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What is Minecraft Coding? Best Minecraft Coding Classes for Kids

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Minecraft Coding Classes

Minecraft Coding Classes: Videogames have a huge effect on a kid’s growth and development. Because they spend a lot of time playing video games. One of the most successful and popular video games with which everyone is familiar would be Minecraft. Minecraft doesn’t just provide you good gaming experience but it also helps to teach kids some essential and in-demand skills. Like coding, teamwork, creativity, and more. Kids can learn to code while playing Minecraft which makes it more interesting and fun for kids to learn. So in this article, we will talk about some of the best Minecraft coding classes for kids.

What is Minecraft coding?

There are a lot of games out there which is pretty fun and interesting to play. But compared to all that Minecraft is unique and popular. Not just kids even adults love to play this game. But why did we say that Minecraft is unique? Well let me explain it, first of all, Minecraft isn’t just some game where kids explore and fight rather it focuses on the development of kids as well as entertainment.

Minecraft helps kids learn some popular and demanded skills like coding. There are some best Minecraft coding classes for kids which can help your kid, in getting acquainted with coding. Coding might be boring for kids if you teach them directly but teach them using Minecraft they will give their best. Minecraft coding simply helps kids change the game as they want.

This means using their creativity and idea kids will be able to create personalized items. Not just that using Minecraft coding, kids can create their own unique map and they can even share that map. Because Minecraft uses coding to modify the game, kids get a real idea of what coding is used for and how useful it is. To understand this coding, kids need some assistance and for that reason, kids need to follow some Minecraft coding classes for kids.

What is the purpose of Minecraft coding classes?

Minecraft offers the option to modify and create any item a player wants through coding. It means using Minecraft coding players can even the modify game, they can create items and even maps. It is also helpful for kids because it helps them get familiar with coding. This cannot pick the interest of a young kid its own Minecraft made kids realize how awesome coding can be.

But we understand coding isn’t an easy task, but we are also not going to say it’s impossible. Learning all on their own just becomes a hassle and really difficult and time taking. So there are some Minecraft coding classes that help kids how you can use Minecraft coding and how to code. In Minecraft coding classes, kids learn how to create programs, structures, mobs, and positions. Using Minecraft coding classes, kids will get familiar with some technical terms of coding and where they need to apply them.

List of 5 best Minecraft coding classes

There are various Minecraft coding classes for kids but selecting the best one might be difficult among the classes out there. So we have 5 of the best Minecraft coding classes for kids which can help you select the best one.

1. Wiingy


Wiingy is an online learning platform where your kids can learn Minecraft Coding in an engaging way. This platform teaches Modding and Agent Programming with help of Minecraft. In addition, the classes are available for 1st graders to 8th graders at affordable prices. The best thing about Wiingy is that it allows you to take a demo classic and your child can choose if he likes it or not. Last but not least the classes are 1 on 1 which means no distraction and only learnings.

2. Microsoft Makecode

Microsoft MakeCode
Microsoft MakeCode

Another great Minecraft coding class for kids is Microsoft Makecode. Before you start learning something as complicated as coding you need basic knowledge as to why you need code or where to apply it, or maybe the things behind coding. To learn all this Microsoft Makecode is a perfect option.

Microsoft Makecode will help kids to learn the basics and the fundamentals of coding so they can later use that knowledge to create items in Minecraft.  Even if your child is absolutely new to coding and all this Minecraft Makecode has essential tutorials to help them start from the bottom.

3. Create and Learn

create and learn
Create and Learn

If videos and PDFs aren’t enough for you or if you need live instruction then this one is for you. It may be a problem for some kids to understand notes or videos by if they direct instruction they perform well. If you are one of those kids or if your child is one of them, then Create and Learn is perfect for you. The maximum numbers of students in these classes are which means there will be no crowd, and you will get proper instruction and guidance.

4. iD Tech


Minecraft coding classes for kids must have concern for individual kids. This means teaching one kid at a time is important sometimes. There may be a child who needs individual guidance and instruction to bloom. In this case, iD Tech will be of great help, they will guide and teach your kid individually and will help the kid to sharpen their java coding skills quickly.

5. Codakid


Last but one of the best coding classes for your kid is Codakid which teaches coding through Minecraft. Coding is a skill and in order to learn it kids need to program practically. Cadakid’s lessons are simple and beginner friendly, which means your kid can learn to code even if they haven’t written a single line of code in his life. Moreover, Codekid classes are affordable and low price than any other online coding classes on the internet.

Benefits of Minecraft coding classes

Learning coding can be a hassle for kids. All those complicated coding and terms will make your child get bored very soon. In that case, if your child loves playing Minecraft you can use this to teach coding to your kids. Minecraft teaches various essential skills and the most important one among them would be coding.

As because your child is already familiar with Minecraft they will be happy to learn to code using it. Minecraft is also helpful for kids to learn to code because they get to see the real changes that can be done using coding in Minecraft.

It means if the kids want to change the map or want to modify the game in any way they want, they will be able to do it using coding in Minecraft. Minecraft uses block-based coding language which makes it easier for kids to understand. At a young age if your kid picks an interest in coding it will be a great help in the future for the kids.

How to select the best Minecraft coding class?

To make learning coding easy and fun for kids you can use Minecraft. It is because kids are already familiar with Minecraft after playing it for so long. Kids know how you can modify the game using coding which makes them understand how coding works. But it’s still tough to learn to code, all on their own.

So there are some coding classes that can help your kid learn to code. Now the question arises of how you should select the best coding classes for your kid among all the Minecraft coding classes available for kids. The very first thing which should be looked at while selecting Minecraft coding classes for kids would be the experience kids are going to get.

