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Finding the best NAPLAN tutoring in Sydney is made easy with Wiingy. Wiingy has more than 100 NAPLAN tutors skilled at teaching NAPLAN and its fundamental ideas and features. So why wait? Take a free trial class from a top Wiingy NAPLAN tutor in Sydney to get started practicing NAPLAN.

Where is Sydney located in Australia?

Sydney, a coastal basin, is bordered to the east, west, north, and south by the Tasman Sea, the Blue Mountains, the Hawkesbury River, and the Woronora Plateau, respectively. The most populated city in both Australia and Oceania is Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales. 

Sydney is also known as the “Emerald City,” “Harbour City,” and other names.

What is a NAPLAN test?

Students in the third, fifth, seventh, and ninth years of school take the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), which measures literacy and numeracy. The primary goal of the NAPLAN test is to determine whether young Australians are acquiring the literacy and numeracy abilities required for success in future academic pursuits as well as fruitful and meaningful community engagement.

NAPLAN evaluates pupils’ language, punctuation, spelling, reading, and numeracy abilities. As a result, students must adequately study for the test. In order to aid students in preparing for the NAPLAN exam, Wiingy also assigns each student a tutor who has experience instructing kids about the NAPLAN framework.

NAPLAN 2023 test dates for Sydney, NSW

The NAPLAN test for 2023 will begin from the 15th of March 2023 to the 27th of March 2023. The test will be conducted for 9 days.

YearNAPLAN 2023 Test Dates
NAPLAN 2023 Year 315 March to 27 March
NAPLAN 2023 Year 515 March to 27 March
NAPLAN 2023 Year 715 March to 27 March
NAPLAN 2023 Year 915 March to 27 March
NAPLAN Schedule 2023

NAPLAN 2023 test structure and duration

The NAPLAN 2023 test includes testing on 4 domains:

Test DomainScheduling requirementsYear 3Year 5Year 7Year 9
WritingYear 3 students do a paper-based writing test (on day 1 only). It is recommended that Year 3 writing tests be completed by all classes at the same time in the morning.

Years 5, 7, and 9 writing must be scheduled on day 1, with day 2 only used where there are technical or logistical limitations.
40 mins(on paper)42 mins42 mins42 mins
ReadingTo be completed before the conventions of language test.45 mins50 mins65 mins65 mins
Convention of LanguageTo be completed after the reading test.45 mins45 mins45 mins45 mins
To be completed after the conventions of language test.
45 mins50 mins65 mins65 mins
NAPLAN 2023 Test Structure

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How to find a NAPLAN tutor in Sydney Region, NSW?

You can choose experienced tutors based on the reviews and suggestions left by past students. Register for a free trial lesson to help you decide which tutor will be the most beneficial to you. Start your search by looking into NAPLAN tuition, tutoring, or online tutoring.

NAPLAN tutors who are qualified are available from Wiingy. More than 100 tutors with years of experience in the subject are available at Wiingy to provide NAPLAN courses to students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Contact us immediately to sign up for NAPLAN tutoring in Sydney.

What is the importance of studying with a NAPLAN tutor in Sydney?

Working directly with a private NAPLAN teacher in Sydney gives you a one-of-a-kind chance to deepen your comprehension of the subject. To get individualized help, you can speak privately with your instructor.

This allows you to concentrate on the NAPLAN components, such as language conventions and reading, writing, and numeracy. You are entirely free to decide how many tutoring sessions you register for in each of these subjects.

How is Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring different?

Some of the advantages of attending Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring:

Customized tutoring sessions

All our tutoring sessions are private and customized. We don’t believe in one plan for all. Our NAPLAN tutors do a complete analysis of your child’s needs, abilities, and weak points, and design lesson plans.

One-to-One online tutoring

All our tutoring sessions are set in a one-to-one online private setting. All our students are benefitted from the individualized sessions and concentrated attention from the best NAPLAN tutors.

Practice sessions

The hardest part of any test is practicing. At Wiingy, we ensure that your child practice and become confident in solving problems. It is our duty to prepare them for the NAPLAN test through these simulated NAPLAN practice tests.

