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How to Reset micro:bit to Factory Settings? – Detailed Guide To Clean micro:bit

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Reset micro:bit: Resetting or erasing a micro:bit is just a click away, literally! All the features of the micro:bit is designed with simplicity to make beginners feel comfortable with learning coding from scratch. Let’s learn how to reset the micro:bit for different scenarios, but first, let’s understand all its components.

What Are the Components of micro:bit?

We will now deep-dive into each of the components, their location in the micro:bit, and their utility. Primarily, there are two types of components that you can use and notice in a micro:bit, which you will be generally using during your experiments and projects.

Input Devices

Input devices allow us to pass information to the computer from the outside world. These are important when you have to logically change the output of the micro:bit. Experiment by logically passing multiple inputs. Your computer has multiple kinds of input devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, microphone, etc. A micro:bit also consists of multiple components which can take inputs.


The programmable buttons exist on the same side as an LED matrix, while the reset button exists on the opposite side of the micro:bit.

Light Sensors

The micro:bit uses the LED display matrix as the light sensor. The LED display can also detect, measure, and respond to the level of flight where it is placed.

Temperature Sensors

A temperature sensor is an input device that measures temperature. Your BBC micro:bit has a temperature sensor inside the processor, which can give you an approximation of the air temperature.

Acceleration Sensors

An accelerometer is a motion sensor that measures movement. The accelerometer in your BBC micro:bit detects when you tilt it left to right, backward.

How to Reset micro:bit? – Erase micro:bit

The micro:bit has a reset button on its backside, as shown in the image below, that you can press to reset your micro:bit or put it to sleep to save power.

micro bit reset
micro:bit reset button

How to Reset the Current Program in micro:bit?

If you want to reset the program that is currently running on your micro:bit, just press the reset button on the back of the micro:bit device and the current program will start from the beginning.

How to Erase the Current Program in micro:bit?

To erase a program from your micro:bit device, simply flash the micro:bit with a new program via a micro USB cable. Flashing means the process of transfer a code to your micro:bit device.

How to Stop the Current Program in micro:bit?

In order to stop the current program from running, you have to put the micro:bit to sleep. For that, long press the pause button for 5 seconds. The micro:bit has now entered a sleep mode from which it can be woken up by pressing the reset button again.

How to Reset micro:bit to Factory Settings? | Out of the Box Experience

To go back to the factory setting, simply download and flash or transfer the HEX file from micro:bit out-of-the-box experience. This out-of-the-box experience program will run a demonstration of all the features onboard the micro:bit and also give you the information to reset the micro:bit.

Did you know that Factory settings is also “out of the box experience” in micro:bit?
When you first plug in with a new micro:bit, it runs a demonstration, this demonstration is called “out of the box experience”. This demonstration shows the different features in a playful way. This is also reffered to as factory settings.


How to Erase Everything on micro:bit?

You can flash an erase hex file (.zip attached to this post) to the micro:bit if you want to entirely wipe the software on it, such as to clear a lot of micro:bits in preparation for another lesson or workshop.

There are no program files contained in this little hex file. The program on the CPU will be cleared, making sure that neither the micro:bit sensors nor LEDs are in use.

FAQs on How To Reset micro:bit

Can I reset the micro:bit to factory defaults?
Yes, factory reset means resetting the micro:bit to the original setting which is referred to as the “out-of-the-box experience”. To do this, simply download and flash or transfer the HEX file from micro:bit out-of-the-box experience.

Why is my micro:bit not working?
If your micro:bit is not working then just press the reset button in the back to restart the program.

How to reset BBC micro:bit?
To reset the BBC micro:bit, simply press the reset button which is placed towards the backside of the micro:bit.

Where is the micro:bit reset button located?
The micro:bit has a reset button on its backside which you can press to reset the micro:bit or put it to sleep to save power.

How to reset micro:bit v2?
You can reset micro:bit v2 by pressing the reset button on the back of the micro:bit.

What is Microsoft MakeCode?
Microsoft MakeCode is a web-based environment for learning to code with physical computing devices like micro:bit.

micro:bit has many interesting features, and one of them is that it uses many programming languages, like MakeCode, Python, and Scratch, which attracts people of all age groups, from children to pro coders. There are many interesting projects that can be made using micro:bit, like flashing hearts, rocks, paper and scissors, and many more!

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