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A skilled and strategic Math tutor with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and over 4 years of experience. Provides interactive 1-on-1 concept clearing lessons, homework help, and test prep to school and college students.

About me

Hi, I am Elise Hayes. I am a Mathematics Graduate with 4+ years of experience in teaching who is very passionate about the subject. I teach students from grade 8 to grade 12. I am well versed in all the topics from algebra to trigonometry to calculus and more.

I majored in Mathematics as I had a love for the subject since High School and I am more than excited to teach students everything the students wish to learn about the concept. Numbers have always fascinated me in a way that no other subject could possibly have. I am well versed with academic courses and am motivated to help students work on their weakness to achieve their goal. I always felt that numbers and data share a relationship that cannot be put into words. I am more than willing to teach learners of any level about this beautiful relationship that made me fall in love with mathematics.

Other than teaching, I love to learn to learn more about computer applications. I started with Excel and now am learning Java and Python.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Isabeau R is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Math, Math, 8th Grade Math, 10th Grade Math, 11th Grade Math, 9th Grade Math.

Teaching methodology

When it comes to my teaching approach, I like to keep things interactive and engaging. I believe that students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. So, I design my tutoring sessions to be highly interactive, encouraging students to ask questions, share their ideas, and participate in discussions. I understand that each student has a unique learning style and pace. That's why I tailor my classes to meet the specific needs of my students. Whether they need extra practice, a different explanation, or more challenging problems.

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  • 10th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade Math
  • Math
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Isabeau R - Math Tutor

Isabeau R

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$ 32/hr


4+ years

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USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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