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OC Mathematical Reasoning Test | Essential Guide [With 5 Bonus Tips to Ace the Test]

Written by Shefali Sundram

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The OC mathematical reasoning test analyzes an individual’s critical thinking ability to solve problems drawn from mathematical areas.

OC Mathematical Skills is the second of the three sections in the Opportunity Class Test. The other two are OC Reading Section and OC Thinking Skills.

Students dread the OC Mathematical Reasoning Test and are often anxious if they will be able to solve the questions correctly or not. The test can be difficult for some students as they aren’t able to create a mental image of the way they will solve the question. You need to think clearly to reason and solve mathematical problems. 

In this article, we tell you all you need to know to ace the OC Mathematical Reasoning Test. We cover the kind of questions asked in the mathematical reasoning test, the format of the test, and essential tips that can help you crack the OC Test.

What is the structure of the OC Mathematical Reasoning Test?

The OC Mathematical Reasoning test is a paper-based test where the student is given 40 minutes to solve 35 multiple-choice questions.

The OC Mathematical Reasoning test is conducted right after the OC reading test.

Test FormatNumber of questionsTime 
Mathematical Reasoning Paper Based3540 minutes
Structure of OC Mathematical Reasoning Test

Note: Students are supposed to use the question paper itself to write the answers. Extra sheets are not provided. The use of calculators is prohibited at the examination center. 

What kind of questions are part of the Mathematical Reasoning Test

The questions in OC Mathematical Reasoning Test usually revolve around geometry, algebra, measurement, statistics, numbers, and other mathematical topics.

While there are no specific types of question patterns that are followed, a few types of questions are included in the test- Number Patterns and Sequences, Measurement Problems, and Numerical Puzzles. 

Sample Mathematical Reasoning Test questions

The following are practice tests questions of the OC mathematical reasoning test from the 2021 OC test:

Make sure to go through these tests and practice them for a better understanding of the OC mathematical reasoning test. 

How to prepare for the OC Mathematical Reasoning Test

It is critical to understand basic mathematical concepts, and you should have developed them already because you might have to do mental calculations due to time constraints.

Unlike the Reading Test, which has varying-length passages, all of the questions on the Mathematics test require roughly the same amount of time.

If you have 40 minutes to complete 35 questions, each one should take less than a minute. This way, you’ll be able to tell if you’ll have enough time to finish the exam.

Make sure you know the following concepts to ace the OC mathematical reasoning test:

Concept 1: Tables of multiplication

It is critical to know your multiplication tables for the mathematical test. Time is of the essence, and having your tables at your fingertips will save you time. A solid understanding of multiplication will help you with the majority of the questions on the test.

Concept 2: Pattern recognition

These questions may appear difficult at first, but once you practice and get the hang of them, they will become second nature. To ace the section on pattern recognition, you must have a firm grasp of basic math.

There will be several questions involving numerical patterns that you must determine in order to get the correct answer. Make certain that basic math does not fail you!

Concept 3: Graphical and pictorial representation

You should also practice graphs; most students do not, but it is critical. Try not to leave the graphs and pictorial representation until the last minute because these concepts can be difficult to understand if sufficient time is not allocated to them!

The following books will help you practice for the OC mathematical reasoning test:

  • Opportunity Class (OC) Mathematical Reasoning – 5 Sets of Papers Series #1
  • Critical Thinking~MATHEMATICAL REASONING Through VERBAL ANALYSIS Bk 1 TEACHER’s- Warren Hill and Ronald Edwards

Further, here are a few more books for OC Test Prep.

Sample test papers – OC Mathematical Reasoning

The NSW education website has sample practice tests, the links to the sample test papers are provided below:

You can practice the sample questions, it will help you to get a fair idea of the format as well as the types of questions that might come. You will find last year’s question papers along with the answers on the website as well. 

5 Tips to ace the OC Mathematical Reasoning Test

Make sure you’re using the most efficient method you have practiced for each question, or you’ll waste time and make careless mistakes!

  1. 35 questions in 40 minutes can be stressful, so in order to finish the test in the allotted time, students must be able to identify the question type and apply the appropriate technique to efficiently solve the question.
  2. More than any other type of aptitude test, numerical reasoning is heavily reliant on practice and training. The key is practice. It’s simple math: you train, you improve.
  3. Time is of the essence: In numerical reasoning tests, the difficulty stems from the limited 45-75 second answer time per question. Spend no more than a minute on a single question; If it’s taking longer make a guess, mark the question, and move on. If you have time left over at the end of the exam, go over all of the questions you marked.
  4. Multiple-choice questions are frequently used in numerical reasoning tests. As a result, assessment is essential, and a close enough answer suffices!
  5. Make sure you practice exams under timed conditions on a regular basis. This will assist you in determining the best balance of speed and preciseness for the Mathematical Reasoning test.

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Shefali Sundram

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