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The Definitive Guide to Minecraft Coding for Kids

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Minecraft for Kids | Definitive Guide to Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was created by Mojang studios. Minecraft is a fully modifiable 3D video game, which means it can be modified or developed as per the players’ requirements.

Though Minecraft is one of the most popular games, there are several misconceptions about the game. To dispel all your misconceptions about Minecraft, here is a detailed guide that tells you all about Minecraft!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredible fully modifiable 3D “sandbox video game” where kids create and explore with two fun modes full of exciting possibilities! In the “dangerous mode”, they can face off against zombies, creepers, and other cool blocklike mobs. But in”creative mode”, they get to use their imaginations as much as possible – making blocks while gathering supplies to survive.

The game encourages curiosity and creativity in its users, as it provides a platform to help kids explore their imaginations. As a result, they can develop their minds at an early age and continue to expand them into adulthood. It’s also great for parents who want to be actively involved in their child’s development as they can take part as well.

What makes Minecraft so special is that it isn’t just limited to building and exploring – there are also various tasks and challenges such as mining resources, farming crops, crafting items, battling monsters, brewing potions, and much more. This adds an extra layer of motivation which can keep players engaged for hours on end while still ensuring they have time to improve their skillset.

It’s no surprise then that Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in the world – it has been downloaded millions of times by people across the globe, each bringing with them new ideas for creations or adventures for others to experience.

Different Editions of Minecraft

There are many different editions of Minecraft, each with its own unique features and gameplay. Let us look at an overview of all the different editions of Minecraft:

1. Minecraft Java Version

Experience the original nostalgia as you dive into a world of blocks and adventure with Minecraft 2009. All you need is your Mojang account, and get ready to explore: although it lacks many modern features, this classic edition still offers an unparalleled level of fun!

2. Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the earliest edition and can be played on any device. Plus, you can even play with users on different devices while hosting a game of your own. This version is versatile and comfortable for players. Although this one is technically a bit behind the first version as it does not have access to Minecraft Marketplace, it is still a good version to play.

3. Legacy Console Minecraft Edition

This is an edition developed by 4J Studios and it was specially made for console users. It can be found on many other devices now, but it’s best played with a console. You can play it anytime as it’s regularly updated with other editions.

4. Education Edition of Minecraft

Crafted by Mojang AB and Xbox Game Studios, Minecraft Education Edition is an innovative product specially designed for the classroom. Its user-friendly interface allows young players to easily explore its features while learning valuable skills in a fun way.

5. Minecraft Story Mode

This was launched in 2015. It was developed by the developers of the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. They made a story Mode of Minecraft.

6. Minecraft Dungeons

This is launched in 2020. This is the latest one and it has a striking entry. This one is made for endless entertainment and has a dungeon-crawler experience. It’s also well-polished as this is the latest version.

Is Minecraft appropriate for kids?

Yes, Minecraft is appropriate for Kids. However, if you still have any misconceptions, then It is recommended for parents to use it and see if it’s appropriate for their kids, as each child is different. So, parents know the game best, and they can choose if they want their kids to play it.

The PEGI rating is 7+ and it usually depends on the country, so that means that this question has a lot of answers. Nevertheless, Minecraft is a game that helps grow your children both internally and externally. It will enhance their real and social life experiences and creativity as well, so it’s a win-win for the kids and their parents. Minecraft has only been shown to improve a person. So, that can be a factor to remember when you are thinking of your kid. Also, kids and parents who are interested in learning about Minecraft can always opt for the educational version since it’s made for learning and classrooms.

What is the right age to play Minecraft for children?

Minecraft is an exciting game that can help your child develop important STEM skills. Depending on their abilities, some children may be ready to start playing as young as 6 – but the best way to know if it’s the right time for them is to observe how they respond when you or someone else plays.

You should also consider educational options and let your child try out Minecraft and see how well they progress. If you think they are ready, then that’s a sign that it’s time for them to start!

Benefits of Minecraft

This game has a lot of advantages, and they vary depending on your development and age. However, some advantages apply to each age group and will always be helpful to the players. Here are the advantages of playing Minecraft:

  • Maths and Engineering: You are left to create and learn the fundamentals of math, architecture, geometry, and many other subjects! It leads you to develop these concepts at an early age.
  • Creativity: Again, you can do anything in this world with blocks and use them however you want. You can even design a castle that will go with your style.
  • Problem-Solving: When you have no guide and are left alone to explore all this, you become someone who looks for solutions and can easily tackle any problem thrown at you.
  • Teamwork: With the number of people playing, you will eventually collaborate with them and talk to them. This will make you learn one of the essential skills, such as teamwork.
  • Confidence: By solving problems by yourself, meeting strangers, and much more, you’ll develop a can-do attitude and better social skills than anyone. You’ll learn how to face your fears and problems with a positive attitude.
  • Focus: Constructing things and micing them requires your focus so that nothing goes wrong, and it also develops attention to detail, so you’ll stay focused and notice tiny things. You will learn how to focus on the bigger and smaller picture of a situation or your studies.
  • Planning: A game without planning can never be played. More so with Minecraft. You’ll plan and strategize to win, which becomes an advantage in tests and later in life.

