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What Is a Mute on Scratch and Scratch Project?

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Scratch programming

Mute on Scratch: Scratch is designed especially for children to learn how to code through fun and interactive projects like games, animations, or stories. Since this platform is highly recommended for children above the age of 8, all its features are easy to understand. Scratch also has an active online community where users come together to share their projects, discuss different topics, and post questions to look for help from other users.

Since the platform is for kids, the team makes sure that the language used by the online community is filtered out for foul or offensive language to fit the younger audience. To filter the foul or offensive language, Scratch uses Mute option. So if you are not sure what is Mute option, here is an article, which talks everything what is Mute and how to Mute in Scratch. Scroll down to find out more.

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What Is a Mute on Scratch?

Getting muted on Scratch means a user is blocked from making comments on posts and interacting with studios, but only for a short period of time. The user can still use Scratch for creating projects. The mute is imposed only if a user leaves an offensive or disrespectful comment on the online community.

A user is muted when he/she posts some derogatory Scratch comments on the platform by automated bots, and a message is sent to the Scratch team to look into the matter. Normally, the user is unmuted after five minutes, but if the behavior is seen to be repeated repeatedly, the time is increased and the Scratch team may impose a ban.

When you are posting a comment and the automated bot detects a bad comment, you are actually given three warnings or chances before getting mute, and if you do get mute, those three chances get reset at the end of the day.

If you think you have been muted for no valid reason, then contact the Scratch team. For that, you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see the “contact us” option under Resources. Click on that and you will be taken to the query page.

Ways to Avoid Getting Blocked on Scratch

Always keep two things in mind while navigating through the online community of Scratch which will help you to avoid getting muted:

  • Way 1: Follow the community guidelines of Scratch. Like all online communities, Scratch also has some basic rules that are applicable to its users. Read them before carrying out any activities on the Scratch online community.
  • Way 2: Don’t be disrespectful to any person, community, race, or religion. Being offensive to anyone is the shortest way of getting muted and eventually getting banned from the Scratch online community.

How to Mute Sound on Scratch Project?

Sometimes you want to create a project or play a game but the sounds from the project are distracting you and you just want to put it on mute for a while, but how to do that in the project? It is an easy two-step process.

  • Step 1: In your Scratch editor, drag and drop the “set volume to 100%” block code from the Sound category in the block palette.
  • Step 2: Change the 100% to 0% if you want to completely mute it, or set the percentage according to your reference, as shown in the image below. When you work on your project, there will be no sound which results in muting audio on Scratch project.
How do you mute audio on scratch?

FAQs on What Is a Mute on Scratch

What is a mute on Scratch project?
Mute on Scratch project means putting the sounds from your project on mute. You can do that by dragging and dropping the “set volume to 100%” block code from the Sound category and changing the 100% to 0%.

What is a mute on Scratch?
If you post inappropriate or offensive comments in the online community of Scratch, you will be put on mute for five minutes which means that you won’t be able to post any comment for that duration. You are free to work on your project though.

Who are banned Scratch user?
If you keep posting inappropriate or offensive comments in the online community of Scratch, the Scratch team might ban you from Scratch.

How to report someone on Scratch?
To report someone on Scratch, go to their user page and under the “what I have been doing” section you will find the “Report this profile” option, click on it. Now, you have to select what you are reporting about the person and click on send to send the report to the Scratch team to look over your report and take appropriate action.

Why is Scratch blocked?
Your Scratch account might be blocked if you have violated the community guidelines set by the Scratch team for the Scratch online community. If you think its a mistake then contact the Scratch team. You can contact them at appeals@scratch.mit.edu or at help@scratch.mit.edu.

Scratch provides its users with the freedom of imagination and creativity through its fun and interactive projects. You can create various types of projects, like, stories, games, animations, etc., all the while learning about coding. As it is a platform for kids pay attention to how you behave on this platform. You might even get banned if you are not careful after warnings from the Scratch team. Kids are the major users of this platform let’s make sure you are being good influence on them.

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