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Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the properties of substances, and the changes they undergo. It helps to find how the substance change based on natural laws. It is the study of matter by analyzing properties, structure, behavior, and chemical reactions. There four branches of Chemistry and they are:

  • organic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • physical chemistry

Private Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry can be a challenging subject for many students. Students have to understand and memorize several properties and theories which can feel intimidating if not taught properly from the basics. So, it is highly important to understand these concepts before memorizing them.

Private Chemistry tutors help students understand Chemistry in an uncomplicated way. They help students to understand complex equations and concepts with examples. They help students to understand complex chemical reactions in a simplified manner.

At Wiingy, our online chemistry tutor helps students different concepts in a detailed and in-depth manner. Our top-rated tutors teach high school-level, college-level, and advanced-level concepts.

Important Chemistry Concepts in High School 

The important Chemistry Concepts are:

  • Matter and its interactions
    • Structure and properties of matter
    • Chemical reactions
    • Nuclear processes
  • Motion and stability: forces and interactions
    • Structure and properties of matter
    • Forces and motion
    • Types of interactions
    • Definitions of energy
  • Energy
    • Definitions of energy
    • Conservation of energy and energy transfer
    • Relationship between energy and forces
    • Energy in chemical processes
  • Waves and electromagnetic radiation
    • Energy in chemical processes
    • Wave properties
    • Electromagnetic radiation
    • Information technologies and instrumentation

Important Chemistry Topics in Colleges

  • Introductory Topics. Atoms and Elements. Electron Configurations
  • Laboratory Techniques and Analysis. Chromatography
  • Reactions. Acid-Base Reactions
  • Solutions, States of Matter, and Thermochemistry. Gases. 
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Kinetics.

How to Select a Chemistry Tutor?

Chemistry is a challenging subject and most students look for tutoring to understand the subject in a simplified manner. Students can easily find a good Chemistry tutor if they search for the terms like “Chemistry Tutors for High school”, and “online college chemistry tutors”, etc in Google. It is highly recommended to select tutors based on your grade level. Choosing tutors based on grade level helps students understand Chemistry concepts important for their grade level.

How to Find a Private Chemistry Tutor Near Me?

When you learn with the proper guidance and instructions, you will find Chemistry to be a fascinating subject. Private tutors assist pupils in grasping fundamental ideas which will help them in understanding complex chemical reactions. Tutors for Chemistry are available to students everywhere. In Google, students can look up for search terms like “Chemistry tutors near me,” “Chemistry tutor,” “Online Chemistry Tutor,” “Chemistry Tutor Online Free,” and “Best Chemistry Tutor.” Now, that you have a list of good tutors, compare them based on their ratings, years of teaching experience, and teaching methods and book a demo class to finalize the tutoring platform that matches your needs and requirements the best.

Private tutors at Wiingy have experience in teaching high school-level as well as college-level Physics. From basic to advanced concepts, our Chemistry tutor covers them all. Our tutors’ main objective is to help students achieve their learning objectives. For a free trial lesson with top-notch physics tutors, request a demo.

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