What is the price of Minecraft?

With the range of pricing options available, there is something for every budget when it comes to purchasing a copy of Minecraft. Here’s a snapshot of pricing for the different editions of Minecraft:

Minecraft Edition NamePrice
Minecraft Java Edition Price$26.95
Minecraft Bedrock Edition PriceAndroid – $7.49
iOS/iPadOS and Fire -$6.99
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One -$19.99
Windows – $26.99
Nintendo Switch – $29.99
Minecraft Education Edition PriceFor Eligible Academic Institution Students: $5
For Non-Eligible Academic Institution Students: $12
Minecraft Dungeons Price$19.99
Minecraft Classic Edition PriceFree to Play
Minecraft Story Mode PriceEach episode costs $99
Minecraft Earth PriceNot Applicable. The game is discontinued
Minecraft Pricing

| Want to enter the world of Minecraft but don’t want to pay? Check out our article for top tips on how to play Minecraft for free!

Devices you can play Minecraft on

Minecraft is now a game for all devices! With its availability across many platforms, you can enjoy this classic title no matter what the device. Here’s a list of  devices and platforms on which you can play Minecraft:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10
  • Nintendo’s Switch
  • Xbox One
  • iPad
  • Chromebook
  • Mac

How to download Minecraft?

For PC users, the game can be downloaded from the official Minecraft website. For mobile users, it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Additionally, there are some third-party sites that allow users to download the game for free as well.

System requirements for downloading Minecraft

One can download Minecraft, only if he/she meets the system requirements. The list of system requirements to download Minecraft is as follows:

  • 180 MB to 1 GB for HDD
  • A RAM of 4 GB
  • Windows 7 or up for the Operating system
  • Then for CPU – AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz or equivalent.
  • As for GPU – NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series. Then you can also have Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series.

Steps to download Minecraft on PC

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: First, go to minecraft.net and then click on “Java Minecraft Edition”.
  • Step 2: You have to select your computer from the list of platforms on the site.
  • Step 3: If you select the Windows version, you will get the option to download and pay for the Java edition Minecraft and Windows 10 Edition for the game.
  • Step 4: Choose the one you want, but if you have no experience, you should go for Minecraft: Java Edition.
  • Step 5: Now, you’ll be asked to pick between the Master and Starter collections present there.
  • Step 6: Choose which collection you want and then make the payment.
  • Step 7: Download it, install Minecraft and start playing after logging in to your account!

Steps to Download Minecraft on Phone

The same goes for the phone as well.

  • Step 1: You have to go to the app store, then search for “Minecraft.”
  • Step 2: Once it opens, find the edition you want to play, start a free trial, or pay for the game.
  • Step 3: Then you have to install it, log in to an account or sign up for a new one as a new player.

That’s all! It’s pretty easy.

How to create an account on Minecraft?

The steps to create an account on Minecraft are as follows:

  • Step 1: Once you download the game, you will see a signup button and you should click on that.
  • Step 2: Now you will sign in with an email address you want to use for the game. If you are a parent and are signing up for your kid, you can put your email instead.
  • Step 3: Set up a strong password that you can remember
  • Step 4: Select the birthdate of the one who will play, then the country/region.
  • Step 5: You will receive a verification code in your email. Punch in the verification code to complete the process, and you’re all set for playing.

Tip: Now, you’re done but if you are a child under 13 setting up the account, ask your parents to make one. Furthermore, if you don’t have an email, ask your parents to use it and sign up with help of your parents.

Minecraft game modes

There is Creative, Survival, Hardcore, and Adventure. So, there are 4 game modes in total. All of them have their settings and worlds. One should select the mode they want to play according to their experience and age too.

Creative mode

Creative mode is the easiest and it’s beginner friendly too. So, if you are a kid or parent, you should try this one for playing or have your kid play, It’s a world full of imagination and unlimited possibilities. Plus, it will boost your confidence in the game and you will learn to understand how to survive in other modes through this one.