It means how easy the instructions are for the kids, because like adults kids are not going to follow instructions if they are tough, complicated, and boring. They need fun and excitement while learning so that they can continue learning. Another thing that you need to look at would be how engaging the Minecraft coding classes are for kids.

Providing just instruction and guidance isn’t enough for young kids they need some fun projects that can help them learn with enjoyment. Fundamentals of computer science are also important to selecting Minecraft coding classes for kids. If basics and fundamentals aren’t clear then understanding coding would be tough and incomplete.

Other coding game platforms for kids to explore

Learning to code using games can be fun and entertaining for kids. This could help your child gain interest in coding without even realizing it. One of the most popular games for kids to learn coding would be Minecraft but are there any other platforms for kids where they can learn coding with games? Well, the answer is yes. There are some other games for kids to learn to code and they are:

1. Scratch

The first gaming platform which comes to mind for coding is Scratch. It is a drag-and-drop block-based programming language and is suitable for kids from ages 8 to 16. To help your kid learn to code you can go with this platform, the fundamentals and other important aspect of coding will be explained in the simplest and easy way.

So that your kid can understand them all nicely and gently. There are various tutorial videos and even PDFs that will help your kid learn to code. Using Scratch kids are able to create animation, programs, and even games, and then it can be shared with other kids available on Scratch.

2. Code Combat

On number two we have Code Combat on our list. Code Combat will teach the basics of coding through games. Learning to code by kids would be boring but Code Combat makes it more fun and enjoyable for kids. Kids will learn coding with various characters and will be able to create their own adventures through coding.

3. CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is suitable for kids aged 6 to 14. Using various user-friendly methods CodeMonkey helps experienced as well as newbies to understand coding concepts and language. There will be some tasks given to kids in CodeMonkey with a cute charter and to complete that task the player has to use codlings. CodeMonkey uses coding languages like CoffeeScript and Python to teach coding.

4. CodeMoji

As the name suggests CodeMoji uses colorful emojis to teach kids coding rather than using coding blocks or programming languages. CodeMoji helps kids in learning the basics of coding and with that, it also teaches web development, HTML, and CSS. Kids learn about creating animation and websites in a unique way by using emojis.

5. Blockly Games

Blockly Games teaches kids the principle and fundamentals of coding in an easy way. It is suitable for kids aged 6 to 14 years. Even if the kid is new to coding or has just small knowledge, this platform for learning coding for kids would be great. Kids will learn about coding fundamentals and principles by playing games like puzzle games, maze games, and more.


What code should I learn for Minecraft?
Minecraft is a great option for kids to learn coding and if you are going to learn to code using Minecraft and have doubts about which programming language you should learn then it will be great if you learn Java.

Is Minecraft Education Edition good for coding?
Minecraft is already popular among kids and they are familiar with it. Kids can even learn various essential skills like teamwork, and coding and because they love Minecraft learning something with it becomes fun. In this case, Minecraft Education Edition is without a doubt a great option for kids to learn coding. There are even some great Minecraft coding classes that you can use to learn to code.

Does Minecraft use Java or C++?
If you are acquainted with Minecraft then you must have noticed that the Minecraft bedrock version is much smoother compared to other editions. It’s because Minecraft bedrock edition is coded in C++ whereas Minecraft java edition is coded in java. Compared to java, C++ is a far better programming language.

Is Minecraft coding hard?
To answer it in one word, we would say yes it is hard. There are various classes that can help you learn coding in Minecraft, where you will learn the basic and fundamental knowledge about coding. But the fact that you are learning to code means you have to work hard.

How many lines of code is Minecraft?
It would be tough to answer the question of exactly how many lines of code is Minecraft. Because it depends on the version and on the platform it runs. If we take an example to explain it, the java version of Minecraft 1.9 has around 285000 lines of code. The answer for bedrock or any other version will be different.

Is C++ harder than Java?
If you are going to learn to code and want to go for an easy one then Java would be suitable for you. Well, there are other factors that are necessary before selecting a programming language. But if you want to know which one is easier then go for Java. It’s because java is newer than C++, and has less complex and complicated principles compared to C++.

What should I learn first C++ or Java?
As we have already discussed that Java is easier, so it’s better to learn it first. The complexity and the fundamentals of C++ are really tough and hard to learn.

Is it hard to code your own game?
Well as simple as this question sounds the answer isn’t that simple. Well, first to code your own game you need to have programming skills, and even learning these skills is tough. Now not just programming language is enough to create a game to need to have skills to design the game and have to put in lots of effort. So yes it is hard to build your own game. Well if you want to learn coding through Minecraft, there are some good Minecraft coding classes that you can take especially for kids.

Is coding Minecraft hard?
Yes, it’s definitely hard to code Minecraft not just Minecraft but any game of this caliber is extremely difficult and hard to code. To even create a small game you need to learn skills to use various tools then you need the knowledge to design and programming language to code. Even if you know all this you will need extreme concentration and hard work to build a game.

How long did Minecraft take to code?
Well now there are various functions and editions of Minecraft but the first version of Minecraft was created in just 6 days in the year 2009. In recent times, Minecraft has developed so much that even the kids who are playing Minecraft use it to learn to code. For that, there are even some Minecraft classes for kids which can be beneficial for kids to learn to code.


Minecraft is great for kids to learn to code because kids are already familiar with Minecraft and it becomes fun for kids to learn using Minecraft. Some of you might wonder what Minecraft coding is and simply it means you can change or modify the game using code and could create your own map. Wiingy and Tynker are some of the best Minecraft coding classes available for your child to learn to code. It will help make your kid learn basic coding fundamentals and basic easily. If you have used Minecraft coding classes for kids before then let me know your experience in the comment section.

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