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List of Minecraft Flowers, Where to Find them? And their Best Uses!

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minecraft flowers

There are many things that seem useless at first, but they can be quite amazing, like Minecraft Flowers. Have you ever thought of any use for flowers? How many are there? In this blog post, you will get answers to these questions along with some amazing tips and tricks. Currently, there are 17 different types of flowers available in Minecraft. Each of them is unique and has its own use.

At the start of Minecraft, gamers only used flowers for decoration, dye, and some special uses. Like Rose, it can be used as a weapon because of its fork. Flowers are also important in the process of making honey and breeding honey bees. Well, at least we know flowers have some important use in Minecraft, but it’s time to learn about the different types of flowers. Not only should you learn about them, but you should also know how to get them (if they are useful). 

List of All Minecraft Flowers and Location to Find them

The list of Minecraft flowers and the location to find them are given below:

Minecraft Flowers

1. Allium

A magenta-colored flower that grows in the Flower Forest and Mountain Meadow.

2. Azure Bullet

The following flower on the list is Azure, a greyish flower that grows in three different environments: plains, flower forest, and mountain meadow.

3. Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid is a one-of-a-kind follower found only in swamp biomes.

4. Cornflower

A navy blue flower found on plains, in flower forests, and in mountains.

5. Dandelion

The most common flower in Minecraft, it grows in forests and on plains. If you play Bedrock Edition, then you can grow using Bone Meal. 

6. Poppy

The poppy, along with the dandelion, is the most common flower in Minecraft. It’s also available on Plains, Forest, and Mountains. 

7. Oxeye Daisy

It’s a popular flower with a colour combination of white and grey. Oxeye Daisy is not common, but you can find it in the Plains. 

8. Lily

The lily is a rare white flower found only in the forest.

9. Lilac

Have you ever visited the lush biomes? Because the Lilac, a magenta-colored flower, is only available in the Luch Biomes. 

10. Peony

To obtain peony, a pink flower found only in the Flower Forest, you must put in some effort. 

11. Sunflower

Can you guess where sunflowers can be found in Minecraft? Yes, where the sun appears the most – the Plains.

12. Wither Rose

The only flower in Minecraft that can be planted in the same way that other flowers can. It is only available at the death spot of the mob member who was killed by the Wither Boss Mob. 

13. Rose Bush

The Rose Bush is the most difficult flower in the game. It is easily available in the Flower Forest and also grows with the help of Bone Meal.

3 Best Uses of Flowers in Minecraft

Now that you know about the different types of flowers in Minecraft, let’s expand our exploration and learn about their best uses. Most players don’t care about the flowers and then think of them as useless items. But it’s not true, and you will read the multiple reasons below:

1.Food for Rabbits

Do you like rabbits or are you planning to make a farm? If your answer is yes, then you need flowers. Because dandelions are flowers, you need to feed them to breed and grow. Try to use flowers with other animals too, like cows and other vegetarian animals.

2. Spawn Bee Hives

Everyone wants honey, but the hardest part is to find a bee hive. But do look further, because now you can get them without much effort. Just pick some flowers and plant them around an oak tree. After some time, bees will come and make their hive on that oak tree or nearby oak tree.

3. Dubious Stew

Hungry? Want to eat some flowers? Well, normally we can’t eat flowers in Minecraft, but you can eat them after you cook them. It’s a common food underwater and you will easily find it inside shipwrecks. You can cook it with different types of flowers and also create your own type.

minecraft flowers
Minecraft Flowers

FAQs on Minecraft Flowers

Which is the most common flower in Minecraft?
Dandelions, a yellow color flower are the most common flowers in Minecraft.

Which flower is Hardest to Obtain in Minecraft?
Allium and sunflowers are the rarest flowers but you can find them in Flower Forest or Mountain Meadow Biomes.

How many flowers are in Minecraft?
Currently there are 17 different types of flowers with unique appearances available in Minecraft.

Why are flowers important in Minecraft?
Minecraft is like a replica of the real world where everything is connected. Same in Minecraft, Flowers are connected with Honey Bees and other insects which are important to nature.

Which flower is removed from Minecraft?
Roses are the flowers that are no longer available in the game. In the 1.17 update, the Mojang team decided to remove them from the game.

Minecraft flowers are amazing like real flowers with lots of good uses. Especially when you want to work together with Bees and decorate in Minecraft. Some flowers have special uses and strong effects than any other flowers like Wither Rose and Blue Orchid. But at the same time, they are hard to obtain and grow. Well, this is all you need to know about the Minecraft Flowers, their location, and last but not least their best uses.

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