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Antilogarithm Calculator

Written by Rahul Lath

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Find Antilog of

with base value

Logarithm Value

Antilog of 2.302585092994046 with base e = 10

Use Wiingy anti-logarithm calculator to calculate the inverse logarithm of a number. Please provide a value of base b and logarithm value y to calculate the inverse logarithm using the formula log^(-1)(y).

What is Anti-Logarithm?

In simple terms, anti-logarithm is the inverse logarithm. It is denoted as log^(-1)(x) or, more commonly, as antilog_b(x). It is found by raising a logarithm to its base. Antilog calculation basically reverses a logarithm back to its original value.

Let’s understand this concept using an example.

If we define,
then the antilogarithm of 2 to base 10 is 100,
because 10^2 = 100.

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How to Calculate Antilog?

To calculate the antilogarithm of a number x, you can use the equation antilog(x) = 10^x.

For example,
if you want to find the antilogarithm of 2, you would calculate
10^2 = 100.
So the antilogarithm of 2 is 100.

Note: Antilogarithm is only defined for positive real numbers. If you try to calculate the antilogarithm of a negative number or a complex number, you will get an error.

Written by

Rahul Lath

Reviewed by

Arpit Rankwar

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