Survival mode

There are challenges, creepers, zombies, fights, and much more. It’s wild in there, but this is the one where you truly want to be to get a full experience of the game. This model is also known as gamers’ paradise because of the things players have to do for survival.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode is just like what it sounds. It gives you a quest and has both survival and creative mode essential features in it. You will make things, use your knowledge and even break things to play in this mode. If your kid likes adventure and wants to play it like a real video game, this is the mode to select.

Hardcore mode

Minecraft Java Edition has pushed the boundaries of sandbox gaming with its latest title. Players must employ mindful tactics to manage health, food, experience, and items in order to survive this adventure – a challenge that will make even hardened gamers think twice. It may be daunting for children at first, but it’s ultimately an incredible learning experience that builds character like no other game can!

Let’s move on to the question of coding. Because isn’t that the reason why we made this definitive guide to Minecraft for parents and kids?

Does Minecraft teach coding?

Minecraft may not be able to turn your kids into professional coders, but it’s a great way for them to get their feet wet. With “mods”, or modifications coded by third parties that can change the game dramatically, children learn how coding works and have fun doing so – safely exploring its possibilities under parent supervision. It could spark an interest in code mastery beyond what one would expect from such an accessible platform!

Minecraft mods are an ideal introduction for kids interested in coding – and these activities offer a great way to spark their curiosity about STEM. Who knows, your child may even be inspired enough to turn it into a career one day!

How to teach my child to code using Minecraft?

Let your child explore coding through Minecraft! It’s a great way for them to have fun while learning. Let them have a go at it on their own, but give extra guidance if needed. After they’ve had some time to play, you’ll find that their experience can easily be extended by taking classes or watching videos which will help them better understand how code works.

If progress is too slow or too fast for them, be sure to adjust the difficulty accordingly so they stay engaged as enthusiasm naturally builds from mastering this powerful language. It might take hard work – after all practice makes perfect – but providing support throughout will help set kids up for success in technology fields of tomorrow!

Our Minecraft coding course for kids is a great way to help your children become coders and pursue STEM careers. It includes 24 live classes that will teach your child the basics of Minecraft and introduce them to 15+ potential STEM career paths in just three months. These courses are designed for children in grades 1-8 and include 1:1 online classes, posts class quizzes and assignments. Parents and students have rated our courses 4.8/5 and above

FAQs on Minecraft

What is Minecraft’s education edition?
This is the edition developed while keeping classrooms and small kids in mind. It can even have assignments for children to learn coding. The teachers can assign tasks and explain things to the kids through the virtual environment created in this edition. It’s made for kids, so it’s not easy or tough. Moreover, they can also successfully teach coding and see the progress of the child through that. Plus, it’s a game, so the child can easily play it anytime and practice the game with just an internet connection and an account.

What is Minecraft Classic?
Classic is a simple one where you can connect with players all over the world at your age, and it’s also known as a free online multiplayer game. Here, you will have 32 blocks and can make a world of your own to play in. You can even have your siblings, friends, or classmates join the game (Up to 8 players at a time) and practice and have fun with that.

How to play Minecraft for free?
Although there are many ways, you can find the safest way here, on this blog that we wrote before. You can even get tips to download on many devices! There are many definitive guide to Minecraft on our website!

What is the Minecraft pocket edition?
This is the first edition made with the Smartphone Player in mind. This version provided a lot of blocks, and good background sound and the quality of structures and blocks are way too good. It is also a 3D game, and you can play with your friends there too.

Where can I find Minecraft 1.18 download link?
You can go this link here, which will lead you to a website. All you need to do is download, log in and play. That’s all for downloading 1.18 Minecraft in this definitive guide to Minecraft!

What is Minecraft java edition?
Java is the oldest version, which came out in 2009. In this, you can find a Minecraft market that you can’t find anywhere else, then customize your skins, have modes, no cross-play, and much more. A lot of [people prefer the Java edition because it is also the one that has the Hardcore edition. So, this is the ‘It’ game edition for Minecraft lovers.

What are Minecraft mods?
Minecraft is an old and popular game, and so many people want to play it differently and made their editions. So, that is the reason why there are “Mods” or modifications for the game. These are the things that make changes to the game. Because of them, you get introduced to and add new games, tasks, or characters to interact with. This is enjoyed by the programmers as well as the players. A lot of [people download dozens of them to spice up their game. Mods are simply additions and things to learn coding from too.

That’s all for the definitive guide to Minecraft for parents and kids. If you read it till last, we are grateful and hope this information has helped you. Thank you so much for the support and if you have any other questions or worries, feel free to put them in our comment section. We’ll be sure to check them out and reply with the best answers that can help your child on their journey to lay Minecraft and a career as a coder or in STEM as well!

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