Are Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring sessions aligned with the Australian curriculum?

You can be positive that the Wiingy NAPLAN classes adhere to the Australian Curriculum. The Wiingy NAPLAN instructors have experience instructing pupils using the Australian NAPLAN Curriculum. Our Wiingy NAPLAN tutors are qualified to teach for NAPLAN in line with the curriculum and educational system, regardless of whether your child attends a private or public school in any state of Australia.

With Wiingy’s NAPLAN tutor, your child will benefit from interesting lessons and a more individualized approach to the test. Your child can get assistance from the Wiingy NAPLAN teacher with their homework, regular tests, and challenging topics and challenges.

The Australian Qualifications Framework, or AQF, is the Australian education and training system’s framework for regulated qualifications. The AQF is managed by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment and is the policy that has been agreed upon by Commonwealth, State, and Territory ministers.

All of our Wiingy tutors are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework when it comes to tutoring. Wiingy tutors analyze primary class resources, analyze current benchmark assessment data, understand student learning preferences, and teach students accordingly. Hence, through Wiingy tutoring, you will find the ideal tutor who is in line with the standards, curriculum, activities, and goals of your classroom.

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Does Wiingy provide NAPLAN tutoring for Year 5?

NAPLAN tutors are available from Wiingy for Year 5, as well as for Year 3, Year 7, and Year 9. All of the instructors who are introducing pupils to the NAPLAN framework have years of experience. As a result, attending tutoring sessions with Wiingy tutors will undoubtedly help you achieve higher NAPLAN exam scores.

What would happen if the device stopped working during the test?

The student can finish their test on another device or during a rescheduled test session because all replies will have been stored in the event that the device malfunctions.

How can homeschooled students and distance-studied students attend the NAPLAN test?

Yes, there are options for students who are homeschooled or receive an online education. The test administration authority (TAA) for each state or territory will choose the best configurations for testing students who are officially enrolled in non-school-based education. Text can be moved, copied, cut, and pasted.

Is private tutoring Worth the investment in Sydney?

Yes, it is wholly beneficial! The price of tutoring is inversely correlated with the caliber of instruction and students’ level of expertise. Your tutoring is customized to your unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences.

Will all the students be given the same questions?

No, NAPLAN employs tailored assessment, which means that the test automatically adjusts to student performance and delivers questions that match student accomplishment levels, allowing students to demonstrate their knowledge.

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" If you want to perform to the best of your abilities in the upcoming NAPLAN test, then consider taking Wiingy online NAPLAN tutoring sessions. I signed up for their classes last year for my year 9 NAPLAN test and believe me, the NAPLAN tutors assigned to me were amazing. They understood my problem areas and helped in practice and boosted my confidence. Wiingy seriously got some really good experienced tutors! "



" My son was nervous about his first-year NAPLAN test. He is a good kid but gets nervous on tests. So, I signed him up for Wiingy NAPLAN tutoring after my friend suggested me. After 6 sessions with them, my son is not only has understood all the concepts but also has great confidence in appearing for the NAPLAN test. Thanks, Wiingy! "



" I am appearing for the year 7 NAPLAN test this year and the biggest challenge for me was to practice for the numeracy test. So, I signed up for Wiingy classes just to practice. The NAPLAN tutors helped me a lot! They improved my problem-solving capabilities, and speed of solving problems and boosted my confidence. Thank you tutor Prerit, Priyanshi, and Manish for all your help! "



" Really enjoyed the learning experience with Wiingy's NAPLAN tutor! Helped me boost my confidence and improved my problem-solving capabilities and reasoning. "



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About Wiingy

Wiingy provides 1-to-1 online tutoring, instructor-led online technology courses, and web tutorials to school students, university students, and working professionals across the globe.

Wiingy works with top verified, qualified, and experienced instructors to deliver online lessons in Coding, Math, Science, and over 50 other subjects.

Parents and students have rated the teaching experience as 4.8/5 and above.

We are a community of over 20,000 students across 10+ countries growing daily.

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