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Preeti Pal: Online Chemistry tutor


    1+ of experience


    Certified Chemistry tutor


    Masters of Science

I am a highly educated and motivated professional tutor with a strong background in Chemistry, Microbiology, and Biotechnology. I have completed my Bachelors in Chemistry, Microbiology , Biotechnology, lifesciences and my Masters in Biochemistry. I am 1+ years of teaching Biology and Chemistry to 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school students. I have also worked with different pharmaceuticals companies and have practical and hands-on experience in Biology and Chemistry. I have also worked with students of different countries and have knwonledege of curriculums of different countries.

Simran: Online Chemistry tutor


    3+ of experience


    Certified Chemistry tutor


    Masters of Science

I have completed my Bachelor's and Master's in Chemistry. I have 3+ years of teaching and creating Chemistry educational content for high school and college students. I have experince creating content to help students prepare competitive exams in Chemistry. I am a very passionate tutor who loves helping students master in Chemistry. I have my own YouTube channel where I post educational videos on Chemistry for students of all ages.

Sandeep Sharma: Online Chemistry tutor


    16 of experience


    Certified Chemistry tutor


    Masters of Science

I have 16 years of experience in both learning and teaching Chemistry. I have completed my Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Chemistry from University of Delhi. I have experience in teaching 7th grade, 8th grade, high school students and graduate students. I am also an Assistant Professor in Chemistry and teach university-level Chemistry to college students. Along with classroom teaching, I am also experienced in teaching in online mode. I believe in a holistic teaching approach and provide my students with help in everything they need.
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Arushi Sharma: Online Chemistry tutor


    2+ of experience


    Certified Chemistry tutor


    Bachelors of Science

I have two passions in life; teaching and Chemistry. I am currently working as Science Master Teacher with Vedantu Innovation Pvt. Ltd. giving online sessions to students. I have a strong background in teaching Chemistry to students up till university level.

Shiva Kumari: Online Chemistry tutor


    3+ of experience


    Certified Chemistry tutor


    Masters of Science

I am passionate about Chemistry. I have completed my Bachelors and Masters in Chemistry, with specialisation in Organic Chemistry. I love teaching Chemistry to students. I have 3+experience in teaching Chemistry to students in 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school. I also have a Bachelors in Education (B.Ed).

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Individual attention:

Students often struggle to figure out where to start when it comes to learning Chemistry. A structured learning program devised by an experienced tutor can help you learn fundamentals in Chemistry and also set a strong foundation for future learning.

Flexibility & convenience:

One of the benefits of taking Chemistry lessons from a private teacher is that you get tremendous flexibility in scheduling. You have the convenience of planning your study schedule from the comfort of your home.

Tailored learing:

Moreover, an online tutor can tailor the teaching style in line with your pace and needs, be it for concept understanding, test prep, homework help, or assignments.

Access to top tutors:

Another big advantage of online Chemistry tutoring is that you get access to top teachers. With in-person tutoring, you will have only a limited pool of teachers that offer Chemistry lessons in your vicinity, however, with online tutoring, you can take classes via webcam with a tutor of your choice thousands of miles away.

Overall online tutoring is an excellent solution for students looking to learn math,science,language or coding.

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What should you look for in a private Chemistry tutor?

When looking for an online Chemistry tutor, it is important to look for both technical expertise and soft skills. Technical expertise without common soft skills like good communication is not worth it.

Make sure that the tutor you are choosing has years of experience in learning and teaching Chemistry and also has the right educational qualifications for the job like at least an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. Along with technical expertise, the tutor should also have experience in teaching Chemistry to different grades like high school Chemistry, university Chemistry, etc.

Also, ensure that the tutor possesses some important technical skills like good communication, patience, enthusiasm, and flexibility. Because technical expertise without these soft skills is not worth it.

Once you have shortlisted your Chemistry tutors based on the above criteria, schedule a demo class with the tutors. These demo classes will help you get a sense of the teaching methods and styles of the tutors and whether or not it matches your needs and requirements. Demo sessions are a very important part of any online tutoring experience.

