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A highly experienced Web Development tutor with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and 4+ years of experience. Provides interactive 1-on-1 concept clearing lessons, homework help, and test prep to school and college students.

About me

I'm Leah Mitchell, a seasoned app development teacher with over 4+ years of expertise and a master's degree in Computer Science. I am adept at teaching Web Development, Coding, Python, Website Creation, CSS, and JavaScript.

My love for teaching stems from a profound belief in the transformative power of education, which was sparked during my years as a university student. As a teacher, I have the freedom to inspire maximum people to learn and find employment!

When not teaching, I like to delve into reading and listening to music! That just gives the space and time to rejuvenate.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Leah B is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Web Development, Web Development, Coding, Python, CSS, JavaScript.

Teaching methodology

Each class follows a structured path, starting with a brief overview of the topic, followed by a hands-on session where students actively engage in applying the concepts learned. Questions are encouraged, creating an interactive environment where understanding is paramount. I believe in a personalized approach, adapting the pace and content according to the individual needs of each learner.

My classes are dynamic spaces where curiosity thrives, and every concept is an exciting chapter waiting to be explored. I revel in sharing the real-world applications and possibilities these tools offer, making the learning journey not only educational but also deeply engaging.

Levels Taught Upto




Can also teach

  • Python
  • Coding
  • Web Development
  • +2 subjects more

Leah  B - Web Development Tutor

Leah B

tutorWeb Development Tutor

Hourly rate

$ 38/hr


4+ years

Student nationalities

USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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