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Finding the best NAPLAN tutoring in Melbourne is made easy with Wiingy. Wiingy has more than 100 NAPLAN tutors in Melbourne skilled at teaching NAPLAN and its fundamental ideas and features.

So why wait? Take a free trial class from a top Wiingy NAPLAN tutor in Melbourne to get started practicing NAPLAN.

Where is Melbourne located in Australia?

The capital and largest city of the Australian state of Victoria in Melbourne, which is also the second-most populous city in both Australia and Oceania. In the southeast of Australia’s largest island is the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is situated.

It is located where Silurian mudstones to the east, Quaternary lava flows to the west, and Holocene sand deposits along Port Phillip meet geologically speaking. Melbourne is frequently referred to be the “garden city” of Australia.

What is a NAPLAN test?

Students in the third, fifth, seventh, and ninth years participate in Australia’s National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, or NAPLAN. The primary goal of the NAPLAN test is to determine whether young Australians are acquiring the literacy and numeracy abilities essential for success in academics and fruitful and meaningful community engagement in the future.

The NAPLAN test is divided into 4 domains testing the basic educational skills of students essential for them like reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and numeracy. These domains are:

NAPLAN 2023 test dates for Melbourne, Victoria

The NAPLAN test for 2023 will begin from the 15th of March 2023 to the 27th of March 2023. The test will be conducted for 9 days.

YearNAPLAN 2023 Test Dates
NAPLAN 2023 Year 315 March to 27 March
NAPLAN 2023 Year 515 March to 27 March
NAPLAN 2023 Year 715 March to 27 March
NAPLAN 2023 Year 915 March to 27 March
NAPLAN Schedule 2023

NAPLAN 2023 test structure and duration

The NAPLAN 2023 test includes testing on 4 domains:

Test DomainScheduling requirementsYear 3Year 5Year 7Year 9
WritingYear 3 students do a paper-based writing test (on day 1 only). It is recommended that Year 3 writing tests be completed by all classes at the same time in the morning.

Years 5, 7, and 9 writing must be scheduled on day 1, with day 2 only used where there are technical or logistical limitations.
40 mins(on paper)42 mins42 mins42 mins
ReadingTo be completed before the conventions of language test.45 mins50 mins65 mins65 mins
Convention of LanguageTo be completed after the reading test.45 mins45 mins45 mins45 mins
To be completed after the conventions of language test.
45 mins50 mins65 mins65 mins
NAPLAN 2023 Test Structure

For information visit,

How to find a NAPLAN Tutor in Melbourne, Victoria?

You can select knowledgeable tutors based on the reviews and suggestions made by former pupils. Register for a free trial lesson so you can pick the tutor who will be most helpful to you. As a starting point, look into NAPLAN tutoring, tuition, or online tutoring.

Wiingy has knowledgeable NAPLAN tutors who can assist. More than 100 tutors at Wiingy with years of experience in the subject are available to students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Contact us to sign up for NAPLAN tutoring in Melbourne right away.

What is the importance of studying with a NAPLAN Tutor in Melbourne?

Working one-on-one with a private NAPLAN tutor in Melbourne offers you a great chance to enhance your comprehension of the subject. To get individualized help, you can speak to your instructor in private.

This allows you to concentrate on the NAPLAN components that you need the most help with, such as language rules and reading, writing, and math (spelling, grammar, and punctuation). It is entirely up to you how many NAPLAN tutoring sessions you enroll in for each of these subjects.

Why should students enroll with Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring?

100+ verified NAPLAN tutors

If you’re a parent in Melbourne looking for tutoring for your kid or a student trying to perform better on NAPLAN you are on the right page. Wiingy tutoring can help you master the NAPLAN curriculum at different levels, providing your child the tools they need to succeed.

Customized NAPLAN tutoring

All our students get benefitted from our customized tutoring sessions approach. We don’t believe in one plan for all. Out tutors design each session and lesson plan for their students based on the needs and capabilities of the child.

Practice tests

We all know that practice makes perfect. So, at Wiingy we ensure that along with customized lesson plans, our students also get the best practice questions related to all the categories of the NAPLAN test. It is our duty to prepare them for the NAPLAN test through these simulated NAPLAN practice tests.

