Coding for Kids | Importance, Benefits, and Free Languages to Get Started

coding for kids

What Is Coding for Kids?

Coding for kids refers to the ways, methods, and opportunities for kids to get involved in coding. In simple terms, coding is a set of instructions to communicate with computers. Learning to code is like learning a new language. Coding for kids will introduce kids to how to give commands to computers to get the desired results. With coding you can build apps, games, websites, and more. There are many kids-friendly languages available on the web such as:

  • Scratch: A visual, block-based drag-and-drop coding platform where kids can make many fun projects like games, animation, stories, and many more.
  • Lua: Lua is great for kids and teens. Along with learning how to code it will make kids learn to build games and apps. It is easy to operate platform specially designed for kids above 8 years.
  • Python: Easy-to-read coding language and is great for beginners. Python has a simple syntax that is similar to that of the English language; and many more.

What Are the Benefits of Coding for Kids?

Coding is often referred to as the language for the future. Coding is a skill of the 21st century, and learning it will definitely help anyone get a good-paying job. But other than the pay, coding will benefit your child with their personal development skills. Some of the skills are listed below:

  • Problem Solving: Problem-solving is an essential element of coding. Learning to code will help kids to describe an issue, locate its root cause, and offer solutions.
  • Critical Thinking: Coding will make your kid learn how to analyze, interpret, evaluate, and form opinions about what they read, hear, say, or write.
  • Perseverance: While debugging some codes, coders may face some difficulty in reaching the desired goal. Coding will teach your kid to put in a continued effort to reach the desired goal.
  • Social skills: Through coding kids will get to become part of a coding community that will enhance their interactive skills, meet like-minded people, and teaches them how to become an inclusive and active member.
  • Creativity: It will enhance the imaginative skills of kids through building games, apps, etc.

How to Introduce Kids to Coding?

Introducing coding to kids can be a bit tricky. But if the child develops an interest in learning to code then it can be a fun process of learning. Here are some of the few steps which can be used for making kids familiar with “what is coding”, “how coding works”, and “usage of coding”.

  • Step1: Introduce them to the basic coding concepts. Starting with a definition can be a good start. For example definition of Algorithm, sequence, loop, branch, and debug.
  • Step 2: Make them understand how coding connects to the real world. For example: If the kid loves to play games like a flappy bird in scratch, angry bird, talking tom, etc. give them practical experience by showing them how they can build that too through coding.
  • Step 3: Introduce them to block-based programming. Scratch programming can be a great choice here. This will give them practical experience and will generate more interest.
  • Step 4: For an easy learning process you can enroll your kid in any coding tutoring classes.

Which Coding Languages Are Best for Kids?

Of the many options available, here are a few free languages best suitable for kids:

  1. Scratch Jr. is an easy, kid-friendly application that works on visual color blocks specially designed for young kids of age 5-7 years old.
  2. Scratch is designed and developed by the Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization specially built for children of 8 to16 years of age.
  3. Blockly is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool that introduces children as young as 6 years to the fundamentals of programming. Concepts taught are sequencing, loops, sensors + Events, functions, and variables, through creative problem-solving.
  4. Lua is a useful language for customizing apps and games built for kids above 9 years of age. It teaches kids how the world of gaming and coding collides. For example, they can use code to change the color of the characters in the game they will design, etc.
  5. Python is a text-based programming language suitable for kids above 10 years of age. Its syntax is similar to that of the English language – making it simpler for kids to understand. It also comes with built-in help comments and which assist kids to get started. It is also easy to set up at home.

What’s Next?

If you are a busy parent then here are a few options to get your child interested in coding:

  • You can attend any demo or boot camp of any online coding platform along with your child.
  • Enroll your kid in offline/online coding tutoring sessions as the concept of coding is new and makes them feel intimidated so starting out with a tutor is a better option.
  • Enroll your child in special classes like summer coding programs for kids, etc. This will be a great way for the kids to spend summer vacation.

What are you waiting for? Get your kid into codes and give them a skill for a lifetime.


What is coding for kids?
Coding for kids refers to the ways, methods, and opportunities for kids to get involved in coding. In simple terms, coding is a set of instructions to communicate with computers.

Can kids learn coding for free?
Yes, kids can learn to code through freely available platforms like ScratchJr., Scratch, Blockly, Lua, etc.

What type of programming language scratch is?
Scratch is a visual, block-based drag-and-drop coding platform specially designed for kids of age 8 to 16 years of age. It is available for free and easy to install at home.

Is Python hard to learn?
If your child is new to coding then python is a great choice to start with. It is a text-based programming language suitable for kids above 10 years of age. Its syntax is similar to that of the English language – making it simpler for kids to understand.

How to find coding tutors for your kid near you?
You can find many online coding tutors near you. You can start your search by typing phrases like, “coding tutors online”, “learn python online”, “online scratch coating for kids”, “best coding classes for kids”, etc.

Which programming language is best for kids?
Scratch Jr., Scratch, Blockly, Lua, Python, etc. are a few of the programming languages best suitable for kids to start learning to code. 

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