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Opportunity Class

How to prepare for the OC Test

Written by Shefali Sundram

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If your child is getting ready for the OC test and feeling a little unsure on how to prepare for the OC test , you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you prepare like a pro.

We’ll break down the format of OC, give you practical tips, and share helpful resources so you can feel confident and ready to tackle the test. Let’s dive in and get you well-prepared for the OC test!

OC test format

Before taking the OC test, it is critical to grasp its general format.

The OC evaluation is a one-day paper-based exam that lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The OC test is separated into three sections:

  • Reading Skills
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Thinking Skills

All three sections contain only multiple-choice questions, and the OC test does not include a writing section. There are 90 questions in total. 

The three OC test sections are as follows:

Test SectionQuestionsTest Duration
Reading Skills2530 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning3540 minutes
Thinking Skills3030 minutes
OC Test format
Format for the OC test

5 best strategies for OC test preparation

1. Know the basics

A strong foundation in mathematics, logical reasoning, vocabulary, and general knowledge is essential for giving children a leg up when starting their educational journey.

With only 1800 students being accepted into the OC schools each year from over 10,000 applicants it’s important to ensure your child has all of the building blocks necessary for success.

2. Good reading skills

Opportunity class reading skills test can provide a challenging obstacle course for students, with an array of tricky questions and sophisticated vocab. While Math is always important to master, parents should urge their children in honing reading skills and expand their vocabulary to become successful test-takers.
You can engage your kids in reading by following these simple tips:

  • Engage your kids in reading books or stories for at least an hour a day.
  • Develop a strategy reading for comprehension where kids focus on questions first and read the paragraphs next.
  • Stick up notes with new vocabulary in places where they often spend their time.
  • Encourage your children to maintain their dictionary with new words daily.
  • Allow your children to practice vocabulary at dinner tables or during a conversation.
  • Make sure that the children gather information along with enjoying reading.
  • Enroll your kids in reading classes.

3. Organize a study plan

Planning ahead is a surefire way to succeed in any big exam. Creating an effective study plan requires assessing your child’s knowledge and tackling the more unfamiliar topics first, with revisiting old material sprinkled in periodically along the way.

Starting early will ensure you’ll have plenty of time to cover all necessary bases before taking on that high-stakes test day!

This helps to kick start the process early, lowering the last-minute anxiety, staying focused, and having control over the entire test preparation

4. Practice test

Practicing is the key to success! As we all know, “Practice makes perfect” and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to taking a mock test. It not only helps you ace your real exam but also reveals important patterns of questions that can boost your marks significantly.

Test-taking is a skill that takes practice. During study sessions, record the time taken to complete each section and pay attention to your overall completion time as well – you’ll need it on test day.

By familiarizing yourself with planned sections and timing expectations, you can tackle tests like an expert.

5. Sign up for OC preparation tutoring

For successful OC preparation, it’s not enough to just be consistent; you need the extra edge of perseverance. Joining an experienced tutoring class is a great way for students to gain that competitive advantage. From coaching and assessments at regular intervals, these classes will make sure learners are perfectly prepped in time for their big day.

Wiingy helps in one-to-one tutoring for OC test providing them with the best learning outcomes and making sure that they place in their desired schools. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to prepare for an opportunity class?

Start early, know your concepts well, prepare a study plan and routine, and practice as much as time you can you could also take help from our online tutors.

What are opportunity classes?

Opportunity classes are managed by government primary schools that cater to offer one of the unique programs for gifted children from year 5 to year 6.
It is one of the toughest competitive tests conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

What is the question structure for the opportunity class?

OC Test includes three sections with a total of 90 questions. The three sections are
Maths-35 Questions
General Knowledge-30 Questions
Reading Questions-25 Question

What to do if I fail an opportunity class exam?

Failing an exam doesn’t define your abilities or limit your potential. Remember that setbacks are a natural part of life, and they present an opportunity for growth and improvement.
Remember that an OC exam is just one opportunity among many. Explore other educational pathways such as selective classes that may align with your interests and goals.

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Shefali Sundram

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