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10 Best Scratch Project Ideas for Beginners [Tried and Tested!]

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a boy creating Scratch project

Creating projects on Scratch is both a fun and educational way to learn the basics of block-based coding. Scratch projects can be of different types like games, animations, etc. If you are new to Scratch and looking for Scratch project ideas, ideal for beginners and students, to inspire you to create your own project then on Scratch, then look no further! With this blog, we will give a list of the top 10 Scratch project ideas you can get started with!

10 Scratch project ideas for beginners and kids

If you are someone who is new to Scratch, we understand that you are expected to create some projects on Scratch and explore your creativity and share it with the world. Now, before creating your project on Scratch you need to first brainstorm some ideas which is a pretty important part. Don’t worry though, we are here to provide you with the 10 best Scratch project ideas to choose from and start creating!

1. Animate the crab

In this project, as the name suggests, the programmer can add or change various animations associated with the crab. This project requires the usage of basic animations for changing the expressions of the crab.

Moreover, the programmer can also change the background, add more characters to the project, etc.

2. Greeting card

This project is an animation-based project and hence has the usage of various animations more often. In this project, the programmer creates a greeting card and sends it to someone.

Using animation, the programmer can edit the greeting card in different ways for different occasions by using different colors, pictures, and themes. This project requires visual creativity and helps in refreshing your mind.

3. Maze starter

In this project, the player has to move a ball using the arrow keys of the keyboard in order to reach a goal while avoiding any kind of obstacle.

The programmer can add more obstacles, create a new level, and customize the entire project to make it more interesting for the users to build. Apart from this, the programmer can also add variables for keeping the scores and add conditions like when the player’s ball follows the correct path, the player earns new points and whenever the player’s ball hits the walls, the player’s points get subtracted.

4. Hide and seek

This Scratch project is centered on a character named Gobo. In this project, the player has to click Gobo to score points. The programmer can add a timer that will specify the amount of time for which the Gobo appears on the screen.

Apart from this, the programmer can also create new characters to make the game more interesting and complex and the player has to catch all the characters while scoring the maximum points.

5. Spiral maker

In this project, as the name suggests, the player has to make different spirals by clicking on the mouse to perform various tasks. To make the project more fun and interesting, the programmer can make spirals of different sizes, pens having different widths and colors, and spirals of different shapes.

6. Virtual tour

This project is totally animation based where the user can create or design a virtual tour of his office, home, park, or any surroundings. Along with this, the user can also highlight his favorite places in his surroundings in the form of an attractive slideshow.

7. DJ Scratch cat

DJ Scratch Cat is a music-based project where users can mix sounds and graphics together. The user can press V, B, N, or Z, X, C in order to play musical sounds, as per the Scratch guidelines.

This project also allows the users to explore new keys for playing different sounds and new tunes.

8. Dance party

In this project, the user can create his own dance party scenes from picking up the floor design to adding different sprites and choosing the lightning. The user can also remix this project with other similar projects to make the project more fun and interesting.

9. SoundFlower

SoundFlower is a fun and art-themed project where the main element changes its shape every time whenever the user makes any sound and for the sound, the project requires microphone permission and hence asks the user for the same. This project is ideal project for those who are interested in magic and working with music along with visuals.

10. Starfish choir

Starfish Choir is a fun and music-themed project where the user can add multiple starfish to the project and assign different kinds of sound to each of the starfish which when clicked continuously one after the other by the user, sounds like a choir. Apart from this, the user can also remix the project using different backdrops, characters, and sounds.


So there you go! 10 great project ideas for you to get started with. Learning with Scratch is always fun and educational. It is the best coding platform for beginners and children who are interested in learning about coding. Creating projects like games and animations might sound intimating at first but if you are motivated and stay consistent in your learning then you can create many interesting projects on Scratch!

FAQs on Scratch project ideas

Which one aspect makes Scratch different from other programming languages?
The one aspect that makes Scratch different from other programming languages is it has the mechanism of dragging and dropping the blocks instead of writing the code.

What is the easiest game to make in Scratch?
The maze game is the easiest game to make in Scratch. In the maze games, you have to create a maze-like backdrop and move the main sprite through the maze making sure that the sprite doesn’t touch the maze. To make the game a bit more interesting you can add an enemy sprite that will appear out of nowhere and the player has to avoid it.

What is the most popular game on Scratch?
The most popular game on Scratch is Paper Minecraft v11.6 (Minecraft 2D). It has over 35000 hearts.

Can 2 people work on a Scratch project?
Yes, you can collaborate with other users to create a project on Scratch. To collaborate on a project, go to “My stuff”, click on the “+New studio” button and invite the users you to create the project with.

What is the block palette in Scratch?
The blocks palette is a Scratch element that contains all the Scratch blocks inside it.

We hope you get some ideas on creating projects on Scratch. We hope this will help you in brainstorming Scratch project ideas and ultimately help you in creating your own project on Scratch. If you want ideas on creating amazing Scratch games like maze games, pong games, etc, read our Scratch games blog!

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