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Coding Camps for Kids | 7 Best Coding Camps for 2023

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coding camps for kids

There are several coding websites and apps that are designed for kids to learn how to code.

But learning coding in a coding camp can be much more helpful as camps provide kids the opportunity to connect with other kids from different backgrounds and countries. Coding camps can be a fun way to learn how to code for kids through fun group activities and games. Coding camps for kids help develop healthy competition between the participants and the learning is inclusive and interactive.

Coding camps for kids are typically week-long coding courses in a variety of coding topics, from robotics to AI to video game development.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of the Best coding camps for kids

  1. ID Tech
  2. Wiingy
  3. The Coder School
  4. Code Rev
  5. Coda Kid
  6. Kids4Coding
  7. Hub21

1. iD Tech

iD Tech

Age: +14 years
Level: Beginner to advance

Id Tech’s Summer’23 provides coding camps both online and on-campus. Id Tech teaches coding to newbies and kids at an intermediate level. They teach Java, C++, Python, and other languages for kids to build their games in fun induced environment. Kids can experience immersive learning experiences in learning to code robots, apps, and games. The interactive classes allow the kids to enhance their communication and clarity of concepts.

2. Wiingy

Wiingy Coding Camp

Age: 4 to 15
Level: Beginner to advanced

Wiingy is an online learning platform to teach kids coding, robotics, game development, app development, and design. Wiingy provides 1:1 private online coding lessons for kids. From block-based coding to text-based coding, Wiingy teaches a variety of programming languages like Scratch coding, Minecraft coding, Java coding, and Python.

You can enroll in the summer camp with 24 lessons planned over 6-8 weeks.

3. The Coder School

the coder school

Age: +12 Years
Level: Beginner to advance

Summer Coding Camps (Virtual Too!) provide Bootcamp for kids to enhance their 21st-century skill set in coding. The Hacking Schools’ main objective is to teach fundamentals to your child in the early stage for their betterment in the future. Kids give a brief introduction to coding and the basics involved in it. Kids boot camp is the best resource available online to develop kids’ knowledge in coding. Kids who do not have any coding knowledge can gain fundamental knowledge in coding for their features.

4. CodeRev


Age: +8 Years
Level: Beginner to advance

CodeRev provides a great opportunity for your kids to kick-start their careers in coding. In this bootcamp, your kids can learn coding fundamentals of Scratch, Python, HTML, and CSS. Learning these fundamentals in the early stage is the best investment for your child to enhance the 21st-century skillset and master coding in features.

5. Coda kid

coda kid

Age: 6-15 Years
Level: Beginner

Coda Kid provides online summer camps to teach coding to your kids. Allowing your child to learn coding is the greatest investment you ever had! Utilizing the summer leave by learning to code is the best stepping stone to kickstart a coding career. Coda Kid’s summer camp teaches the basics of computational skills and coding with an exciting fun induced gaming environment. Coda Kid’s unique teaching methodology helps your kids to engage in learning code with fun.

6. Kids4Coding


Age: +10 Years
Level: Beginner

Kids4Coding camps are designed strategically to teach kids between the ages of 10 and more. Boost your child’s coding skills with STEM education. This encouraging curriculum helps the kids to learn complicated tasks of loops, if then and if then else, and conditionals. They teach kids to code in Python and JavaScript. Kids will also learn to build and code droids, develop mobile apps, create 3D worlds, design games and experiment with AI and virtual and augmented reality.

7. Hub21


Age: +5 years
Level: Beginner to advance

Hub21 organizes summer camps each year to provide programming lessons that are very helpful for your kids. Learning the absolute basics of programming is the best way to excel in a coding career. They teach computer Science Fundamentals, Python Programming, Logic, and Karel through well-trained instructors with interactive classes. Children and teens learn through hands-on projects with interactive sessions that ignite their curiosity and imagination.

To sum up

Coding camps are a fantastic way to introduce your child to coding. Camps are effective in building both technical skills as well inter-personal skills as students work together in a team!


Why is coding taught to kids using a gaming environment?
Psychologically kids get engaged in playing games. So, the experts designed to teach coding through games. This strategy makes kids engage in learning with fun.

Why coding boosts creativity?
Coding includes syntax, arrays, loops, etc. These are co-related to maths properties. Similarly, in coding, there is a great opportunity available for them to create their games, characters, etc. This activity helps to boost the creativity of kids.

How to choose the best online coding classes?
Many online coding classes teach coding to kids. But parents have to compare the demo classes of the top 5 online coding classes and then choose the best one.

How to enhance kids’ basic understanding of coding?
Choose the best online coding classes that teach coding to kids in fun induced environment. The best coding classes help your child to enhance their basic understanding of coding.

Are coding camps effective for kids?
Coding camps are very effective for kids to lay down the foundation to excel fundamentals of coding. We provided you with the list of the top seven coding camps for enhancing your kid’s knowledge about the introduction of coding and fundamentals.

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