At Wiingy, we select the best Chemistry tutors for you. We work with qualified and verified tutors with years of experience in learning and teaching Chemistry. We have a rigorous onboarding process with less than a 3% selection rate to ensure that you learn from the best tutors. Our selection process involves in-person interviews, technical assessments, and reference checks to ensure that you get qualified, experienced, and verified tutors.

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Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the properties of substances, and the changes they undergo. It helps to find how the substance change based on natural laws. It is the study of matter by analyzing properties, structure, behavior, and chemical reactions. There four branches of Chemistry and they are:

  • organic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • physical chemistry

Private Chemistry tutoring

Chemistry can be a challenging subject for many students. Students have to understand and memorize several properties and theories which can feel intimidating if not taught properly from the basics. So, it is highly important to understand these concepts before memorizing them.

Private Chemistry tutors help students understand Chemistry in an uncomplicated way. They help students to understand complex equations and concepts with examples. They help students to understand complex chemical reactions in a simplified manner.

At Wiingy, our online chemistry tutor helps students different concepts in a detailed and in-depth manner. Our top-rated tutors teach high school-level, college-level, and advanced-level concepts.

Important Chemistry concepts in high school 

The important Chemistry Concepts are:

  • Matter and its interactions
    • Structure and properties of matter
    • Chemical reactions
    • Nuclear processes
  • Motion and stability: forces and interactions
    • Structure and properties of matter
    • Forces and motion
    • Types of interactions
    • Definitions of energy
  • Energy
    • Definitions of energy
    • Conservation of energy and energy transfer
    • Relationship between energy and forces
    • Energy in chemical processes
  • Waves and electromagnetic radiation
    • Energy in chemical processes
    • Wave properties
    • Electromagnetic radiation
    • Information technologies and instrumentation

Important Chemistry topics in colleges

  • Introductory Topics. Atoms and Elements. Electron Configurations
  • Laboratory Techniques and Analysis. Chromatography
  • Reactions. Acid-Base Reactions
  • Solutions, States of Matter, and Thermochemistry. Gases. 
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Kinetics.

How to select a Chemistry tutor?

Chemistry is a challenging subject and most students look for tutoring to understand the subject in a simplified manner. Students can easily find a good Chemistry tutor if they search for the terms like “Chemistry Tutors for High school”, and “online college chemistry tutors”, etc in Google. It is highly recommended to select tutors based on your grade level. Choosing tutors based on grade level helps students understand Chemistry concepts important for their grade level.

How to find a private Chemistry tutor near me?

When you learn with the proper guidance and instructions, you will find Chemistry to be a fascinating subject. Private tutors assist pupils in grasping fundamental ideas which will help them in understanding complex chemical reactions. Tutors for Chemistry are available to students everywhere. In Google, students can look up search terms like “Chemistry tutors near me,” “Chemistry tutor,” “Online Chemistry Tutor,” “Chemistry Tutor Online Free,” and “Best Chemistry Tutor.” Now, that you have a list of good tutors, compare them based on their ratings, years of teaching experience, and teaching methods and book a demo class to finalize the tutoring platform that matches your needs and requirements the best.

Private tutors at Wiingy have experience in teaching high school-level as well as college-level Physics. From basic to advanced concepts, our Chemistry tutor covers them all. Our tutors’ main objective is to help students achieve their learning objectives. For a free trial lesson with top-notch physics tutors, request a demo.

Benefits of working with Wiingy online Chemistry tutor

If you are looking for an online Chemistry tutor then there are a few advantages of considering Wiingy Chemistry tutor online.

