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What Is A Ban In Scratch? | What To Do To Avoid Getting Banned In Scratch?

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Scratch coding for kids

Ban in ScratchScratch is one of the most popular programming languages used worldwide, especially among children and anyone who is a beginner in the world of coding. As the majority of the users on Scratch are children, Scratch is very concerned about keeping the platform appropriate and clean. Scratch has clear and straightforward rules when it comes to how you behave on the platform, and disobeying them will get you muted or banned. In this blog, we will discuss what a ban in Scratch is and how to avoid getting banned in Scratch.

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What Is A Ban In Scratch?

A ban in Scratch is also called a block. Getting banned in Scratch is when the Scratch team disallows a registered user or IP address from using the Scratch website, and Scratch editor and interacting with the Scratch online community. A ban in Scratch is imposed when a user misbehaves, performs disrespectfully, or inappropriately in Scratch. Scratch has a very detailed, simple, and straightforward guidebook for Scratch users to follow when it comes to how to behave on the platform. This guidebook is called “Community Guidelines“.

When a user is banned in Scratch, he/she is banned from the entire website which means they cannot access the discussion forums, Scratch education, or the Scratch wiki. If a user tries to create and login from other accounts, to avoid bans, then the Scratch team bans the whole IP address. Before getting banned from Scratch permanently, the user gets warnings. This is a warning before a ban is imposed on the user.

How To Get Unbanned In Scratch?

A ban in Scratch can range from three days to eight weeks depending on your behavior unless the user ignores warnings by the Scratch team and lands a permanent ban, or “permaban”. In the case of a permanent ban, the user needs to contact the official Scratch team and raise the issue. It is up to the Scratch team to unban the user or not. Sometimes a user can be a minor. The Scratch team will contact the user’s guardian to submit an appeal for the user to be unbanned.

What are the Reasons For Getting Banned In Scratch?

There are many reasons to get banned from Scratch and they are listed below:

  • Not following the community guidelines.
  • Receiving multiple alerts for the same action.
  • Resharing the projects unshared by the Scratch team for inappropriate content without removing the inappropriate content.
  • Creating inappropriate projects.
  • A ban on trying to sign in with multiple other accounts to get around it. In this case, the Scratch team bans the IP address.
  • Usage of abusive, disrespectful, and inappropriate language in the Scratch online community.

Ways To Avoid Getting Banned In Scratch

Always keep two things in mind while navigating through the online community of Scratch, which will help you to avoid getting muted: 

  • Follow the community guidelines for Scratch. Like all online communities, Scratch also has some basic rules that are applicable to its users. Read them before carrying out any activities on the Scratch online community.
  • Don’t be disrespectful to any person, community, race, or religion. Being offensive to anyone is the shortest way of getting banned from the Scratch online community.

FAQs on Ban In Scratch

Scratch banned me for no reason. What to do? 
If you have received a notification saying that your account is banned and you think that you haven’t done anything wrong, then wait for 3 days. A ban in Scratch is usually for 3 days. If you are banned permanently, it means you have been warned before. You can still contact the Scratch team.

Can I block someone in Scratch? 
No, you cannot block someone in Scratch. Only the Scratch official team can do that. Alternatively, you can report someone if they are displaying inappropriate behavior, but beware that false reporting can land you in trouble.

What are the Scratch community guidelines? 
Scratch community guidelines can be thought of as rules or obligations that a user must follow. Failing to do so might get you muted on Scratch or, worse, get you banned from Scratch.

How long is the Scratch ban? 
A temporary ban in Scratch usually lasts from 3-4 days up to 6 or 8 weeks. If a second warning is given to the user, and if the user still behaves inappropriately, he/she might get banned permanently from Scratch.

What are the types of bans in Scratch? 
A ban in Scratch can be categorized into 4 types: temporary ban, permanent ban, account ban, and IP address ban.

Scratch provides its users with the freedom of imagination and creativity through its fun and interactive projects. This platform is very flexible too. As it is a platform for kids, pay attention to how you behave on this platform. Let’s make sure you are being a good influence on kids.

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