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What are Scratch Emojis? | How to Use Emojis on Scratch Editor?

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Scratch is a block-based programming language designed for children between the ages of 8 and 16 but is widely used by people of all ages. The popularity of Scratch comes from its simplicity. There are many fun and unique features of Scratch, like Scratch emojis, that make it more popular, as users can get creative with their projects.

Creating and using emojis is one of the fun features of Scratch. In this blog, we will discuss what is Scratch emojis and how to use them in Scratch.

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What are Scratch emojis?

An emoji is a digital image or icon that is used to express an idea or emotion. Scratch emojis are a fun feature in Scratch that allows a user to comment on a studio, project, or profile with an emoji or emoticon. The only limitation is that the emojis cannot be used in the project description. Let’s see how to create Scratch emojis and different types of emojis that are available on the Scratch platform.

How to create Scratch cat emojis?

To create Scratch emojis, you can add an underscore before and after the character you want to make an emoji. The detailed steps on how to do this are explained below:

  • Step 1: In the Scratch Platform, navigate to the comments section.
  • Step 2: Now to create a cat emoji, type the word “meow.”
  • Step 3: To make the word “meow” into an emoji, add underscores before and after it (_meow_).
  • Step 4: Click on the “Post” button and the Scratch emoji will be generated.

In the video given below, we have created a cat Scratch emoji by adding an underscore before and the word “meow“. Hence, a cat scratch emoji is created in the comment section, as shown in the video below.

Who Discovered Scratch Emoji?

Scratch emojis were discovered in 2011 when users noticed that the text _meow_ in a comment would be replaced by the Scratch cat icon. It became very popular. It was later discovered that two underscores can be combined with a word to form an emoji, such as the _gobo_ and _waffles_.

Emojis like hearts, smiley faces, happy faces, etc. can also be created. For example, typing “_:D_”  will create a happy cat face in the Scratch comment section. 

List of Scratch emojis to create

The list of Scratch emojis that you can generate just by copying and pasting the commands is given below. Copy the command and paste it in the comment section and post it. The command will turn into the respective emoji.

Scratch Emojis list
List of Scratch Emojis
  • _meow_
  • _gobo_
  • _waffle_
  •  _taco_
  •  _sushi_
  • _apple_
  • _broccoli_
  • _pizza_
  • _candycorn_
  • _10mil_
  • _map_
  • _camera_
  • _suitcase_
  • _compass_
  • _binoculars_
  • _ksllxmfcai_ (displays “triangle eye” on days other than April Fools’ Day)
  • _cupcake_
  • _:)_ or _=^..^=_
  • _:D_
  • _B)_
  • _:P_
  • _;P_
  • _:’P_
  • _P:_
  • _:3_
  • _<3_
  • _**_
  • _:))_
  • _:D<_
  • _pride_
  • _blm_

List of some other Scratch emojis

Other scratch emojis which you can create by typing the following commands in the editor are given below. Type the command given below and you will see the output emoji as follows:

Scratch Emojis
List of other Scratch Emojis

FAQs on Scratch Emojis

How to get emojis on Scratch? 
You can create emojis on Scratch in a studio, project, or profile by typing the emoji command. To create an emoji in the comment section, put an underscore before and after the word that you want to convert into an emoji. For example, write, “_pizza_” A pizza emoji will be created in the comment section when you click on the post option.

What exactly is the _meow_ emoji scratch? 
You can write _meow_ and the scratch cat emoji will be created in the comment section of a project, studio, or profile.

What is the gobo Scratch emoji? 
You can create a scratch gobo that looks like a bird by typing _gobo_ in the comment section of a project, studio, or profile.

What are “Scratch emojis”? 
Scratch emojis are digital images or icons that are used to express an idea or emotion.

How do you make emojis in Scratch? 
To make emojis on the Scratch platform, you will have to type the emoji commands and post them. Some of the most commonly used emojis on Scratch are:

What is the Scratch cat emoji copy and paste command?
The command for the Scratch cat emoji that you can copy and paste is _meow_

What is the _gobo_ Scratch emoji?
_gobo_ is like a little chicken emoji.

What is the emoji-based programming language?
Emojicode is an emoji-based programming language that consists of emojis.

Scratch emojis are a cute and fun feature that allows you to interact with the Scratch online community. We hope that this blog answers all your queries regarding Scratch Emojis. If you still have questions related to creating Scratch emojis, ping us through the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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