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7 Amazing Minecraft Capes of All Time, Ranked!

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Minecraft Capes

Minecraft gives freedom to do limitless things in the game and customize anything they want. From Minecraft Skins to Texture, everything is customizable. Java Edition of Minecraft gives far more customization options than any other edition. In Java Edition players can add their own unique capes by using Mod and more methods. Well, in this blog post you will read about 7 amazing Minecraft Capes of all time. So, if you want to learn about the world’s best capes then keep reading this blog till the end. 

What is Cape in Minecraft?

First thing first, there might be some players who are new to Minecraft and don’t know about capes. Minecraft capes are no different than other real-world capes which you can wear along with your unique Minecraft Skin. Capes add a special edition to your skin and are one of the rarest items in Minecraft. There are only a few officially available capes that you can wear and those caps are super expensive. If you don’t want to spend millions on capes then you have to attend events like Minecon.

Top 7 Most Amazing Minecraft Capes of All Time

  1. Minecon Exclusive
  2. Troll Faces
  3. World Flags
  4. Minecraft Mobs
  5. Account Migration
  6. Dragon Cape
  7. Mojang Logo Cape

1. Minecon Exclusive

The first cape on the list is not just any other ordinary cape but a badge of honor for those who have these capes. The rarity of a product defines its real value and the Minecraft Exclusive capes are the most rear capes in Minecraft. No one can directly purchase these but they need to participate in the Minecon Event. 

Minecraft Exclusive capes are designed and distributed by Mojang Studio. The only way to obtain these capes is to attend the Minecon or else these can be extremely expensive. In most cases, popular Minecraft YouTubers are the only ones who have these capes. 

2. Troll Faces

Memes and Trolls are everywhere on the internet, then why not in Minecraft? With help of some tools and websites, you can create any type of cape you want. Capes with Troll Faces become quite popular in the game where you want to express your feeling without words. There are limitless Troll Faces capes available and one of the easiest to obtain in this list. 

Players use them in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft to interact with other players and their friends. Moreover, you can even create your Troll Face cape and have fun with your friends. After Minecon Exclusive capes, the Troll Faces are the most popular and amazing Minecraft Capes. 

3. World Flags

Flags have their respect in real as well as in the games like Minecraft. The proud feeling when you wear your country’s flag is different and hit hard. You can create capes online and World Flags are one of the most popular options among players. If you are from a country where Minecraft is quite popular then you will probably find your country’s World flag on the internet. 

In addition, when you are in multiplayer mode then it’s also a good way to interact with other players. You can find players from the same country or region and become friends. Also, tell other players that where are you from and represent your country. 

4. Minecraft Mobs

Hostile Mobs are important elements of the game and because of them, the game is still enjoyable. In the Minecraft universe, the Minecraft Mobs Face or body capes are one of the most popular capes. Even in Minecon, the designer uses Creeper’s face to make their unique cape for the giveaway and it become one of the most popular capes of all time. 

There are hundreds of different types of Mobs available, and you can make or get capes for each Mob. Moreover, the most popular capes in this category are Creeper, Skeleton, Enderman, and Zombies. Minecraft Capes in this category have the most variety and players love to wear these capes. 

5. Account Migration

Account Migration capes are free of cost capes but at the same, they are quite exclusive. This cape is only available for those who change or migrated their accounts from Mojang to Microsoft. When Microsoft acquired the Mojang Studio they gave this special cape as a reward and celebration to all Old Minecraft players. 

During this event, Microsoft launches the most premium-looking capes of all time. Well, If you haven’t migrated your account from Mojang to Microsoft then there might be chances then you can also get this cape. 

6. Dragon Cape

As we discussed earlier in this blog post that capes with mob icons are one of the most popular capes around the players. But do you know which mob’s cape is one of the most exclusive in Minecraft? Well, it’s Dragon’s Cape! 

Dragons are the strongest creatures of Minecraft and everything related to them is exclusive, hard to obtain, and also expensive. The red and black colors of the capes give a horror and dark look and represent strength. 

7. Mojang Logo Cape

Last but one of the most exclusive capes on the list is the cape with Mojang’s Logo. Mojang is the creator of Minecraft and they also have a cape that represents their logo. The Red and White color combination of the cape makes it premium and beautiful. 

Can you guess how many players have Mojang Logo Cape? The answer is only the number of players and these players are employees of Mojang Studio. No other ordinary players have the privilege to obtain this cape because it’s simply non-obtainable. 

FAQs for Minecraft Capes

Can you buy Minecon Capes
Minecon Capes are special cases and it’s used as a giveaway to those players who attend Minecon Event. But these capes are exclusive and attending the Minecon is the only way to obtain these copies. So, apart from Minecon events, there is no other way to purchase or get these capes. 

Why Minecraft Migrator Capes are rare?
There is only one Migrator Cape available in Minecraft and it’s only available by migrating your account from Mojang to Microsoft account. And, yes, till now it’s one of the rarest and hardest capes to obtain (if you don’t have a Mojang account). 

How to get free Minecraft capes in 2022? 
Currently, there is only one way to get a free cape and it’s to get both versions of Minecraft, Java Edition, and Bedrock Edition. Mojang is distributing free caps to all users who use both versions of Minecraft. 

How to buy Minecraft Capes?
No, players cannot buy official capes with money except for a few. But the thing is those capes that are available for sale have their prices in Million Minecoins. 

How many Minecon Capes are there? 
There are around 60+ Minecon Exclusive Capes available and only a few of them are available for purchase. 


In the Java Edtion and Bedrock Edition, the official capes by Mojang are quite hard to obtain. Players need to attend different-different events and programs to get these capes. Also, the preference depends from player to player, but each and every cape listed in this blog post is the most amazing Minecraft Capes. If not event, the need to pay millions of Minecoins for the same cape. However, most players use mods to experience the pleasure of capes. There are still many capes that are not listed in this blog that holds quite high value in the market. All the capes listed above are one of the most amazing and popular capes in Minecraft Universe. 

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