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Chromebook for Coding

Chromebook for Coding: Google has come out with Chromebook, a tablet, or a laptop. It operates on a Linux-based Chrome OS. It was a strictly web-based tool at the beginning, where all its functions were facilitated by Google Chrome. But now, it can support Linux-based and Android apps. Chromebook has been mainly used for education and online classes. It was quite popular that in 2020, it outsold Apple Macs for the first time.

Coding on a Chromebook

Unlike other laptops and desktops, Chromebook is powered by Chrome OS. So, coding of any sort will require the user to install a Python, Java, C++, or Javascript setup for advanced levels of coding. Coding for kids on a Chromebook can be enabled easily by accessing various websites or by installing many apps.
These applications will enable children of any age to code with ease, using a Chromebook.

8 Best Chromebook for Coding Sofware

There are many software that will help children to do coding with Chromebook. We have listed some of the kid-friendly software to use Chromebook for coding:

1. Algorithm City

Level: Easy
Ages: 5+

This game is an easy way to teach the fundamentals of coding to children. It is easily accessible on a Chromebook. It is a 3D game that calls for the users to solve various levels and collect gold coins on the way. Moving the characters in the game is programmed by the players. Players also learn to code the directions that the characters take and how they move.

2. Scratch

Level: Easy
Ages: 8-16

This is a high-level programming language and website. It is quite popular and simply teaches coding. It uses block-based coding to simplify the learning process for the kids. Children can progress to other complex programming languages like Python and Javascript easily after practicing with Scratch.

3. Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues

Level: Easy
Ages: 6-10
Google Play store:

This game uses block-based coding to solve mysteries in Nancy Drew’s world. The game requires us to drag and drop blocks and program the robots. The players will use code to move and manipulate the characters, use clues, and solves mysteries. And on the way, learn to code with ease.

4. Dash and Dot

Free & Paid
Level: Easy
Ages: 6-10
Google Play store:

Dash and Dot is the perfect app for all children who are interested in the STEM field. The robots in Dash and Dot teach children to code using their special features. This app requires one to purchase the robots online. The player will then have to learn to control the robots by coding them on the app on their Chromebook.  

5. Mimo

Level: Easy
Ages: 12+
Google Play store:

Mimo is a popular platform that has made coding education accessible to all. It provides personalized game-like activities for the users to learn to code. It also ensures that the user is guided throughout by giving immediate feedback. The user can take the exercises at their own pace. Mimo also presents various badges to commemorate every milestone of the coder.

6. Grasshopper

Level: Easy
Ages: 15+
Google Play store:

Grasshopper game teaches coder programming through various levels. It exclusively teaches Javascript. The game starts with the basics of coding and then progresses to complex topics- variables, arrays, loops, conditionals, and more. It gives many puzzles for them. The game also quizzes the participants in the end to test their knowledge.

7. CS First

Level: Easy
Ages: 9-14

CS First is an online platform that teaches computer science and coding for free. Teachers use videos to teach children coding. They make use of Scratch to establish a firm foundation. The lessons can be stand-alone or multi-unit in nature. The multi-unit lessons are designed for older kids, with advanced classes. The platform only needs a working laptop/ desktop and an internet connection to learn.

How Does a Chromebook Differ From Other Laptops?

Chromebook is often seen as a budget-friendly alternative to a Windows laptop or an Apple Mac. The Chromebook OS enables one to work from the browser or install applications. It is also light and fast. The speed of a Windows laptop or an Apple Mac depends on that particular system. But these systems ensure that you do not depend on apps alone. You are free to install other software.

Chromebook allows one to download apps from Google Playstore only. But in the case of laptops, one can download applications and software from other websites/ links, etc. Storage in Chromebook is only on the cloud. There is no offline storage. Other Windows and Apple systems allow storing data online and offline.
Chromebook is automatically securitized by Google. But other systems require us to manually install anti-virus software to protect it.
The processor in a system, the hard drive, SSD, etc use up a lot of energy. This is what makes Windows and Apple laptops less energy efficient. A Chromebook does not require these devices so, it is comparatively more energy efficient.


What is Chromebook?
A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet that operates on Chrome OS.

Is it possible to code on Chromebook?
Yes. Coding is possible on Chromebook.

Can kids learn to code on Chromebook?
Yes. Children of all ages can learn to code on Chromebook easily.

Does Chromebook have in-built apps to learn to code?
No. We need to download apps or have a Java/ Python setup on Chromebook to code.

Is Chromebook user-friendly?
Yes. Chromebook is very user-friendly. It can be used by children with minimal or no adult supervision.

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