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10+ Free Coding Games for Kids | Learn to Code and Play

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coding games for kids

Encouraging your kids to learn to code is a great way to develop their team-building and computational skills. Learning coding in the early stages improves their comprehensive understanding of the basics of coding. Kids who are strong in basics can easily crack complicated tasks. Coding gives the confidence to face the new-gen technological advancement world.

In our mind, we automatically associate the word ‘games’ with fun activities. But rather than making your child engage in games that only create fun, let your child engage in coding games for free that build a great foundation for their career.

What are Coding Games?

Coding games for kids are designed with a kid-friendly interface to enhance kids’ coding knowledge. The prime objective of coding games is to teach coding in a gaming environment. The integration of gaming and learning makes your child engage in learning the basics of coding. Through coding games, kids can gain interest in learning how to code. Our expert members have curated the top 13 coding games after careful research and going through many resources.

11 Free Coding Games for Kids Websites

There are many free coding game websites for kids to play and learn how to code. We have listed the 10+ free coding games websites for kids:

1. mBlock


Age: 8-12 years
mBlock is a kid-friendly, learning website that teaches kids how to code through games. mBlock is a kid-friendly coding app with a gaming environment interface. Kids can easily create games, and program robots by dragging the blocks, and animations. Kids can also write python to program robots.

mBlock teaches kids STEM concepts. Scratch coding, python programming, robotics for kids, AI, and data science are the major skills mBlock can teach. It is easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface. mBlock also enables kids to use many custom hardware. This helps to boost your child’s creativity.

2. Scratch


Age: 8-16 years
Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children and a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows young people to create digital stories, games, and animations. Scratch is a well-known gaming platform in the world. Scratch was first launched by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab to teach coding with the indulgence of fun activities. Scratch is an easy-to-use interface with a gaming environment. Scratch game is designed with a visually pleasing interface that gives a wonderful introduction to the block-based coding language for kids. Kids can use different types of blocks to customize and control their characters and the story they want to tell.

3. Blockly Games


Age: +5 years
Blockly games provide seven coding games for your kids to engage in learning along with fun. Blockly teach block-based programming to your kids in a gaming environment. Blockly games are specially designed for kids who don’t have prior knowledge of coding. With the series of games, blockly introduces principles of coding to kids.

4. Code Combat

Code Combat
Code Combat

Age: 7-16 years
Code Combat is a gaming platform to make kids familiar with programming. Programming is a set of instructions. Code Combat teaches how to code with its two learning programs, namely “game-based learning” and “text-based coding”. It helps kids to learn python, JavaScript, and HTML as your kids solve puzzles. Code Combat allows kids to control their actions with proper lines of code. This game is designed in such a manner that the initial stage of gaming is based on simple coding principles. Kids will learn how to code with each increasing level. This structure allows kids to engage in learning with each increasing level.

5. Codemoji


Age: 5-13 years
Codemoji is a coding website that adopts a unique approach for kids that uses images to teach coding. Kids as young as five can learn the fundamentals of coding with Codemoji because students construct answers and learn to solve problems using images. Codemoji teaches kids basic coding like CSS and HTML code. The actionable emoji represents standard tags that are essential in the initial stage of learning. This unique method yields kids’ focus by listening to the actionable emojis to learn standard tags.

6. Blockly Maze

Blockly Maze
Blockly Maze

Age: +5
Blockly Maze uses a simplified learning process using a drag-drop programming interface. Blockly Maze’s simple approach helps kids to learn how to code. Blockly Maze uses graphical editing tools to teach kids how to kids. Blockly Maze website use blocks instead of characters. Kids can learn complicated tasks when succeeded in early levels with the fun-based gaming environment. Blockly Maze is a wonderful tool to excel kids in basic coding.

7. CSS Diner

CSS Diner is built with a series of 32 challenges with a wonderful interface and graphics. These challenges help kids to become familiar with the programming language and engage in a fun learning environment. The challenges at the beginner level improve the basic understanding of giving instructions. The advanced levels act as the best stepping stone to mastering coding. The advanced levels provide good progress for kids in coding.

8. Flexbox Froggy

Age: +5
Flexbox teaches CSS Flexbox by placing the frog correctly in the lilypads. Each level improves the child’s coding knowledge and gives kids a better understanding of how to code. Placing frogs on the lilypads also improves the child’s concentration. After finishing level 24 the child will feel confident about using flexbox in the upcoming projects in the game Flexbox.

9. Grid Garden

Age: +15
Garden Grid is a Grid Garden that teaches CSS with each moving stage in the game. Each challenge provides kids with CSS learning. This method allows kids to memorize the properties of CSS along with having fun. The first few challenges start easy but as kids progress in the game, the game becomes challenging with moving levels. Grid Garden is the best platform for kids to kick-start their journey on how to code with fun games.

10. Sprite Box

Sprite Box
Sprite Box

Age: +6
Sprite Box coding game helps children to learn coding through visually pleasing graphics. This game is designed especially for young minds who are newbies to coding. It helps the kids learn to code by exploring different worlds, meeting new characters, unlocking cool outfits, and solving puzzles.

11. CodeWars


Age: +10 years
Coderwars is a free online coding game designed for beginners and junior software developers to practice and learn coding in an effective and playful environment. Kids can challenge themselves with small coding exercises called “kata”. Each kata is crafted by the community to help kids strengthen different coding skills. Kids can master their current language of choice, or learn any of the 55+ programming languages supported. It is a community-driven platform.

Advantages of Learning Coding Games for Kids

  • Coding games help your child to utilize time effectively rather than involving in other common games.
  • Coding games build a foundation for coding fundamentals.
  • Coding enhances problem-solving skills.
  • Coding games can boost a child’s confidence to face technological advancements.
  • The best stepping stone to enter the tech world.

We hope that we curated the top 11 free coding games for your kids to enhance their knowledge of coding. In case of any further help or have doubts, please ping us in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The article intends to explain the advantages of coding games that are benefits kids to learn a skill for a lifetime.


What is the best way to learn to program?
There are many ways to learn to program based on age. For kids, free coding games give an immersive learning experience with fun to learn to code.

Can kids do coding at home?
Yes, kids can learn coding through free coding games and websites to enhance their knowledge.

What are the uses of coding for kids?
Coding helps in the holistic growth of kids by contributing to enhancing their analytical and creative thinking.

What is block coding?
Block-based coding is a drag-and-drop learning environment. Programmers use coding instruction “blocks” to construct games and animated stories.

What do students need to know before taking coding?
No formal prerequisites or specific skills need to be mastered before kids get started.

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