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Skilled Physics tutor with 1 year of experience providing test preparation and project help to high school and college students. Holds a Master's Degree.

About me

I completed a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Windsor, and a Bachelor of Science in Bioelectric from Azad University of Tehran.

In my role as a Research Assistant at the Human Systems Lab in Windsor, Ontario, I applied analytical skills in data processing and modeling, contributing to the development of mathematical algorithms for real-world driving monitoring systems.

My experience extends to teaching as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Windsor, where I facilitated lecture notes and tutorial lessons for courses such as Battery Management Systems and Engineering Mathematics.

Volunteering as an English and Math teacher at Badri Borhani Elementary School in Tehran, Iran, further highlights my commitment to education.
As a Medical Devices Specialist (Clinical Data Scientist) at Raouf Medical Group in Tehran, Iran, I optimized the supply chain of medical devices using data analytics, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery. My responsibilities also included instructing doctors and nurses on the usage of medical devices.
My dedication to community service is evident through various volunteer experiences, including being an International Students Mentor at the University of Windsor and volunteering at Mahd Mehrgan, where I told stories to children with disabilities, including ADHD, Autism, and Dyspraxia.

Certified in Python Programming Language and Matlab from Stanford University and as a Microsoft Certified Professional, I actively contributed to academic projects such as the development of Driver Monitoring Systems at the University of Windsor and an Anomaly Detection Algorithm.

I do consider myself really good at multitasking, delegation, strategic thinking, explaining things in a detailed manner, and making presentations. My area of expertise is Math.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Mobina M is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Physics, Physics.

Teaching methodology

My teaching strategy is all about understanding and helping each student in their own way.
I know everyone learns differently, so I adjust how I teach to fit each person.

First off, I try to explain things in a simple way so everyone can understand. I really want students to ask questions and share their thoughts. Additionally, I like to bring in interesting materials based on the personality of the students to make the class more enjoyable.

As someone who recently graduated, I understand the desires and challenges students face while learning. Being a good listener, I pay attention to what students need and the difficulties they might be experiencing. This helps me tailor my teaching approach to better suit their learning journey.

I emphasize that mathematics and programming are exercises for the brain, and I believe in warming up the brain first before diving into the main content.

In general, I also actively assist students with their assignments, tests, and exams. I use a creative approach to make these tasks interesting and engaging.

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Mobina  M - Physics Tutor

Mobina M

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