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NAPLAN Year 3 Exam Guide and Past Papers

Written by Shefali Sundram

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Year 3 is the first year in which students sit for the NAPLAN exam. Students are tested for four testing domains through written and online assessments.

In this NAPLAN Year 3 exam guide, we have elaborated on the exam format and sample questions, provided resources to download Year 3 past papers and the exam dates for NAPLAN 2024.

What is NAPLAN Year 3?

The year 3 NAPLAN test is an annual assessment taken nationwide by all Australian students studying in year 3.

The test includes assessments on four domains – Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language, and Numeracy.

In 2024 the NAPLAN for Year 3 test will be conducted in a 9-day test window between March 13 and March 25.

The detailed format of the Year 3 NAPLAN 2024 assessment is as given below:

Test DomainSchedulingFormat and Duration
WritingThe first test in the test windowWritten | 40 minutes
ReadingTo be held after WritingOnline | 45 minutes
Conventions of LanguageTo be held after ReadingOnline | 45 minutes
NumeracyTo be held after Conventions of LanguageOnline | 45 minutes
NAPLAN Year 3 Test Domains Format and Duration

What is the NAPLAN Year 3 exam format?

Students in Year 3 NAPLAN are tested on four testing domains through written and online assessments.

The four testing domains are:
1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Conventions of language
4. Numeracy or Math

NAPLAN Year 3 writing

NAPLAN writing is the first test to be scheduled in the NAPLAN exam. Students are provided with a ‘writing stimulus’ (sometimes called a ‘prompt’ – an idea or topic) and asked to write a response in a particular genre (narrative or persuasive writing).

The writing stimulus can be in two formats either:

  1. The persuasive writing
  2. The narrative writing

NAPLAN Year 3 exam lasts 40 minutes. For NAPLAN year 3, writing is on paper, i.e., the test is in pen-paper mode.

NAPLAN Year 3 persuasive writing examples

The question below is from the 2015 NAPLAN Test Year 3. The question below describes what to write.

NAPLAN Persuasive Writing Year 3

NAPLAN Year 3 narrative writing examples

The question below is from the NAPLAN 2016 Writing Test for Year 3. The question below describes what to write.

NAPLAN Narrative Writing Year 3

NAPLAN Year 3 reading

The NAPLAN reading test is scheduled after the Writing test in the NAPLAN exam. Students read a range of informative, imaginative, and persuasive texts and then answer related questions.

The reading section takes place after Writing. It is an online 45-minute test.

NAPLAN Year 3 reading examples

The question below is from the NAPLAN 2016 Reading Test for Year 3. The question also describes what to respond to based on the given paragraph.

NAPLAN Reading sample question 2016 for Year 3-1
NAPLAN Reading Year 3
NAPLAN Reading Questions

NAPLAN Year 3 conventions of language

The NAPLAN language conventions or convention of language is held after the Reading Test of the NAPLAN exam.

It is a 45-minute online test. This test assesses the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of the students.

NAPLAN Year 3 language conventions examples

The question below is an example of NAPLAN practice Year 3 for Language Conventions for Year 3. Each question describes what to do.

NAPLAN Conventions of Language sample question Year 3
NAPLAN Conventions of Language Year 3

NAPLAN Year 3 numeracy

NAPLAN Numeracy or Maths is held after the Language Convention test of the NAPLAN exam.

NAPLAN Maths Year 3 is a 45-minute online test.

The NAPLAN numeracy tests measure the achievement of students in numeracy, including mathematical knowledge, skills, and understanding as outlined in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

NAPLAN Year 3 numeracy examples

The question below is the example for NAPLAN Year 3 numeracy example test answers with their questions. Each question describes what to do.

NAPLAN Numeracy Test sample questions for Year 3
NAPLAN Numeracy Year 3


  1. Group Possums has the most stars with a count of 14.
  2. Carmen’s string is longer than Sal’s string.
  3. Paul has 60 cents in his hand.

How is NAPLAN Year 3 scored?

Results from the NAPLAN tests are reported on scales that compare student performance to established standards.

The scales are divided into 10 bands and apply to all academic years, from Year 3 to Year 9.

Not all bands are reported for each level of the year. For each year i.e. years 3, 5, 7, and 9, the scales and standards system are reported.

The band scale shown below reflects the standard marking pattern for the respective years i.e. years 3, 5, 7, and 9.

NAPLAN Assessment Scale

What Is a Good NAPLAN Score for Year 3?

Each NAPLAN scale is divided into 10 bands used to report student progress through Years 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Band 2 is the minimum standard for Year 3. Anything above Band 2 is considered to be a good score for Year 3. NAPLAN is not a test of intelligence it only shows a snapshot of the reading, writing, and numeracy skills of the student.

Year 3 score
NAPLAN Year 3 Assessment Scale

Year 3 NAPLAN 2024 exam dates

In 2024, NAPLAN Year 3 will be conducted between 13 March to 25 March 2024 all across Australia.

Schools can complete practice tests in the assessment platform from Term 4. Prospective students can use the public demonstration site at any time during the year to familiarize themselves with the format of the test.

Tip: For more up-to-date information you can check out our article on NAPLAN 2O24.

Resources to download NAPLAN Year 3 past papers

In addition to the comprehensive insights provided in our NAPLAN Year 3 exam guide, we recognize the importance of practice and preparation for NAPLAN exam.

We have made a downloadable resource for NAPLAN past test papers.

These past papers serve as a practice tool for students to familiarize themselves with the exam format, question types, and the level of difficulty they can expect.

You can also click on the link below to download all official NAPLAN Year 3 past papers:

Download Link for NAPLAN Year 3 Past Papers
  • You can also download NAPLAN sample papers from the official ACARA website. The steps to download are as follows:
    • Step 1: Go to the official ACARA website (Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority).
    • Step 2: Look through the Assessment section of the website.
    • Step 3: Locate the NAPLAN section
    • Step 4: Download the NAPLAN Year 3 past papers using the page’s link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many questions are asked in NAPLAN Year 3?

The number of items asked in the Year 3 test increased from 35 to 36 questions in the year 2022.

How to practice for NAPLAN Year 3?

You can take NAPLAN Year 3 practice tests by downloading the past test papers and taking the tests in a timed environment. Make sure to allot only the specified duration for the practice tests of NAPLAN year 3.
Wiingy provides Year 3 NAPLAN practice tests and private online NAPLAN tutoring.

What are the dates for NAPLAN 2024 Year 3?

NAPLAN 2024 has been scheduled from Wednesday, 13th March to Monday, 25th March 2024.

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