important to complete a game, it does add a lot of character to the game. Scratch offers a lot of pre-made backdrops to choose from. Simply click the blue button to the right of the new sprite button and choose a backdrop from the drop-down menu.

You can also draw your own backdrop or choose one from your computer. Whatever backdrop you choose, try to match it with the theme of the game. 

Step 4: Add code to program the sprites and backdrop in line with your objectives

By having a clear idea and setting up goals for the game, you can add instructions based on the objectives. Through these instructions, the sprite can be controlled with different types of blocks present in the game.  Code can also be written to make changes in the backdrop such as when moving to a new level

backdrops in scratch
Backdrop Library in Scratch

Step 5: Add score and levels

After designing the sprite and setting up the backdrop and objectives for the game, it is time to add scoring to the game. Set up the code to define how the score is calculated every time a task in the game is completed. For example in a pong game every time the paddle hits the pong the score can get incremented by 1. You will need variable blocks to set up scoring. Once a certain score is reached you can advance the player to the next level.

Step 6: Enhance the game by adding sound effects

Gaming is always fun with different sounds as the player progresses in a game. To add sound to the game, attach a start sound block, then click on the arrow dropdown where it says, “pop”. You can select that & when an object moves by a certain number, you can hear a “pop” sound with each click. You can also add your own sound to the game through recording. 

FAQs for Scratch games

The frequently asked questions on Scratch Games are given below:

Are the games free on Scratch?
Yes, Scratch is a visual programming language used to learn coding and game development and is completely free of cost.

What games are on Scratch?
There are many interesting and fun games to make and play on Scratch.

How to download Scratch?
Visit for more information. You can see download options for various operating systems here. Choose your OS and click on the links to download the application. After downloading, you have to install the application. For this, go to your downloads and click on your Scratch app download to run the application. Give all the required permission for the app to operate and for your app to be installed.

Can I make Minecraft on Scratch?
Yes, you can make Minecraft on Scratch. Follow this link to learn more.

Can I play Scratch games online?
Yes, you can play Scratch games online.

Who is Griffpatch?
Griffpatch is the most popular scratcher on Scratch. He is known for making incredible and almost impossible-to-replicate games in Scratch.

Are there multiplayer games on Scratch?
Scratch has two types of multiplayer games: local multiplayer and online multiplayer. Local multiplayer allows you to play with more than one person on the same computer, whereas online multiplayer allows you to connect with multiple players and multiple devices.

What are the top 10 Scratch games?
The top 10 Scratch games are Scroller Games, Flappy Bird, Platformer Games, Maze Games, Dodging Games, Snake Games, Pong Games, Knife Games, RPG Role-Playing Games, and Animation Games.

Is Scratch coding free?
Yes, Scratch is a free block-based programming platform that can be accessed by anyone. All the features, levels, and projects are free to use.

What are some of the 2 players’ Scratch games?
You can play some Scratch games with other players. Some of the 2 players’ Scratch games are 2 player Pong game, Ship battle, 2 player shooting game, space shootout, car soccer, and many more!

Scratch games are universally played and loved by millions of people, not only programmers. Scratch is very popular among children above the age of 8, who are interested in learning about coding in a fun and interactive way.

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