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Minecraft Sniffer: Mojang has announced version 1.20, which will be released in 2023, proving that the open-world sandbox release is still flying high after all these years, with new content being added on a regular basis. The fact that it allows for unlimited creative potential is what keeps the title so popular, and players have spent the last decade or so showing off their projects.

In addition, fans will be able to vote on which creatures will be retained in the game. In the recent Minecraft mob vote results, the Sniffer came out on top, with the Rascal and Tuff Golem leading in second and third place, respectively. The game’s upcoming new addition can be found in underwater eggs, which the player will then hatch.

This new mob, which will actually be classified as “ancient,” will be able to “sniff” out items, specifically ancient seeds, as the name implies. Once discovered, these seeds can be used to cultivate new plant species.

What is Minecraft Sniffer?

There are some Minecraft players who still don’t know what’s going on in the Minecraft Community. In 2022, Mojang released a voting poll in which players can choose the upcoming mobs. Till now everything that was happening in Minecraft was being controlled by the developers but this time they asked players to choose. Hence, the voting happened and Sniffer got the highest votes and won the poll. In other words, Minecraft Sniffer is going to be one of the three upcoming mobs in Minecraft.

The voting process for this version of the mob vote was slightly different, as it did not take place on Twitter and instead required players to vote via various Minecraft platforms. While most mobs are thought up and created solely by Mojang, the Minecraft developers introduced the mob vote system a few years ago to allow the community to help shape some of the game’s new content.

Previous mob votes have resulted in the addition of new creatures such as the Glow Squid and Allay. To show their appreciation for the Sniffer, a Reddit user named Puglin 8 created their own plush, which they displayed in a Minecraft thread. There aren’t any details on how they did it, but a quick look at their post history reveals that they’ve made a number of plushies based on Mojang’s IP in the past.

Player’s reaction, and the poll results!

Many people have praised the user in the comments, with one saying that it could be mistaken for official merch. Others have expressed interest in purchasing their own Sniffer, but Plugin 8 has not stated whether they will do so. Mojang has not yet provided an official release date for the Sniffer, but based on previous patterns, it is highly likely that the Sniffer will be included in the next major Minecraft update.

Minecraft’s next major update, 1.20, is set to be released in 2023. In the 2022 Minecraft vote, 55.1 percent voted for the Sniffer, 27.7 percent voted for the Rascal, and 17.2 percent voted for the Tuff golem. Mobs are an important part of the Minecraft experience, and so many NPCs have been added to the already vast world over the years. Some of the more classic ones, such as the zombie, skeleton, Enderman, and the farm animal roster, have been a mainstay for years, with the developer adding more.

With its fantastic base-building mechanics, near-infinite gameplay, and all the creatures that inhabit the blocky realm, it’s no surprise that Minecraft continues to dominate the AAA gaming sphere. The fact that fans are inspired to create their own merchandise demonstrates how influential it has been over the years.

minecraft mob voting

What is the Minecraft Sniffer release date?

When Does The Sniffer Get Added to Minecraft 1.20 will be released sometime next year. We don’t know when the update will take place, but we know it will be in 2023. The Sniffer hatches from eggs that can only be found underwater. Because the egg was discovered in Ancient Ruins, it is possible that the eggs will spawn there in 1.20.

We know the mob will be in early development and will likely be a long way off because the development team won’t have done much work on it prior to the mob vote – they wouldn’t want to waste time on the two that didn’t get in, after all. However, previous mob vote winners were included in the major update that followed, so we can expect the sniffer to be included with the Minecraft 1.20 update, hopefully around June 2023.

The Sniffer is a prehistoric mob that hatches from eggs found in chests near underwater ruins. After discovering Sniffer eggs underwater, players will indeed be tasked with bringing them to the surface and assisting them in hatching. Sniffers will sniff around for seeds for players once they have begun breeding. This creature adores plants and will attempt to assist players in growing some of their own.

Mojang has also hinted that the Sniffer may bring players new plant types and has teased some kind of ancient seeds, implying that the development of the Sniffer may occur concurrently with the development of new plant types. Although the Sniffer was thought to be extinct, its selection as the winner of the 2022 mob vote means that it will now be resurrected and free to roam the world once more.

FAQs on Minecraft Sniffer

What is the Function of the Sniffer in Minecraft?
 When the Sniffer hatches, it will look for plants underground and dig them up for the players. Mojang suggested that if Sniffer won a voting process, they would add a lot of new plants to the game. New plants could mean new products and farms. There is also the possibility that instead of growing potatoes and carrots on the dirt block, they will grow inside the block, as they do in real life. Sniffer could then detect already-grown vegetables, making it much easier to obtain them.

How to spawn a Minecraft sniffer?
Sniffers, like most Minecraft mobs, will not spawn naturally in the overworld but must be hatched from eggs. This is most likely due to the four-legged monster’s lore, which claims that it is ancient and extinct. We’ll be tasked with resurrecting it by hatching said eggs, which were presumably laid centuries ago… if we can find them.

Where is the Actual location of the Minecraft Sniffer Egg?
To bring this new mob and the new plant life it will bring into your overworld, you must hatch it from eggs found in very specific locations – underwater ruins. Despite the fact that the sniffer appears to live on land once hatched, its eggs can only be found in the ruins of ancient cities, where they have been left to rot in the depths of the ocean.

Can we Breed Sniffers in Minecraft?
Sniffers are frequently fiercely guarded by Drowned, so reintroducing them will be difficult. We don’t know if you’ll be able to breed two adult sniffers once you’ve found and hatched them, or if they’re truly only available from these long-forgotten eggs, but we’ll find out once this magnificent mob is added to the game.

What is the Minecraft sniffer Behavior?
We also know from the initial sniffer reveal video that the new mob is obsessed with plants, and its powerful sniffing of local flora is most likely how it got its name. New seeds will be introduced to Minecraft when the sniffer is added, because the ancient creature sniffs plants so hard that it pulls seeds from them, ready to be planted and breed new green life.


Despite its somewhat unappealing name, the Minecraft Sniffer won a landslide victory in the 2022 Minecraft Live mob vote. Over half of the Minecraft users voted for the ancient mob, prompting Mojang Studios to bring it back in 2023. The new plant mechanics that the sniffer will bring to the sandbox game are undoubtedly part of the reason it won.

If you, like us, can’t wait for the new mob to be released into the game, you can divert your attention by learning more about what else is coming in the next major update, including the Minecraft camel, and learning how to play Minecraft snapshots so you can test these features early.

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