Flexible timings

It is important for us that our students learn at their comfortable timing as that will ensure that they utilize their full potential in learning. Our tutors are available when you feel the best to learn.

Are Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring aligned with the Australian NAPLAN curriculum?

Wiingy’s NAPLAN classes follow the Australian Curriculum, you can be assured of that. Using the Australian NAPLAN Curriculum, Wiingy private NAPLAN tutors have expertise in training students.

Regardless matter whether your child attends a private or public school in any state of Australia, our Wiingy instructor has the knowledge and abilities required to teach for NAPLAN in accordance with the curriculum and educational system.

Your child will benefit from engaging sessions and a more individualized approach to the exam with Wiingy’s NAPLAN tutor. The NAPLAN teacher at Wiingy can help your child with their homework, regular exams, and difficult subjects and problems.

The Australian Qualifications Framework, or AQF, is the Australian education and training system’s framework for regulated qualifications. The AQF is managed by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment and is the policy that has been agreed upon by Commonwealth, State, and Territory ministers.

All of our Wiingy tutors are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework when it comes to tutoring. Wiingy tutors analyze primary class resources, analyze current benchmark assessment data, understand student learning preferences, and teach students accordingly. Hence, through Wiingy tutoring, you will find the ideal tutor who is in line with the standards, curriculum, activities, and goals of your classroom.

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What is the format of the test?

Depending on the question, the test requires different responses. The answer can be a multiple-choice question, one that uses technology (such as drag and drop), or calls for a brief written response.

Can schools provide copies of NAPLAN tests?

No, schools are not allowed to provide copies to anyone without permission, even members of the press or the parents of kids who have passed the NAPLAN tests.

Does Wiingy provide Year 3 NAPLAN tutoring?

Yes, Wiingy provides NAPLAN tutoring for year 3 and all of the rest of years, 5, 7, and 9. All of the instructors who are introducing pupils to the NAPLAN framework have years of experience. As a result, attending tutoring sessions with Wiingy tutors will undoubtedly help you achieve higher NAPLAN exam scores.

What are students tested on the NAPLAN test?

NAPLAN evaluates essential abilities such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and numeracy that every student needs to succeed in school and in life. Each test’s content is influenced by the Australian Curriculum.
While the numeracy tests are based on content from the mathematics learning area, the literacy tests are based on information from the English learning area.

How does tailor testing work?

Real-time assessment that is tailored and adjusts to student replies. Depending on how accurately they respond to the question, NAPLAN analyses each student differently. As they receive questions that are more appropriate for their level of competence thanks to the exams’ adaptive nature, pupils are more likely to remain interested in them. Students now have more chances to demonstrate what they know and are capable of.

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" I was looking for someone to help my child in practicing for the upcoming NAPLAN tests, especially for numeracy. One of my friends suggested Wiingy and my child took a trial class with Wiingy and felt comfortable and understood all the concepts a better way. She has taken more than 5 classes now and her confidence is rising. If your child is struggling with the NAPLAN test , then do contact Wiingy! "



" Thanks wiingy for such an easy-going session. My daughter, Vanessa was struggling with the upcoming NAPLAN test for year 9. As the year 9 test is at an advanced level, I wanted my daughter to be confident and appear on the test at her absolute potential. I signed up her for Wiingy trial classes and she loved it! Her confidence is all high time with Wiingy's personalized classes and practicing sessions. "



" Leaning NAPLAN is fun really! My son was under a lot of stress in preparing for the NAPLAN test but after 3 classes with Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring and my son is really confident in his understanding and learning. Thanks, Wiingy for not only being a responsible tutor but for also being a confidant for my son and helping him with his test anxiety. "



" I really enjoyed taking Wiingy NAPLAN classes .. their teaching style is super engaging and easy to follow. They helped me with practicing sessions which is what I was actually looking for. They increased my problem-solving abilities and reasoning! "



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Wiingy provides 1-to-1 online tutoring, instructor-led online technology courses, and web tutorials to school students, university students, and working professionals across the globe.

Wiingy works with top verified, qualified, and experienced instructors to deliver online lessons in Coding, Math, Science, and over 50 other subjects.

Parents and students have rated the teaching experience as 4.8/5 and above.

We are a community of over 20,000 students across 10+ countries growing daily.

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