  • Personalized tutoring sessions: At Wiingy, we don’t believe in the “one for all” teaching style. We believe that each child is special in their own way and so are their needs and requirements regarding Chemistry tutoring. When your needs and requirements are different how can your lesson plans be the same? Our tutors are the best Chemistry tutors you can find. They first assess your needs and requirements and try to understand what are your problem areas and your capabilities and then create lesson plans and provide you with study materials that cater to your needs and requirements.
  • Free demo classes: If you are looking for Chemistry help online, you must have come across many Chemistry tutoring services that do not provide demo classes or if they do it is not free. At Wiingy, we understand the importance of a free demo class. It is a chance for you to get a sense of your tutor’s teaching style and methodology. It is through this demo class you decide whether the tutor is the right fit for you or not. We provide free demo classes but not just for the first time. If you don’t like the tutor but still want to consider us, we will schedule another free demo class with another tutor. So, with Wiingy all our demo classes are free no matter how many times you want to take them.
  • Homework help & test preparation: At Wiingy, our help doesn’t end with Chemistry tutoring, our tutoring services extend beyond that. Our tutors are dedicated to helping you grow in your academic life. Wiingy Chemistry tutoring also includes homework help and test preparation. If you are stuck in your Chemistry homework our tutors will help you understand the problem, guide you through each step of the process, and enable you to complete your homework all by yourself. This help also extends to test preparation. We all know that exams can be tough. Even if you are clear with your concepts sometimes you get nervous or sometimes the questions are too hard to understand. This is where Wiingy online Chemistry tutors come to the rescue! Our tutor will sit down with you and help you practice and memorize the chemical formulas and equations so that you gain confidence and become comfortable with different types of questions.

How to find an Chemistry tutor near me?

Struggling to understand the chemical equations? Looking for tutoring help near you for Chemistry? Let us help you!

Chemistry is a tough subject to understand and score marks in. It is best to seek professional help. But with an increase in online tutoring services, it might be challenging to find tutors in your hometown near you. The solution here is online tutoring. With our experience of teaching thousands of students online, we can confidently say that online tutoring is as effective as in-person tutoring and way more convenient.

There are many benefits of going for online tutoring instead of offline tutoring. Number one is convenience. Students can attend classes from the comfort of their homes without traveling to the tutor's location and saving time and money. Another big advantage is flexibility. In online tutoring, classes will be scheduled according to your timetable. So, you can attend classes late at night, middle of the day, or early in the morning, it depends on when you are free.

At Wiingy, we use different types of technology to keep classes interesting and interactive. Our tutors use interactive tools such as quizzes, jamming whiteboards, and pen tabs to make the lessons interactive and engaging for students. From our experience and the many reviews we have received from our students, we can confidently say that online tutoring is the best option.

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" I was looking for a high school chemistry tutor online. I checked out a few Chemistry tutoring online, but none matched my needs and requirements. I was recommended Wiingy by one of my cousins. I attended their demo class (which was free, btw). The first tutor did not match my criteria and I was ready to drop out but, Wiingy representatives requested me to give them a second try (which was also free). The second demo class with the second tutor was great. The tutor's teaching methodology and style were something I was looking for. I signed up for more classes and my needs and requirements were fulfilled. "


San Antonio

" I decided to sign up for an online chemistry tutor for my first year of college. I was struggling with some of the new concepts and was having a hard time finishing my assignments too. I was signed up with Wiingy. They got back to me and the demo session was scheduled within 24 hours, it was very fast. The loved the fact that the tutor invested some time to understand my problem areas and was prepared with a great lesson plan. I ended up signing up with them for a few more classes and benefitted greatly. I also got assignment help from them. "


New Orleans

" I reached out to Wiingy during my 9th grade for tutoring for chemistry. Some great facts about Wiingy online chemistry tutoring that I benefitted greatly from were personalized lesson plans, homework help, and very quick customer service. The time I invested with Wiingy was very fruitful and helped me grow in my academic life. "



" I needed help understanding organic chemistry. I was really struggling with this unit. I need a good chemistry tutor who can help me to understand organic chemistry efficiently in a plain and simple manner. I found what I was looking for with Wiingy chemistry online tutoring. The tutor cleared my basics and help me build a strong foundation in organic chemistry. "



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